Basketball: Alford will listen to Ducks, but . . .

New Mexico’s Steve Alford, believed to be on Oregon’s short list, said he’ll always listen to jobs offers, but that he’s happy coaching the Lobos.

Jeff Faraudo

  • rollonubears

    i hope he takes the job. he can’t win anywhere except the pit, and oregon isn’t the pit. that’d be sweet.

  • SteveNTexas

    Rollon what are you talking about? He won before he went to Iowa but Iowa has a horrible program – they are worse now then when he was there. NM beat us easily enough and their record shows they won on the road as well.

    Alford came from one of the best and cleanest programs in basketball history where IU went without anything close to an infraction from 72- to the Sampson year.

    NM was nothing before Alford came- they have few advantages- poor conference and a tiny media market -yet he outcoached and beat the Mighty Big Name Montgomery.

  • TakeOffThatRedShirt

    Wow Steve, wrong in so many ways where do I begin.

    –NM did not beat Cal easily. they needed several calls / non-calls in their favor to come back from down 6 points in the last 5 minutes. Either way, a number of Cal players were out or played with the flu. We outplayed them and should have won – certainly they didn’t beat us easily enough unless you just looked at the box score the drew the conclusion.

    –their record shows they don’t play many road games and didn’t have a good road win this year until January 27th against SDSU.

    –NM was not “nothing before Alford”. Some simple Wikipedia reading should help you there, but they were in the NCAAs almost every year from 1990-1999. Alford has led them to two NITs and one NCAA with a second round loss.

    –why so patronizing about “Mighty Montgomery”? just your standard negativity or angry we didn’t beat Duke?

    i think Alford will consider this job – Oregon is high profile, easier for recruiting than Albuquerque, and is going to pay a bundle.

  • SteveNTexas

    Its a long time since NM of the 1990’s and 3 post seasons in 3 years is not bad for New Mexico – they don’t have the advantages media or conference wise that we do.

    I don’t subscribe to excuses as to why we lost to them. They probably could have made excuses if we won.

    I’m fine with Monty but Alford beat him, pure and simple.

    Alford also should be commended for going after good kids- not thugs.

  • TakeOffThatRedShirt

    well, you do subcribe to making fun of Cal’s coach and implying the players are thugs. Find another team to root for then.