Football/basketball: Hello, Utah?

ESPN.com now is aligning more with the Orangebloods.com report, citing a source that the proposal to keep the Big 12 together with the remaining 10 teams is “gaining traction.” The remaining Big 12 teams are meeting today to discuss their options, but it sounds like the proposed finanical terms of the new-look conference would be comparable to what the schools would get in the Pac-10. If that’s the case, we may have a second “Big Ten” on our hands.

That also means the Pac-10 will be left scrambling to add at least one more school, with Utah being the most likely candidate.


Football: Little dismissed

Linebacker Chris Little has been dismissed from the team for “failure to comply with team policy.” Little was running with the first team defense at outside linebacker during the spring and was very much in the mix for playing time this season. He was going to face competition from the incoming freshmen, but certainly appeared to be in the playing rotation in some capacity.


Football: Your homework

For its special college football preview section, The Champaign News-Gazette has asked me for Cal’s all-time greatest player, coach and season. That gave me an idea. What do all of you think? Give me your pick for Cal’s all-time best player, coach and season and I’ll tally them up to name winners. I’ll take answers until Friday.


Football/basketball: Nebraska says yes to Big Ten . . . you know what that means

As expected, Nebraska accepted the Big Ten Conference’s invitation today.

Don’t expect the defections to stop there. Texas regents will meet Tuesday to discuss the situation, and it looks more and more like five more Big 12 schools — Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State — will follow Colorado’s lead and join the Pac-10.

So, if you’re keeping score: The Pac-10 now has 11 teams, the Big 12 now has 10 teams, the Big Ten, which had 11 teams, now has 12.

Here’s the latest from the Lincoln Journal Star.

Meanwhile, Boise State — a football powerhouse in the WAC — today jumped to the Mountain West Conference.


Football: Tedford reacts

I had a chance to talk to Jeff Tedford about the items that made news Thursday and here is some of what he had to say:

–On the effect USC’s penalties will have on recruiting: “Kids want to go to bowl games. That will definitely have an effect on recruiting. I don’t know if they will have guys transferring, but that’s always a possibility.”

–On the effect the sanctions have on the current team: “It’s unfortunate for the kids that are there right now. They had nothing to do with that.”

–On his feeling about the penalties: “I’m pleased only because it tells everybody that you have to play by the rules. “It validates the model that if you don’t play by the rules, there are going to be consequences. It sends a message to everyone in college football that you have to do it right.”

–On the addition of Colorado to the Pac-10 and the possibility of further expansion: “It’s a school with rich tradition and comes from a very strong conference. But really it’s premature to comment on it until the rest of the thing unfolds. There’s a possibility there are more fireworks to come.”