Incoming freshman Chris Martin announced today that he will not be attending Cal and will transfer to another school to begin his college football career. Here is the press release from Cal:

Chris Martin to Transfer


(BERKELEY) – Linebacker Chris Martin, a member of Cal’s 2010 signing class, will transfer from Cal announced head coach Jeff Tedford on Tuesday.

“My decision to transfer definitely does not reflect on the football program or the academics at Cal,” said Martin, a native of Oakland. “Rather, I feel like for me to focus and truly reach my potential I need to leave many of the distractions I have here at home in the Bay Area. I need to venture away from home and start my college career somewhere else where I don’t have those distractions.”

“This is a decision that Chris and his family have made to do what they feel is in the best interest of Chris,” said Tedford. “We wish Chris the best as he pursues his college football career. It is always important for young men to make the correct decisions to be able to reach their full potential. I understand his concern with the continued outside distractions he’s facing, and I support Chris and his decision to transfer. I wish him and his family all the best.”

Much more to come….

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Interpreted and translated his speak means – “I want to go somewhere where I can play at the next level. Sorry but you guys ain’t got it.”

  • covinared

    Moren:Are you saying Cal has not and cannot put defensive players in the nfl? How many top ten or defensive first rounders were drafted from the Pac 10 last year?

  • TakeOffThatRedShirt

    Do not engage the animal in actual discussion, because it doesn’t know how to have it, and it just gets off on people getting pissed.

    Yes you could point out the usual lack of grammar, logic, intelligence, and general things you expect from a human, but what’s the point? It’s not human, and humans don’t want to be around it. Hence the current situation of living life through message board hate.

    At least Cal is allowed to compete this season and can do it with integrity.

  • David

    This is very hard to take.

    I wish Chris Martin the best, wouldn’ve been a great Golden Bear.

  • Dan

    Grease monkey. That way, the moron does not exist. Cmon guys, it’s just that simple.
    Grease monkey = No more antagonistic, clueless jerks who have no life other than to put others down.

    Now, re: Martin, a couple things-

    One, perhaps it will end up being a blessing, if he has no loyalty, is soft, is this whacked that he is already out of Cal. This is beyond strange. Remember all his comments about how he is going to be Cal’s #1 recruiter? This kid could be nuts. But with that said, I sure would have liked to founhaved out.

    Two, MArtin signed a letter of intent. Either Cal has to release him and/or he will sit out a year if it is too late. I believe if he attended any of this bridge program, he will have to sit out. Even if he didn’t, he may have to sit as he signed the letter.

    Given that, this is very interesting, given that he is such a HUGE recruit and prospect. He is a guy that potentially projects to the NFL. Why wouldn’t he come here and play right away and feature his talents asap. His explanation seems suspect, but perhaps we’ll find out in time.

    Blessing or not, combine this with the the Cecil Whiteside issue, and this is a BIG hit to the Cal program. Bummer- right as the season is right around the corner, and that excitement is building. This definitely takes it down a notch or two.

  • Dan

    PS- not sure how how genuine Tedford’s comments are- I wouldn’t expect him to say anything differently. If those comments are really how he feels, it is another example of him being a class act.

    With that said, losing Martin and potentially Whiteside knocks Cal’s recruiting class ranking WAY down and sheds a lesser light on the state of affairs in the Cal program. They were the #1 and #3 recruits in Cal’s incoming class. Feelings were justifiably high after signing day, this dampens those feelings a lot. It’s obviously too late to go get somebody else ot two somebody elses (sic).

    Recruiting just gets crazier every year.

  • TakeOffThatRedShirt

    the rumors are he was getting into trouble and needs to get away.

    whether that’s a cover or not, who knows.

    sure, it looks bad for Cal, but the other side is that anyone who would decide to transfer now is not loyal,or has other issues, and could cause problems if they were here.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I knew about this three weeks ago. If you don’t believe ask Rose Bowl 1929 on the scout board. I didn’t know the name of the player but I had heard a big name kid was leaving the program.

    What makes me laugh about you Cal state fans is how you were falling all over this kid when he signed. Even had his Twitter messages recorded. Now that he is leaving I am reading the same posters bashing and trashing this kid.

  • GoldenBear 77

    Oh well. Good luck to the kid. As I look back on my experience with CAL football, I find my favorite players were often the unheralded, who worked hard, and surprised us all, not the “can’t miss” recruits, who often come in with an ego to match. Besides, “can’t miss” doesn’t really mean that — witness Ryan Perrilloux, and a host of others. He is an 18 year old, who may or may not help someone, and only one of eleven on the field at one time.

  • Dan

    I actually feel a bit sorry for the kid if what we are reading (and reading between the lines) is true. Sounds like a confused, mixed up kid. Too bad, as I think the Cal experience, well beyond but including football, would have been a great challenge and achievement for him had he persevered. Tedford & staff and the family atmosphere amongst the players would have been a great support system for him.

    I’m not sure his issues are over- the fact that he instantly has another school lined up tells me that there may be more stuff ahead for this kid. Things just sound fishy. Wish him well though.

    Also, I read that Cal/Tedford already released him. Classy.

  • BlueNGold

    From what I am reading about Martin and his decision, he sounds like a mixed up kid with a lot of issues. Hopefully he will find some stability wherever he ends up. It will be interesting to see how his college career goes and whether he will be able to mesh his football and scholastic priorities in order to succeed.

  • MikeD

    MoreNCS_are_ignored – troll post blocked

    oh… so sad for you, so happy for me


  • jpf

    Wow, that is sooooo satisfying. Soooooo satisfying.

  • jpf

    Hey Mike just wanted to let you know that your script works perfect on Google Chrome. Gave it a five-star rating. thanks so much again!

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Totally awesome script!! It works brilliantly on Chrome!! Ha ha rofl!

    And too bad about Martin, I wanted to see some crazy pressure on the opponents’ QBs this year and he mighta helped. But I think his “distractions” are either banger/dealer friends or a bad girlfriend or family situation (or all of the above) that just aren’t good to be around. I’d leave too if I thought my “distractions” were overwhelming. But there are plenty of opportunities to bang and hustle in Gainseville too.