Football: Leftover quotables

Some of what was said after Saturday’s practice, which was open to the media:


On nose tackle Kendrick Payne:

“He’s right there in the mix to start. He’s played really, really well. He’s healthy. He was fighting injuries a lot last year.”


On whether linebacker Jarred Price can play every down:

“You’d like to grow to that. He’s a little undersized to play every down against the power run game.”


On what will be decided this spring:

“We’ll evaluate all through the spring. After spring football, we’ll take a look at what the depth chart looks like going into fall camp. There might be some battlefield promotions where guys take over, and maybe not. Maybe it’s so close that we’ll continue to wait for the fall.


On redshirt freshman cornerback Steve Williams:

“He’s a very gifted player. He’s a very good cover guy and he’s physical. He can tackle for a guy small in stature. He can really bring it.”


On the quarterbacks:

“There’s really no change. They’re all getting equal reps and doing good things. It’s not perfect by any means, but I think all of them are progressing and getting better at certain things. But there’s no real change as far as the depth is concerned.”


On converted tight end Solomona Aigamaua:

“He’s actually been a pleasant surprise. He catches the ball pretty naturally. He has a lot of pop coming off the ball. We need to let him play. He’s thinking too much right now because he’s new to the position. But once that ends, I think he’ll have more confidence and play full speed.”



 On why he’s getting more reps this spring:

“Last year, I couldn’t pick up the defense quite quick enough. Coach P, the defense he brought in is more aggressive. It’s kind of like what we ran at Blaine (College). It’s like a second nature to me right now. Right now, we’re just competing for the reps. Right now, I’m with the ones. Hopefully I can carry that over into fall camp.


On whether he can play the run:

“If we’re in the middle of the field, most of the time I play the run. I’m getting better at doing what I need to do as far as keeping outside contain. When we get in the red zone, they’ll most likely they’ll take me out.”


On when he realized the new defense might be a better fit for him:

“The first day (Pendergast) talked to us, he told us we’re going to put a lot of pressure on them. After that, I liked what I heard. I thought it might turn out all right.”



On suffering a season-ending knee injury his freshman year:
”It was real hard. I went into a slight depression. I was so excited to be out there. I had to wait a whole year and redshirt like I didn’t want to.”


On how he’s embraced Clancy Pendergast’s philosophy:

“You have no idea. It’s back to football like I learned it. I love Coach Gregory. I think the 3-4 made everybody a little more versatile with what he did.”


On the depth at nose tackle:

“Everybody wants to start, but me, Aaron Tipoti and D. Hill, every one of us could start and do just as good. We can take somebody out and put somebody in and be just as good. That’s good to have, especially on the D-line. Coach Lup likes to use a lot of guys. It pays off when you can go out and get a little rest and you don’t’ have to worry about the next guy messing up.”



 On his progress this spring:

“There are definitely some things I’d like to do better. That’s always going to be the case. Overall, I’m running the offense well. We’ve been doing a good job of getting down the field and scoring. It’s just becoming so much easier and easier.”


On the competition:

“I definitely feel like it’s mine to lose. It’s open because obviously I didn’t play as well as I should have last year.”



 On his progress this spring:

“I thought I was doing well up until Tuesday. I feel like the last two days I’ve kind of taken a step backwards. I did not have a very good practice today. It was not the way I wanted to leave for the weekend. I still have eight more practices to get better and I just have to improve every day.”


On the competition:

“I just go out there and play. That’s all I can really do. Kevin is going into his senior season. He’s started over 20 games. He has tons of experience. I’m just trying to get better. I didn’t practice very well today, but overall I’ve been making improvements. I just have to keep getting better.”

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Sounds like a 6th place finish to me.

  • covinared

    2003-2005 wins, chamionships, and trophies forfeited, no bowl games in 2010, maybe no tv.

  • SteveNtexas

    Are you guys arguing USC and CAL?

    USC has a sleazy reputation in Texas in fact I saw a poll here that it was considered the worst program for ethics. The rest of the country probably agrees. I personally think in basketball there are way more slimy programs than USC.

    Cal’s a great school – I really don’t know how good the football team will be next year but in 2114 and 2115 they have a home and away with Texas

  • uh oh.

    I have a cousin who played at Texas. We have those two dates circled on our calendars. HUGE games. HUGE.

  • 66Bear

    Dear SteveNtexas:

    USC has a sleazy reputation everywhere. Pete Carroll’s punishment for being a sleazeball is a multi-million dollar contract in the NFL, where he won’t last long. Please help us ignore the USC trolls who inhabit the Cal blog because they don’t have lives. Looking forward to our home and away with the Longhorns. 🙂

  • charlie

    I think being underdogs will help the program. I’m actually looking forward to the season – with no ranking or Heisman hype. Cal just needs to play; blue collar players can take us a long ways…

  • Jan K Oski

    Steve, my son will be old enough for an away game by then, so are you going to have a Texas-sized bbq for all of us Beartalk peeps? I’d seriously pitch in to have it, and JO should join us for free…

    Back to the JO’s post, Ted Miller answered an interesting Q/A on Pendergast’s defense scheme. It looks like the future Bears will be ready to contribute to the NFL. Click on the link to the NFL article in Miller’s answer for an in depth understanding of the hybrid 3-4.


    Go BEARS!

  • Mountain Jim

    I don’t see how you could call USC the worst program for ethics. I’ve seen no evidence that they have a program for ethics at all.

    You get what you pay for, right?

  • SteveNtexas

    I’m three hours south of Austin however my son will be attending. I wanted him to go to Cal but he got into the UT Honors,

    I live on the ocean so yes a bbq would be fine and a bunch of you could stay here if Im still here