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  1. It is absolutely irrelevant that Garrett was a “former Cal football player.” The dude never saw a single play in a single game, ever. He was only on the team for 1 season as a non-redshirt. He got kicked off the team for criminal activity which definitively ended any affiliation he had with Cal. I hate it when journalists try to link every former football player criminal to their former football teams. It just reinforces the very negative stereotypes that many people already have of young black athletes. For every former Cal football player criminal there are hundreds if not thousands of very upstanding contributers to society. Where are all of those articles?

  2. I am confused. Linking an arrest to a former team reinforces negative sterotypes about black athletes?

  3. BlakeStreetBear Says:
    March 24th, 2010 at 10:32 am
    It is absolutely irrelevant that Garrett was a “former Cal football player.” I hate it when journalists try to link every former football player criminal to their former football teams.

    I guess you wouldn’t apply that to OJ? His name appeared more times on this site then Marshawn Lynch, Marriet Ford and Robert Rozier put together. It is amazing how forgetful people are when the chickens come home to roost.

  4. Here is some news from USC regarding our recruits. Please note the WRs in this class…

    Impact players:

    1) WR Robert Woods – as polished an HS receiver as I’ve seen. The total package.
    2) OT Seantrel Henderson – NFL size now . . . technique/balance will be emphasis.
    3) TE Xavier Grimble – he’s got a chance at major playing time early at 6’6, 250lbs.
    4) RB/WR Dillon Baxter – good size, feet and vision. Must add physicality.
    5) WR Markeith Ambles – a steal in this class. A more polished WR than most know.
    6) LB Glen Stanley – a kid brought in to play right away. Size and speed in spades.

    Next in line:

    7) WR Kyle Prater – a Dwayne Jarrett clone. Will have to be physical.
    8) RB DJ Morgan – must recover from ACL injury, but a home run hitter.
    9) CB Demetrious Wright – like his namesake Shareece, physicality is his game.
    10) DT George Uko – size/strength are a given. Coach O will work on the motor.
    11) TE Christian Thomas – D1 ready size wise, receiver skills will come.

    Just a Little More Seasoning:

    12) Safety Dion Bailey – really good when ball is in the air.
    13) CB Nickell Robey – speed for days. Must learn to play CB. Could be return man.
    14) LB Hayes Pullard – tough kid with MLB mentality. May end up at WLB, though.
    15) CB Anthony Brown – good athlete.

    Developing Players:

    16) QB Jessie Scroggins – good skill set for a drop back passer.
    17) TE Randall Telfer – I wouldn’t be surprised if “big” WR is in his future.
    18) DE Marquis Jackson – speed rusher. As a JC player doesn’t need to sign LOI.
    19) OL Giovanni Di Poala – very good athlete, who can play guard or center.
    20) FB Soma Vainuku – a batter-ram with surprisingly good feet.

  5. 2003-2005 wins, titles, trophies forfeited, no bowl games in 2010, maybe no tv.

  6. I love the huge difference between Tedford and other PAC-10 coaches. Tedford sent RJ on his way out the door, when he was accused. Chippy suspended Masoli for a year with an opportunity to redeem himself, even though Masoli has a history of crime. Then, Lame is already writing checks to his 13 year old Qb. College football and a College degree aren’t charity work. I’m glad we have a Coach who understands that.

    Cov, you really need to use Grease Monkey.

    Go BEARS!

  7. Covinard, this DJ is a thug and now an accused rapist. He is not a member of California’s football team. There should be no link between the two, especially since the crime was committed 2 years after the dude was kicked off the team. So yes, linking a young black accused rapist with his former team (that he didn’t even play for), does reinforce racist stereotypes about black athletes. Still confused?

  8. yes. when did race become part of the story before you brought it up? sounds like whatever his race, he’s trouble.

  9. While on the $c roster, Mark Sancheese was accused of rape. Pete Carrol and the $c money machine went to work and
    PRESTO – gosh, insufficient evidence.
    Mark back on team.
    Mark is $c hero.
    Everything is good.

  10. @Covinard: you are correct about that. Race is not the issue.

    It just makes me mad that journalists reporting these types of hideous crimes feel it necessary to lead the headline of the article with “FORMER CAL FOOTBALL PLAYER ARRESTED…” when the dude really had nothing to do with the program of any significance whatsoever. I mean they don’t say “FORMER SUBWAY EMPLOYEE AND CAL FOOTBALL PLAYER ARRESTED…” even though the dude may have made more of an impact at his local shop back in the day he did on the college team he “played” for. Why not say “FORMER PAPER and CHOIR BOY, SUBWAY EMPLOYEE AND CAL FOOTBALL PLAYER ARRESTED…”?

  11. the facts of which I am aware are different with Sanchez than what is described in the article. Sanchez’ incident happened outside late at night, not over the course of a night in a hostage type situation. I never saw the word sodomy associated with Sanchez and the alleged victim was a college student, not a 15 year old. There likely wasn’t text messaging to coorborate the claim. Also, before that, the starting sc tailback was suspended for a year after a sex assault incident. He was never higher than 5th string after that. He was the one that fumbled in ot to give Cal the win in 2003.

  12. As I concluded above; Everything is fine after the lack of evidence.

    Garrett was not dropped from the team because of an overnight hostage rape of a minor which you are using to compare to Sancheesy’s ‘infraction’. Garrett was let go because of campus police accusing him of theft,
    not rape.

  13. Calduke: so what’s you’re point? Do you have evidence that Carrol ochestrated an obstruction of justice? If so, lay it out. If not, do not libel.

    Blake: I guess bad news is usually better for journalists than good news. I remember Andy Rooney did a feature where his point is that good things happen all the time, so they are not newsworthy (ie.15000 planes took off and landed this month without crashing). All the former cal players that want to brag about their accomplishments need only send a bite to the Cal monthly. btw: as a caucasion, I did not feel any shame that diehl was convicted of swindling so many people last year. As a Bear I was. If you play football for a major college program, you assume media scrutiny for the rest of your life. It goes with the benefits. Don’t you agree?

  14. @Covinared: I agree that if you had a public profile when you played for your college, ie Marshawn Lynch or Mark Sanchez then you will have media scrutiny for the rest of your life and deservedly so. But if you are a no-name player who never saw a single snap of a college game then why the scrutiny? Why would anybody related to this criminal proceeding care in any way, shape or form that Garret was once a member of the Cal football team? It is absolutely irrelevant. If this event happened to ML or MS then report the hell out of it. But it didn’t happen to them, it happened to someone who never ever played for Cal. Media often just plain sucks and I wish I knew why. Maybe I need to audit a class or two in the Cal journalism dept.

  15. Blake: Just a couple days ago, I was wondering what happened to Garrett and Doxy. Maybe because they got kicked off the team for somewhat similar conduct to Masoli. Also, as a news junky and Cal fan, I do find these stories interesting. One of the things about college sports is that so much of my mental and emtional energy is focused on the performance of young men who later move on and for the most part are never heard from again. I’d like to know how they are doing whether it be good or bad. Unfortunately, getting arrested for sodomizing a 15 year old is more newsworthy than being a good husband, dad and employee.

  16. Jonathan – Please post something new re football.
    We need to end this nonsense.

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