Football: Training camp access

For those of you wondering, training camp practices will be conducted just like during the season and the spring. Media will be allowed to watch the first 20 minutes and the final 10 minutes of practice.

There are two exceptions: There will be two practices completely open to the media — Monday, Aug. 9 and Sunday, Aug. 15. Other than that, we will be limited to the half-hour total of access.

It will be interesting to see how this affects coverage and my view of how the team is coming along. Last year’s new media policies were implemented about halfway through camp, so we at least got to see a lot for the first couple weeks. It is going to be harder to get a gauge on who is playing well, who has what skills, talents, etc. (especially the newer players). The good news is usually we can at least see who is lining up with what units, so that gives us a gauge on who is moving up and down the depth charts.

I, of course, will strive to bring you as much coverage as possible during the times I’m allowed to watch practice, and with daily player and coach interviews.

Training camp begins on Aug. 7.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • mikecal85

    Is there a schedule online of training camp dates and times?

  • abe

    the less coverage, the more uncertainty, hence less inflated expectations…cool with me.

  • runrunpasspunt

    The rest of the practice that you won’t see, the team will be perfecting the “down-the-line” screen.

  • Bears

    Don’t care what media think of Cal and the way they are developing. Would love the media to get their questions answered after practice in the Q&A session.
    Things like…
    Are any players injured?
    Question the new coaches about their impact?
    Is special teams going to finally get it together?
    As camp comes to a close who are the team leaders shaping up to be?
    Is the team going to be able to send old Memorial out a winner?
    Is the team inspired by the Championship won by the hoops team last year?
    Other questions will arrise as camp commences.
    Whether reporters see practice or not they can still get their questions answered and put out good stories.
    Interview players, staff other than Tedford, Atheltic department staff. Get creative. That’s much more interesting to most fans than Kevin Riley looked like he had a great practice today. Oh, wait now today he regressed and looks bad. That stuff does not matter. What matters is how they play game after game this fall. Camp reports should be informative and entertaining not opinion about performance.

  • Mustang Man

    Closing practices sure did help with the Ore, SC, and the other games where Cal got their asses handed to them. Way to go Coach Paranoia.

  • ScottyBear

    gree with Mustang Man….We closed our practices and the entire conference seemed to know exactly what we were going to do. Reminds me of the old Roger Theder days when the entire student section knew what was coming…”Short side sweep…short side sweep”!

  • rollonubears

    maybe he’s got them practicing naked.

  • steeeeve

    The only other coach in the Pac-10 that was so secretive was UW’s Coach Willingham… and he wound up 0-12 in his last year. Whether practice was open or closed, Cal still loses to $c and to Oregon by wiiiiide margins. I think a few closed practices are fine if you’re trying to do something particularly novel but otherwise open some up and allow some fans to see them too!

  • Meep.

    You know what really helped with the loss at S?. Poor QB/WR play. Riley would miss a wide open target, and then when he hit them, they would drop it. And they would always be potential huge plays, touchdowns, you name it. I swear to god, we were in the SC game much longer than we deserved to, probably due to a good defensive effort that was lacking in other some other games. That game was one of the most frustrating games I’ve ever watched.

  • Scotty Bear

    Agree with Mustang Man. Closed practice had an inverse effect. We were exposed last year, period.

  • Dan

    Bah humbug Tedford.

    Really pointless to close practices to the media and even fans. Mustang Man makes the point perfectly.

    Your team doesn’t play in the quiet bubble that is your practice.