Football: “Football Olympics”

With Cal wrapping up training camp Monday with a full pads, hard-hitting live practice, it was time to back off and have a little fun today. The Bears had their own version of the Olympics, with a few “events” on the Memorial Stadium field followed by some fun with the incoming freshman who have made their way on campus with classes starting on Thursday.

The Bears did an event where players had to run about 15 yards and then flip over a huge tire, then run back. After that, it was time for the senior offensive and defensive linemen to try to field punts from the juggs machine. Then quarterbacks and special teams players were turned around and around until dizzy, then had to run a short distance, around a cone, and back.

It made for lots of hoots and hollers from the players, who seemed to have a good time despite the scorching heat. The heat seemed to keep some of the freshmen away — usually on this day there is a much bigger crowd.

The linemen impressed in the punt competition. The first three participants — center Chris Guarnero, defensive end Cameron Jordan and right tackle Donovan Edwards all caught their first attempts. And Edwards did it despite almost running into coach Jeff Tedford.

One by one, linemen went out after missing punts. It came down to Edwards and Trevor Guyton, and Guyton ultimately won after Edwards finally missed a punt and Guyton cleanly fielded another one.

Dizzy football players provided some laughs. Backup punter Jed Barnett had the most trouble. He immediately crumbled  to the turf after taking just a step. Backup kicker David Seawright went down while going around the cone.

When the players were done, they picked out a couple students from the crowd to take their chances with punts, and they actually acquited themselves quite nicely.

Wednesday will provide players with their first day off since the beginning of camp. Since classes start Thursday, players need time to get settled in their dorms and apartments and sort out their class schedules, etc. While the players are taking care of such business, Cal’s coaching staff will be locked up in their offices going over personnel, deciding on the depth chart. They also will be making final decisions on whether which true freshmen will play and which will be on the scout team.

When the Bears return to the field on Thursday, it will be the first regular season practice of the season. They will have scout teams and hold a full pad practice.

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Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

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    I guess a team can have a practise like this when their opening game is against Davis state.

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    Davis state? What does that mean? Davis is a UC school…not a state school champ.

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    I should add that Davis is a top ten public university. Having gone to berkeley i care about that stuff…Berkeley is the top with UCLA one behind (having managed to surpass both virginia and michigan the last few years). The 22(+?) state schools are not the same caliber as uc’s (except maybe poly?). That is why I have a hard time understanding anyone who says Davis state.

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    Where the heck are the students? Perfect day to be out in the sun yesterday. Hope our students come out strong this fall for Memorials final season. Old Memorial needs to be sent out with a bang!

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