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Football: New roster released, doesn’t include Whiteside

What is presumably Cal’s training camp roster is now up on calbears.com and it does not include linebacker Cecil Whiteside. This suggests that Whiteside is indeed ineligible to play this season. I don’t have this completely confirmed, but it appears Whiteside likely will grayshirt and enroll at Cal in the spring semester. That means his athletic clock won’t start ticking until next season.


Football: Training camp access

For those of you wondering, training camp practices will be conducted just like during the season and the spring. Media will be allowed to watch the first 20 minutes and the final 10 minutes of practice.

There are two exceptions: There will be two practices completely open to the media — Monday, Aug. 9 and Sunday, Aug. 15. Other than that, we will be limited to the half-hour total of access.

It will be interesting to see how this affects coverage and my view of how the team is coming along. Last year’s new media policies were implemented about halfway through camp, so we at least got to see a lot for the first couple weeks. It is going to be harder to get a gauge on who is playing well, who has what skills, talents, etc. (especially the newer players). The good news is usually we can at least see who is lining up with what units, so that gives us a gauge on who is moving up and down the depth charts.

I, of course, will strive to bring you as much coverage as possible during the times I’m allowed to watch practice, and with daily player and coach interviews.

Training camp begins on Aug. 7.