Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at

  • rollonubears

    my guess is that there’ll be a big crowd on hand saturday. even my parents decided to go. it’s tough to go 8 months without a fix of cal football.

  • Bobby

    Also, lots of Davis alums who grew up and/or now live in the Bay Area, many of whom were raised as Cal fans. Plenty of reasons for these people to come out.

    I imagine it’s going to be a much more friendly atmosphere among opposing fans than, say, UCLA or Oregon.

  • milo

    UCLA fans have always been cool given they’re a fellow UC school and there’s a commonality. That’s been my experience both at Memorial and at the Rose Bowl…sorta like cousins at Thanksgiving. It’s a friendly deal.
    I expect the same with Davis.

    Even the dreaded Furds are normal people who just happen to root for the wrong team. OTOH, many Oregon fans are indeed a**hats and they’re right up there with $C in arrogance.

  • House

    Never ever throw that shirt away!

  • Steve W

    I think that we are getting a little delusional here by expecting a big turnout for Saturday’s game. I will be in Beverly Hills on Saturday and may not listen to the game at all. That would be the first time I haven’t listened on radio, watched on tv or attended a Cal game in about 19 years. There’s just nothing to get me excited about this practice game with UC Davis. To put things in perspective, the Aggies will be battling it out with South Dakota, Southern Utah and Sac State later in the season. Having just said that, it will probably be a close tilt because the Cal players won’t be up for the game. I still remember Ap State beating Michigan a few years ago.

  • BlueNGold

    Steve, I disagree. There are a lot of UC Davis alums, fans and parents all over northern Cal and the Bay Area. Despite your low opinion of the Aggies and their conference, I have been to a few of their home games in Davis (my son is a recent graduate) and they have a very loyal and enthusiastic fan base. Even if its not sold out, I expect a good crowd despite the fact that Davis is not yet in session for the fall quarter (yes, Davis is on the quarter system).

    I would rather be opening against Davis than against Sac State, ala the furds.

  • Big D

    I will be bringing a Davis alum on Saturday as well. They live in Concord and are really excited to get to see their team play at Memorial Stadium.