Football: Training camp report — Aug. 22

OK, so this isn’t much of a report. A desk shift prevented me from attending practice this afternoon, but I was told it was just a helmets-only walk-through.

Tomorrow is a big day. It is the second and last live practice of training camp, and really marks the end of training camp. The Bears will have another light walk-through on Tuesday, be off on Wednesday, and then break into scout teams and start preparing for UC Davis on Thursday. Thus, Thursday begins the regular season practice routine, although there will still be practices on Friday and Saturday (Saturday is Fan Appreciation Day).

The coaching staff will use tomorrow’s practice to make final evaluations of players. The positions they likely will be most observing is cornerback, where Darian Hagan, Steve Williams,  Bryant Nnabufie and Marc Anthony continue to compete for both spots. They also will be sizing up whether true freshman Dave Wilkerson has done enough to overtake Keith Browner at outside linebacker. Will Ernest Owusu, Trevor Guyton or Deandre Coleman play opposite Cam Jordan at defensive end? Is Keenan Allen really going to be the No. 2 receiver, or will that go to Jeremy Ross? Who are the starting guards, especially with Matt Summers-Gavin sidelined?

It isn’t likely that these decisions will be made immediately after practice, so there may not be news right away. Typically, the coaching staff reviews the tape of practice and then meets to go over all the positions. In fact, there may not be answers until Thursday. Since the players are off on Wednesday, that is the day the coaching staff can best use the time to make personnel determinations. That being said, the coaches may be leaning heavily enough toward one player at a position that tomorrow’s practice could seal things without evaluating the tape.

Stay tuned…

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • abe

    that is either Allen at the no. 2 WR position or Williams at CB.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Attendance predictions:

    UC Davis – 45000 paying; 25000 no shows or freebies
    Nevada – 30000 (and you will lose this game)
    Colorado – 50000 paying

    Time to call you “No Sell Out” U

  • SteveNtexas

    USC is the sell out university. Its money corruption is legendary and its the embarrassment of the Pac 10.

    Every time it forfeits another game – it costs the Pac 10 some of its respectability.

  • David

    LOL @ this guy still talking.

    Good to hear, JO. Can’t wait till the season starts, GO BEARS!

  • Juancho

    Nice post JO. Hope that desk move went well.

    This year I have far lower expectations than the past few. And I actually feel like it’s allowing me to enjoy this stuff more. I feel like I can enjoy the year for whatever it offers up. And what I’m also hoping for since I personally consider this a rebuilding year – is seeing a lot of young new faces on the team that give us something to hope for in coming years. I wish Jeremy Ross great success, but I’m rooting for Keenan to get that # 2 spot. Just like I’m rooting for Steve Williams at corner, and Coleman on d line.

    Go Bears.

  • rollonubears

    i think riley might have a great year, but if at any point, our rose bowl aspirations dwindle to those of u$c’s, we should roll another qb out there to get some meaningful snaps and prep for 2011.

  • Dan

    Hey Einstein … Nevada is there, so … once agin, your comments are baseless and pointless.

    Also, isn’t (No) $ell Out U in $outh Central? I mean really, let’s talk facts. What were there, 45,000+ no shows for the Arizona game at $C last year?? What a complete joke that is. Whaaaaaaaa … we are’nt going to win the Pac 10, so we aren’t going to the game.

    What a bunch of loser fans, most of whom are wannabes who didn’t and couldn’t attend the “university”. How do you have the nerve to actually post one of your lamest posts ever?

    Oh, and by the way, the Nevada game is AT NEVADA!!!! Clueless reigns – mid-season form 2 weeks before the first game. I love it!

  • uh oh

    I’d rather not sell out than be a sell out.

  • rollonubears

    it appears the troll has struck gold here. i’m looking forward to JO’s next post.

  • Robert

    J.O. does that mean Kendricks is the rush backer and it’s between Wilkerson and Browner for the other side?

  • Fair Weather Fan

    Browner is the weakside (rush) OLB. It looks like Wilkerson has displaced Jarred Price as the #2 at this spot. Browner is listed as 6-6, 250 (down from 268 last year) so it will be interesting to see how fast he moves.

    Kendricks will be the strongside OLB and will line up in front of the TE most of the time. This is where Bishop played last year.

  • jpf

    Please don’t feed the troll. If you would like a script for silencing said foul creature, please install the following:


    Works beautifully. All I see is:
    MoreNCS_are_ignored – troll post blocked

    SOOOOOOOOOOO satisfying knowing that the little twerp matters not a wit in my world.

  • JT

    go Bears. looking forward to a great season.

    on another note, it boggles my mind that the powers that be (blog administrators) still haven’t revoked the posting privileges of one who shall be unnamed. yes, if you go by the letter of the law, said person hasn’t used personal attacks or profanity, but come on, said person does NOTHING to advance discussion of Cal football, only disrupting conversations and agitating others. such “trolling” behavior, in my view, is grounds for banning.

  • Fair Weather Fan

    Oops – I meant Eddie Young was the strong side OLB last year, not Bishop.