Football: Boateng to get look

Former Cal wide receiver Nyan Boateng has been invited to the 49ers’ rookie mini-camp this weekend. Boateng did not sign a contract and is simply getting a chance to try out in front of the 49ers coaches. This is a similar arrangement to what Nate Longshore did at Miami’s rookie mini-camp following last year’s draft.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.


  1. Taylor Mays would love to use him once again as a tackling dummy.

  2. good for boateng. he’s probably got a legitimate shot here.

  3. Hey Moron,

    Speaking of being used like a dummy, why don’t you ask Taylor Mays about coming back for his senior season upon the advice of “Sneaky Pete”.

  4. Taylor Mays came back to u$c for his senior year because of his love for this great school, the tradition, education and to share another year with his close friends.
    Moneywise: it was a push, go pro or stay at u$c, same income.

  5. Taylor Mays would have to use him as a tackling dummy, and only that. Cuz there’s no way he’ll pick him off.

  6. wins, titles, awards forfeited 2004-2006
    no bowls in 2010
    maybe no tv…

  7. Calduke, I have to disagree. Mays’ paycheck took a HUGE hit. He was so hyped last year that he may very well have gone in the top ten (like a certain Tyson Alualu–bravo). Dropping as far as he did cost him millions. Pete Carroll definitely influenced his choice as he always has with his athletes. Ultimately it was always up to Taylor but for someone who adores his coach you better believe that is going to make a difference.

  8. This is what I understand about the whole Pete-Mays fallout.

    1. Pete wanted Mays to stay and reassured him that his game was fine. Mays trusts his coach and stays.

    2. Pete instructs Mays to be aggressive and try to lay the wood. Pete does no coaching of May’s weaknesses in his senior year. He doesn’t even mention to him any, and continues to use Mays as run support and headhunter.

    3. Mays goes to the senior bowl and combine. Coaches there immediately notice his inability to make correct reads and his tendency to over-commit. What they see is a freakish athlete, but makes many technical mistakes and will need work to get onto the field. He was able to recover from those mistakes in college, but the NFL is a different breed.

    4. Mays stock drops like a rock. To add insult to injury, Pete picks a safety with one of his first round picks. He even addresses the May’s situation to something like, “I love Mays, I get what he’s about, but we just went with someone else.”

    5. Mays feels a bit mislead because Pete never addressed his weaknesses or helped him work on them. He basically just gassed him and used him as a headhunter. He is quoted saying, “I know it’s a business…but just be honest.”

    This drama will continue and Mays landed in the 49ers lap. They play each other game 1. Fun times, indeed.

  9. The Chronicle is instituting the “ignore user” feature pretty soon. If any type of blog or comment section needs the “ignore user” feature it’s sports. High moron troll annoyance rate would go way done. No more MoronC!

  10. milo Says:
    April 30th, 2010 at 1:41 am
    The Chronicle is instituting the “ignore user” feature pretty soon. If any type of blog or comment section needs the “ignore user” feature it’s sports.

    It works too. I have tried it on a “misterpeabody” and it works just as it promises. I was hoping to try it on other obnoxious Chronicle posters such as “CalBandGreatxx”, “USCCoachXX”, and “JahviatCal” but those got banned. LOL.

  11. Jpf,

    My comment was semi’tongue-in-cheek’.
    The u$c program convinced Mays to stay there for his senior year; I doubt he was forced to live in poverty

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