Basketball: Randle’s statistical smorgasbord

Cal senior point guard Jerome Randle did a decent job re-writing the record books this season. Here’s some of what he achieved statistically:

— No. 1 all-time career scorer at Cal: 1,835 points

— No. 6 all-time scorer in Bay Area Division I: 1,835 points

— No. 3 single-season scorer at Cal: 651 points

— No. 1 senior season scorer at Cal: 651 points

— No. 11 single-season scorer in Bay Area: 651 points

— No. 2 career assists at Cal: 524

— No. 5 all-time Bay Area assists: 524

— No. 1 career 3-point FGs made at Cal: 252

— No. 2 career 3-point FGs made in Bay Area: 252 (behind only Steve Nash, Santa Clara, 263)

— No. 1 single-season 3-point FGs made at Cal: 92

— No. 1 single-season 3-point FG made in Bay Area: 92

— No. 1 career FT percentage at Cal: .881 (393-for-446)

— No. 1 career FT percentage in Bay Area: .881

 — No. 1 single-season FT percenatage at Cal: .933 (139-for-149)

— No. 1 single-season FT percentate in Bay Area: .933

Throw in Cal’s first Pac-10 title in 50 years, conference Player of the Year honors, twice an all-Pac-10 first-team pick, two NCAA Tournament bids and the school’s first opening-round NCAA victory in seven years . . . not a bad body of work.

Jason Kidd will always be the standard by which any Cal point guard is measured, but I think you could argue that Randle compares favorably with Kevin Johnson (as a college player) in the debate for the Bears’ second-best at the position in the modern era. And that’s pretty good company.

Jeff Faraudo

  • BlakeStreetBear

    An amazing career, no doubt. Jerome should buy Coach Montgomery a brand new car or two if he gets a big contract someday. What an amazing turnaround as a player over the last 2 years. 2 years ago none would have dared suppose that all these records would be broken, a title would come to Harmon, and that the bears would be competing (to a degree) against dook on a national stage once again. And I agree, besides Kidd, who will have no rival, there is none better to have played the point for the Golden Bears. Great job seniors on a great season! You will be missed. Go Bears!

  • Ohio Bear

    “Pretty good company” is an understatement. Jerome Randle was a pleasure to watch in his 4 years at Cal. We really couldn’t have (reasonably) asked for anything more from him during his career.

  • K1W

    I hope he gets the opportunity at the “next level.” I don’t watch much NBA, but I’d watch any game if Jerome Randle was playing.

    One more to add to the list is Cal player with most consecutive free throws made, which I believe was 41, before he finally missed one in the Louisville game. It was “quite shocking” to see him miss one (not intentionally).