Football: Martin update

Had a brief phone conversation with Chris Martin a little while ago. He didn’t want to make any further comment other than what is in the press release but reiterated that his decision was strictly personal and had nothing to do with Cal’s football program or the university itself. He also said he has already committed to another program but didn’t want to disclose what the school is just yet. He did imply that the school is not on the West Coast. Martin said he would be at the new school by the end of this week.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • covinared

    my guess is miami. they poached the sc guy as well.

  • todd nizzle

    florida guaranteed

  • covinared

    Many five stars are busts. This guy sounds like a mama’s boy, or seems to have trouble staying out of trouble in the east bay, or both. Why was he shipped out to Colorado for high school? Price and Browner are experienced and probably will do this year what could have reasonably hoped for for this guy. Move on. SC and Ucla also have lost top recruits.

  • Will

    No need to badmouth the kid. He already helped us get some top notch recruits with his initial commitment. At least we know we didn’t lose him because of cheating like certain other programs.

  • Juancho

    What a dissapointment. Typical Cal, as much as it hurts to type this. Every time it seems like we take a step forward something invariably happens. Please someone tell me Keenan Allen isn’t leaving.

  • Calduke

    Ragland – Whiteside – Martin – ??

  • covinared

    Pessimism is self fulfilling.

  • Bears

    Every program loses guys. It hurts today but will be forgotten right when summer camp opens.
    What will really hurt is if the Bears lose more games than they win this fall.
    If the team is good Cal fans will be happy and top notch talent will sign again this winter to be future Bears.
    The Team and the new facilities are far more important than one person.
    Best of luck to Mr. Martin.
    Go Bears

  • abe

    For those of you with a subscription to the BearInsider and had a chance to read Martin’s interview after his commitment this should not come as a surprise. In the interview Martin talked about how though he grew up in here in Oakland he not only disliked Cal, he actually flat out “hated” the school and had absolutely no intention of ever playing for it. But after his verbal commitment to Notre Dame fell apart following Weiss’s firing his ended up committing to his home town school because his mother literally had him promise that if he, for whatever reason, does not end up with his dream school, i.e. ND, he will stay home and go to Cal. Off course he talked about how he feels different about Cal and all after that but the bottom line is it is not unfair to say that his heart might not have been really on board with his decision to come to Cal. Now how much of that has to do with this mysterious personal reason to transfer, I don’t know but it might shed some light on it. In any case I still think his commitment helped Cal land some decent talent late in recruiting so that helps ease the pain a bit.

  • Calduke

    Abe – good observations

    If his commitment last year helped recruiting
    will his decision to leave help this year’s recruiting?
    Sometimes movement by a key recruit can create doubts.

    Martin’s actions remind me of an UCLA OL recruit from Hawaii 2 years ago.

  • covinared

    That guy Havilli has turned out to be an underachieving behavior problem for ucla. Having an unwillingness to keep commitments reflects upon one’s character.

  • Dan

    Hasiak, not Havili. Stan Hasiak. He is starting for them.

  • covinared

    hasiak you’re right. havilli is the sc guy. thanks.

  • rollonubears

    i wonder if he found out he was going to have to practice at 7am, and decided to bail. i kinda thought that might be an issue. we need to get more kids into the stadium so they dream of being golden bears. too many local kids take off for greener pastures. it’s rather embarrassing.

  • Calduke

    Hasiak bailed out(or was encouraged) from the team last year. It would be a great turnaround for him if he starts.

    I think he irritated fellow teammates last year.

    Knowing how Martin feels towards Cal, the same could have happened here.

    If Martin is as good recruiter as he says, Florida made a hit

  • Calduke
  • covinared

    Dan: Read JO’s preview of ucla. Hasiak backup out for academic reasons.