Football/basketball: Report says Utah to Pac-10

Comcast SportsNet Bay Area is reporting that a press conference is expected Wednesday to announce the addition of Utah to the Pac-10. CSN Bay Area says it has learned of the announcement from sources close to the situation.

The addition of Utah should finalize the Pac-10’s quest for expansion after getting spurned by the teams from the Big 12. It will give the conference 12 teams, which are expected to be split into two divisions. Cal would join Stanford, the Oregon schools and the Washington schools to form the Pac-10 North, while Utah and Colorado would join the Los Angeles schools and Arizona schools to make a Pac-10 South. It is believed the new format will also lead to a Pac-10 championship game for football.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • H8sRed

    Horrible, horrible divisions. This is why I was actually hoping the Pac-16 would actually happen (once expansion became inevitable), because it would not have destroyed the traditional conference rivalries.

  • Larry

    Wha wha WHAT?! Utah? Pac-10 North and South? WTF?

  • Larry

    Will the Pac-12 Championship game be held at the Rose Bowl?

  • abe

    sweet, Colorado and Utah came out of nowhere and just replaced us northerners for the hot recruiting bed that is SoCal, while they essentially bring no recruiting advantage to the rest of the pac 10…this just keeps getting better and better. it goes with out saying i have become rather increasingly wary about opening this, or any other college football related blog for that matter, these days for there has been nothing but one disturbing news after another. i get the sense that things are happening too fast and we are all in for some serious regret when all the dust settles, brace yourselves.

  • abe

    on a more positive note losing to the Utes should no longer create a bad rep for the rest of us, as they are one of us now!…somebody shoot me please…

  • Bears07

    The division split is just icing on the cake. For a mere $1-2mm boost in annual revenue (to an ~$80-100mm athletic dept budget if I remember correctly), we’re willing to kill the traditional Pac-10 (and going back further, the Pac-8) AND take the recruiting hit? Makes no sense to me…just raise season ticket prices by $25/yr and you accomplish the same goal.

  • Rocko

    I am not sure it will hurt recruiting that much if any. Oregon, OSU and UW don’t seem to have a problem. We are still in the conference. I am not sure why they split the California schools which are natural rivals. Hopefully we will still play USC and UCLA every year. If we keep the 9 game conference season, that would mean playing the five in division teams and four of the other conference teams. I am not sure why they didn’t add CU and Utah to the Oregon and Washington schools. I think they still want to expand to 16 teams and that a PAC-12 will go to a PAC-16 sooner than later.

  • Bears07

    I too think that this is a stepping stone to a larger conference (probably a couple TV-contract cycles down the line).

    In terms of possible explanations behind the North/South division split, I think it might be a matter of TV market size. Putting the Bay Area schools together with the L.A. schools would put the #2 and #6 TV markets in the same division. The next largest markets are Phoenix and Seattle (#12 & #13, respectively) which probably wouldn’t go into the same division no matter how you cut it. So it seems fair from that perspective to give each division one top-10 TV market.


  • uh oh

    The Bad:

    #1: No more true round robin game schedule to determine fair/even winners (in football, basketball, are probably other sports, too).
    #2 Increased travel distances to games, if you are into that sort of thing.
    #3 Break up tradition, if you are into that.

    And what did we gain? I just don’t get it. Change for the sake of change? To justify one’s hiring?
    Idiots have a lot of explaining to do.

    I stopped rooting for the Raiders long ago when Al Davis made the money grab move to LA. Then I stopped rooting for most ALL pro sports when I realized that they all were in it for the money, so why should I be in it with my heart.

    Maybe a few more moves like this and my heart will be out of it altogether. Don’t they realize that I’ve been hanging on for years for the chance at a Rose Bowl, or a Pac10 hoops title? It’s what keeps fans coming back. Change the objective, and if fans don’t buy into it, they leave.

    Idiots. I don’t have to buy what you’re selling, I don’t have to indoctrinate my kids into your brand, and you shouldn’t take us for granted.