Football: Training camp report — Aug. 23

As expected, Jeff Tedford wasn’t prepared to size up his depth chart immediately after Monday’s practice. Training camp came to end with the second and last live practice, and it no doubt went a long way in settling position competitions at cornerback, outside linebacker, defensive end, offensive guard and wide receiver.

But before the Bears can finalize their depth chart, the coaches have to thoroughly review the tape of the practice and then get together as a staff and discuss the situation. That process will go on through Wednesday, and Tedford will announce the depth chart on Thursday.

Actually, depending on whether the media gets to see any team reps during the last 10 minutes of practice, he may not have to announce it. Thursday will be the first regular season practice of the season, andĀ  the first and second team will line up in the units that will take the field against UC Davis. Either way, we should have a starting lineup on Thursday.

Other notesĀ  from Monday:

  • Tedford hinted that wide receiver Tevin Carter may redshirt, after all. Tedford reaffirmed that newcomers Keenan Allen, Coleman Edmond and Kaelin Clay will all play this season, but in the case of Carter, he said “possibly.” Earlier in camp, he included all four wide receivers as players who would play right away.
  • Safety Sean Cattouse is back to practicing in full capacity after sitting out a substantial chunk of training camp with a pulled hamstring.
  • Nose tackle Derrick Hill also is back after recovering from a case of gout.

The players are off today — sort of. They won’t practice, but they will take part in a “Football Olympics” on the field this afternoon. This is a fun way for the players to celebrate the end of training camp. There will be different “events,” such as offensive and defensive linemen attempting to field punts and receivers and defensive backs playing catch with water balloons.

Tedford is not limiting media access at all today so I should have some fun nuggets to report about later.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • rollonubears

    seems a little odd that so much weight is put on this one practice. you’d think they’d have it pretty well nailed down by now, with the exception of maybe a couple slots. anyhow, its nice to see that everyone is recovering from injuries. i’m really curious to see how these guys put it all together.

  • milo

    Great reporting J.O. Looking forward to getting the season started.

  • Bear.in.PA

    Glad to hear that these guys are having some fun out there.

  • Bears

    It makes sense for Carter to RS. He’s a talented guy but having 4 new WR’s play is to much. Hopefully he will practice hard and be ready to go if an injury hits and he has to step in.
    He has a very bright future!

  • 66Bear

    J.O. Do you have any info about who–coaches or was it others?–who wanted to start off the season with U.C. Davis? Up the this point, the Bears under Tedford have usually stuck to opening against at least reasonably challenging non-conference opponents. Any insight on what was behing a seeming change in the philosophy regarding the opener?

  • LR

    Opening against UCD sucks. Would be nice to have a better ‘C’ game. We play 2 B teams and a C team OOC this year. Teams in the Syracuse, Wyoming, Vandy, Duke, SDSU category make sense for this game. This is like playing Citadel. Really lame…I’m not saying it could’ve been avoided in 2010. But it’s still lame.

  • Oski88

    Davis was scheduled because someone else backed out. Not the first choice but a good choice none the less, as they will be moving up to division 1 going to the WAC shortly. Not that they knew that then…

    The last time Davis played Cal, the folks from Davis think they won.

  • rollonubears

    we’ve got a lot of young guys on this team. they need a little experience before they get thrown to the wolfpack. and nevada is not pancake. colorado will be a conference game in 2 years, too. i wouldn’t call them a b-team at all. i really like the schedule this year, considering our personnel. all that matters is the pac10 anyway, so we might as well gradually work our way up to that, and then see how it goes. think of it as a preseason game, if you want. i’m just happy to be watching some football again. feels like it’s been years.

  • Daniel