Football: Pre-chat news

Don’t forget our live chat coming up in less than an hour.

Before we do, lots of news after practice today as Cal has set its depth chart. I will have a much more thorough report later, but here are the highlights:

  • Starting cornerbacks are Darian Hagan and Marc Anthony
  • Keith Browner is the starting outside  linebacker on the weakside
  • Kendrick Payne is the starter at nose tackle. Ernest Owusu and Deandre Coleman will share the defensive end spot opposite Cameron Jordan.
  • Sean Cattouse, Chris Conte, Josh Hill and D.J. Campbell will all be treated as starters and there will be a lot of mixing and matching. Cattouse and D.J. Campbell are the free safeties. Conte and Hill are the strong safeties.
  • The starting left guard will be either Brian Schwenke or Dominic Galas. That’s even when Matt Summers-Gavin returns from his knee injury. When he returns, he will move to right tackle.
  • Keenan Allen will start at wide receiver opposite Marvin Jones. Jeremy Ross is the No. 3 receiver.
  • JC transfer Coleman Edmond will play at wide receiver. The team will take a wait-and-see approach with true freshman Tevin Carter and Kaelin Clay. They will continue to get reps but still could redshirt if they aren’t used.
  • Isi Sofele is the backup running back and the No. 1 kick returner. Covaughn DeBoskie-Johnson is the No. 3 running back.
  • Jeremy Ross is the No. 1 punt returner.
  • Eric Stevens is the No. 1 fullback, but he will share time with Will Kapp. Kapp is still getting back to full speed after his concussion.
  • Giorgio Tavecchio is the field goal kicker. He’s also the kickoff guy, but is getting pushed by freshman Jed Barnett.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • H8sRed

    Wow. That’s a lot to digest. Did Steve Williams turn out to be not quite as dazzling as was earlier reported? Or did Hagan and Anthony just do that much better?

    Congrats to Hagan — to bounce back after such a brutal year personally, academically and on the football field says a lot about his character.

  • Fair Weather Fan

    What happened to Yarnway?

  • Fair Weather Fan

    What happened to Trevor Guyton at DE?

  • runrunpasspunt

    Is Kool-Aid still available?

  • Bears

    Who is the starting right guard and what about Donovan Edwards? Has he been pushed to back up as of now? Thought he was going to be the RT.
    Very excited about Coleman and Ewusu. Did DJ win MLB along MM? Like the young guys who have earned these spots. Think our talent is showing in the depth a lot of these positins have right now. Looking forward to seeing these guys continue to battle get better and push each other to get on the field and consistently shine on gamesday.

  • Calduke

    I hope Yarnway doesn’t transfer.

  • CruzinBears

    Who is LT now? Actually what is the OL set-up as it stands?

  • A-Rodgers

    Wide open pac 10 this year… lets take advantage. Go Bears!

  • David

    Schwartz is LT..May the Schwartz be with you

  • Bryan

    Reading between the lines, it looks like:

    LT Mitchell Schwartz
    LG Brian Schwenke/Dominic Galas
    C Chris Guarnero
    RG Justin Cheadle
    RT Donovan Edwards/Matt Summers-Gavin

  • I bet that Yarnway is going to be playing on 3rd and short situations and probably ends up with more carries than Debo this year. I can’t wait to see Dominic Galas, he reminds me a lot of Alex Mack.

  • Frank

    If Edwards isn’t the starter at RT then who is? RG wasn’t mentioned either. I don’t know who MSG parents are but they must donate a helleve lot of money to Cal. This guy is only average and yet he’s played up to be so much more. Edwards is local (Pinole Valley) and was voted 1st team at the tackle position. All I can say is… politics, politics.

  • Larry


    WTF? Really?

  • Boaltblue

    USC loses Grantland Rice Trophy
    Per ESPN.com news services

    USC was stripped of its 2004 Grantland Rice Trophy and won’t be considered for the 2010 award, the Football Writers Association of America announced Thursday.

    In my opinion, USC = University of Sports Convicts.

  • H8sRed

    Politics? Really Frank? Wasn’t Cal 7-1 last year when MSG played? This isn’t Pop Warner football where the coaches’ sons get all the opportunities for glory. Tedford hasn’t rebuilt the Cal Football program by selling playing time to the highest bidder.

  • David

    Frank, did you happen to notice how our offense performed with and without MSG last year?

  • Mr. B


    Frank, please pass me whatever it is you are smoking. I want to be as whacked out of my skull as you.

    Larry’s response nailed it, but to bolster the wonderful logic of H8sRed, I offer the fact of Tedford’s sons each being on the Cal team, but still needing to earn meaningful playing time.

    Taylor is no longer on the team, but Quinn is. Quinn has only been on the field once – last year’s blowout of EWU – but he did not achieve any stats other than playing time.

    Every player on the field EARNS that playing time.

  • Bob

    Check out the Cal Athletics website. It has the new depth chart posted and shows Galas and Schwenke as starting Guards with Cheadle backing Schwenke. Another surprise.

  • Bob

    Also, Steve Williams is not shown as the backup at either corner. Nnabuife is listed as the backup at both corners. Wonder what’s behind that?

  • GoBears58

    I would put Galas and Schwenke as starting OG’s and dump Cheadle too.

  • Frank

    Larry, Really? Did you see how Cal won with Edwards in the Emerald Bowl? Did you see Jahvid and Shane both break out for big yardage during the Emerald Bowl game with Edwards leading the way blocking? Edwards was back up on the depth chart last year behind both tackle postions. Larry, I only know what I saw. I’m willing to bet my farm that MSG’s knee injury is a lot more serious than Tedford is letting on. Even so, I see Edwards as a stronger player. 6’5 296+lbs. Yes, it’s politics and that’s just my opinion. The last time I checked in this country I am free to express it. We don’t have to agree but we can be civil.

  • BlueNGold

    Frank, please explain how a coach or anyone else gains any ‘political’ advantage by giving more playing time to one team member and less to another? The only ‘political’ advantage I see comes from winning games. Isn’t that the bottom line in any coaching decisions?

  • I am going to stay drunk too.

  • Rich

    What happened to Wilkerson? I thought he was in contention with Browner. And whats up with Nick Forbes, where did he come from? His name wasn’t mentioned all through camp.

  • Frank

    So who’s back up to LT? And today Tedford says Cheadle is still in the running to start??? What next?

  • Larry


    Nobody is being uncivil here, but my response was to your above post and I quote, “RG wasn’t mentioned either. I don’t know who MSG parents are but they must donate a helleve lot of money to Cal. This guy is only average and yet he’s played up to be so much more. Edwards is local (Pinole Valley) and was voted 1st team at the tackle position. All I can say is… politics, politics.”

    Your insinuation that MSG’s parents paid Tedford to play their son was a bit out there.

    Plus your “voted 1st team at the tackle position” didn’t make any since. Who “voted” him 1st team? Tedford and his staff, the players, fans, ESPN?

    Next, local is very subjective. It could be argued how local somebody is. I live in Berkeley, so to me Pinole is not local, but it is in the Bay Area and is MORE local than say Los Angeles. But to get back to my point, just because you are “local” doesn’t entitle you to a starting job. BTW, it’s “hella” and not “Helleve” if YOU were local you would have known that.

    Skill is what matters, not politics. Do you really thing Tedford is going to jeopardize his $1 million per year job to satisfy “politics” or some kid’s parents? Really?

    As for the 2nd post of yours, nobody would argue with Edwards size and strength. I like the kid myself. Actually I was at the Emerald Bowl and what I saw was the TE Miller catch a TD to go ahead and Follett come up with a bunch of pressure on Miami’s Jacory Harris and cause a fumble to end the game. I wasn’t concentrating on who was playing tackle that game. You must be Edwards father, because only his father or a scout would be watching a tackle the whole game. Which one are you?

  • Larry

    Only a parent would cry “politics” too.

  • Frank

    Really Larry??? Now, I’m this kid’s parent??? So that must mean MSG has a lot of step-dads on this board. Edwards was voted 1st team out of High School (didn’t think I had to beak it down for you) and how could you not pay attention to the offense in the Emerald Bowl? So if someone is a local fan and enjoys watching local talent such as Edwards, Moncrease and Best; (yes, Pinole, El Cerrito and Salesian are local) only parents post is ridiculous. And sorry to burst your bubble but “helleve” is acceptable too. “Hella” is what my teen says so if I’m Edwards parent then you must be about 17. I grew up and went to school and still live in the Bay Area and I enjoy local kids staying close by to play at the next level. By your standards I guess I’ll have to confess to fathering a whole lot more if Cal can recruit more from the East Bay. BTW “politics” is just a term I used to describe disbelief at not starting Edwards. I remember last season well and Cal finished worse than the previous year. Oregon didn’t run us over and we held U$C to 17 points and I might mention we be the hell out of Washington. That’s what I remember about 2008 and I beleive MSG was injured that year. Go back and check out the offensive line for 2008.