Football: Jordan at No. 15

ESPN.com’s Ted Miller is counting down the top 25 players for the upcoming season and today ranked Cal defensive end Cameron Jordan at No. 15. This could be a huge year for Jordan, the mega-talented senior who garnered a lot of attention from opposing offensive fronts last season as the Bears consistently dropped eight players into coverage. With new defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast’s more aggressive scheme, Jordan may be better able to showcase his potentially devastating pass rushing skills.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Kevin

    I really like the new setup and welcome Utah and Colorado – this was certainly the original expansion idea much discussed earlier this year. Let’s keep in mind that Utah crushed Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, crushed Cal in the Poinsetta Bowl last year and has had a very successful program for many years. From a travel perspective for the student athlete, SLC and Denver and are much easier to get to than most of the OK and TX destinations.
    I’m kinda thinking the Pac 10 Football Championship is going to land at AT&T park too. I don’t see the Pac 10 selling 80 – 90K tix for the event and AT&T makes sense. Already needs to configure for football for bowl game, so perhaps it hosts the Pac 10 game too.
    We shall see…

  • uh oh

    Top 15 for what?
    The team?
    The Conference?
    The Nation?

    Does this include offensive players or only defense?
    Are you talking #15 DE in the nation? Or #15 overall player in the conference?

    …I’m such a nit picker… I guess I’ll have to follow the link to find out…

  • uh oh

    Since LA doesn’t have a pro team, wouldn’t it be natural for the Pac Champ game to be in LA?
    Are they eligible for a super bowl without an NFL team? That town would sell 80-90k seats for the Pac Champ game, so it’ll go there. Just like hoops at Staples. Don’t like it, but true.

  • abe

    i hope that Jordan, for the sake of both himself and Cal, will have a monster year. and if he does the only regret will be he is a senior and that thanks to an overly passive defensive system we only got one year out an incredible talent.