Football: The AT&T choice

The announcement that Cal will play its 2011 home games at AT&T Park comes as somewhat of a surprise to me. Clearly, it has the most modern and desirable facilities, but the fact that Cal will have to sacrifice around 20,000 fans per game seems like a significant drawback.

Financial details of the agreement between Cal and the Giants are not yet available because the contract has yet to be officially signed. Perhaps the Giants came the cheapest, and perhaps the allocation of the revenues will make the loss of attendance more tolerable. But the bottom line is even if there isn’t a significant financial impact, the non-season ticket holder will have a very tough time getting to a home game in 2011.

The Bears have about 38,000 season-ticket holders. Assuming that number holds steady, that leaves only about 7,000 single-game tickets per home date for other fans to purchase. The configuration for Cal games at AT&T Park will allow for a capacity of 45,000.

This is not to say this isn’t the right decision by Cal. It is just a little bit of a surprising one. The Oakland Coliseum holds over 63,000 for football and Candlestick Park holds almost 70,000. The university could have packed in a lot more fans at those venues.

But those venues had drawbacks. Candlestick Park is quite a haul from the East Bay, where much of Cal’s fan base comes from. And, of course, it doesn’t have the vibrant surrounding area that comes with AT&T Park, and the public transportation options aren’t as strong. The biggest negative with the Coliseum is that it houses both the A’s and Raiders, and it would have been a real challenge in terms of scheduling. And like Candlestick, there aren’t the pregame and postgame options near the Coliseum.

Still, there are fans who usually can attend Cal homes games regularly without season tickets that may not be able to get tickets in 2011.

In discussing the decision to go with AT&T Park at today’s press conference, athletic Sandy Barbour acknowledged that having smaller crowds was a significant sacrifice. But she said all of the appealing things about AT&T Park — the amenities, the public transportation options, the surrounding area for pregame and postgame, the proximity to campus, the marketing affect it might have for the new Memorial Stadium — were enough to outweigh the negatives.

She also pointed out that it was for only one season. When the Bears return to Memorial Stadium in 2012, they will also return to getting larger crowds, although it will be smaller than the old Memorial Stadium. But one could also make the argument that, if it is only for one season, CalĀ could do without some of the bells and whistles that AT&T Park can provide to get more fans to the game.

Then there’s this: Don’t downplay the marketing affect playing at AT&T Park could have. Of the three venues considered, AT&T Park will be the most similar to the renovated Memorial Stadium in terms of amenities and game-day experience. Even if it is only 7,000 casual fans per game, that could help Cal expand its fan base moving forward once it returns to Memorial Stadium. And maybe being a tough ticket isn’t such a bad thing. If getting a ticket to a Cal football game is considered a premium, that could also help marketing the program in the future.

Also consider that playing in San Francisco could help Cal make a dent in a new fan base. The majority of fans that come to football games don’t come from San Francisco. Barbour said she is excited about the prospect of drawing in new fans by playing at AT&T Park.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Otro Dan

    Did Sandy have anything about the student section for the year in exile?

  • milo

    My guess is the “donor” side will be along the left field line, protected from the elements and the student section will be the bleachers on the field. You know the kids can take the rain. Personally a field level seat would be much better since it’s closer, regardless of weather.

    I have non-donor season tickets…who knows what means seating wise.

  • Calduke

    What was the average attendance last year?

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    Please check into another rumor. I am hearing that the top recruit this year who decommitted from Alabama is having second thoughts. He called up Saban at Bama and asked if he could still come. Is he having a difficult time qualifying? Did his handler (a nefarious wannabe sports agent) not understand this isn’t a BCS type football program? Was he able to qualify academically?

    It may not amount to anything but it is circulating around the internet boards.


  • covinared

    2004-2006 wins titles trophies forfeited
    2010 no postseason, maybe no tv

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I love the choice of AT&T Park for the 2011 season. Honestly, Candlestick should have been torn down at least 10 years ago, and this is coming from a long time SF Giants fan. And the Coliseum already has 2 and a half teams, A’s, Raiders and Warriors – how would the scheduling work? And for those longtime Bear fans who have gotten used to buying tickets the day of the game in Berkeley, well sorry folks, but times are changing for Cal football. We are moving into the modern era and that means increasing ticket demand = increasing ticket prices = better facilites = better recruiting = Rose Bowl?! I know a lot of people in Berkeley don’t like change, but this change is all good, especially if it leads to Pasadena. Go Bears!

  • Steve

    Hey John, you might want to look up the difference between “affect” and “effect”

  • BlueNGold

    Did the troll just fart?

  • noduck

    Hey Steve,

    If you’re going to call someone out, you might want to spell his name correctly.

  • Steve Nguyen

    And don’t forget that a portion of those remaining 7k seats would be for the visiting team!

  • Jonathan Okanes

    Dan, Barbour said the student section will be just a bit smaller than the one at Memorial Stadium, but in line with what they usually get for a home game.
    Steve, Barbour also said there will be a smaller allotment than usual for visiting tickets.