Basketball: Jabari Brown update

Here’s the latest on Jabari Brown, the highly rated shooting guard from Oakland HS, who ranks at the top of Cal’s recruiting wish list:

I spoke today to his father, David, who confirmed that Jabari’s list of schools includes Cal, Washington, Oregon, St. John’s, Georgia Tech, UConn and DePaul.

But David Brown added there are at least two other schools —  Maryland and Miami — that have joined the picture.

Maryland has scheduled a home visit, as have Washington, Oregon, DePaul and Georgia Tech, according to David Brown. He said the family is trying to schedule a home visit with Cal coach Mike Montgomery on Sept. 28.

Brown has lined up just one official campus visit — to Washington on the weekend of Sept. 17.  David Brown said Jabari likely will take an unofficial visit to Cal — which he’s able to do because of proximity, and would allow him to use his five permitted official visits elsewhere. How things go on home visits will help determine which schools Brown visits.

David Brown said he and his wife, Fannie, will help their son sort things out, but added, “We don’t want it to be our decision. We’re  just trying to make sure he’s looking at the right factors.”

And those factors?

“A big factor is how the school is going to use him. A couple schools said they want to use him at a 3 — we don’t want that,” David Brown said. “Some schools say they’ll use him as a 1 and 2. That’s what we’re looking for. Mostly, we’d like a program that’s going to care about him as a person.”

David Brown said at one time his son was thinking he’d take his time and wait to announce his decision until after his high school season. “Then he said, `I can’t deal with all this,’ ” his dad said. Now the timetable is to make a decision by the November early signing period.

Jeff Faraudo

  • uh oh

    It would seem to me that Monty doesn’t have a shot at Jabari after the class he just signed. As good as Jabari may be, unless Monty is going to jettison 1 or 2 position players, he needs to focus on BIGS, not another SG.

    Beyond the plentiful bodies at his position, why would Jabari want to come to Cal when we have no interior players for opponents to defend? They can just load up their defense to stop Jabari on the outside. No, he’s going to look for a complete roster. Cal can’t offer that.

    Go get bigs, Monty. You will be paying the price for not doing so sooner when Jabari signs elsewhere.

    This is a moot topic, Jabari and Cal. Maybe cover it in the Local Preps section, b/c I can’t see it happening.

  • Crawford

    Why would you not a potential program change type of player on your team? Jabari is this type of player. If Cal can land him, and some bigs then get Brandon Ashley in next years class I think we would have a pretty good inside outside combo. Hopefully Brown stays home in the Bay

  • uh oh

    Hey, totally agree with you and I am jumping the gun. I would LOVE to have all the best recruits in the world come to Cal. It just seems to me that Monty shot his wad on guards last year and needs to get some bigs. If Jabari wants to come to Cal and displace whoever in his position, then that’s fine with me. We can run 5 guards up and down the court and that would be fun. Let’s bring in the Paul Westhead offense. No problem.

    But my point was more like, Jabari’s going to be looking at a program that can instantly transform him into an NBA type player – I say that b/c he is rated at the #3 SG and about that many SG’s per year make the NBA. That means not just being around to shoot, but having a full complement of players so he can learn to do NBA moves while in college. Pick and Roll. Post and kick out. Drive and dish to bigs inside.

    He’ll want to learn with top talent at all positions. Monty needs to have some bigs and then Cal can offer that. I believe without that offering, Jabari would look elsewhere.

    But hopefully I’m stupid and full of it and he’ll come here no matter who else is on the roster. There are certainly a number of good reasons for that to be the case.

  • manus

    Montgomery has to go with his kind of player, a player that also wants to be at Cal, a player that is a team player. Simple as that. When you get a guy that is demanding “this and that,” bad juju.

  • Davidson

    Jabari looks good enough to be a 1 and done type of player..which is good and bad.