Football: Tuesday quick hitters

  • Virtually every local TV station came out to Tuesday’s press conference, mainly to interview Keenan Allen.
  • Cal’s coaches and players realize Colorado will present a much different task in terms of strength and athleticism.
  • Cal quarterback Kevin Riley says the team should show Colorado what it is in for when it joins the Pac-10.
  • Cal coach Jeff Tedford says Zach Maynard, Allen’s half-brother, will compete for the starting job next season.
  • Tedford says there are some similarities between Cal’s offense and Colorado’s offense because the Buffs’ offensive coordinator is Eric Kiesau, who was Cal’s wide receivers coach from 2002-05

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • SteveNtexas

    Reality Check – I guess our victory did not impress CBS Sportsline as we are ranked #48 behind Navy, Rutgers, Conn, cincy and Washington even after their loss.

  • H8sRed


    The longer we can stay under the radar, the better.

  • CoBears


    Who gives a $*%& what CBS Sportsline has us ranked? People rank teams based on what they have already done, not on the potential of what they can do. Beating UC Davis won’t get any FBS team any respect, though the complete domination is a good start to the season.

    If we can dominate Colorado in even remotely similar fashion, with both solid D and a balanced and potent offense, people will begin to notice. If we can do the same to Nevada on the road, this season will have some real potential.

    In any event, hope reigns supreme for this Cal fan, and I could care less about what others think we should be ranked at this point.

    Go Bears! Beat the Buffs!

  • SteveNtexas

    CBears – I think your viewpoint is naive. Rankings have a factor in determining which teams will get on national or regional tv. TV brings in money it also helps in recruiting.

    There are not many great matchups this early in the season. When Cal was ranked and played Tennessee also ranked that brought Cal attention and money. It made sports fans talk about Cal and fans include kids and recruits.

    I’m not buying the superstitious stuff – once we are ranked its a jinx or don’t step on the white sidelines when entering the field- whatever. Teams are still going to put the same effort in if we are ranked #40 or #20.

    Under the radar means not just under the ranking radar it means under the radar of top recruits outside of Cal as well.

  • SteveNtexas

    Obviously we have a different perspective. Being in Texas Cal is almost always under the radar. No one talks about us – every now and then we do get a recruit from here but its a huge state. Some kids from Texas want to go out of state- it would be nice if they thought about Cal first as Texas may produce more NFL players than any other state.

  • H8sRed


    Actually, I think you’re the one who’s being naive here. Cal has seemed to struggle (to say the least) when high expectations are heaped upon them. Being under the radar doesn’t mean the team avoids some jinx; it means that the team won’t be distracted by its own hype — something Cal seems to have suffered from the past couple of years.

    Sure, opening with Tennessee gave us greater exposure than UC Davis, but the ultimate exposure and the ultimate recruiting tool are the final rankings and the bowl opportunity. That’s what really gets people talking, not just week-to-week, but at the end of the season and throughout the entire off-season.

  • GldnBear71

    I remain a skeptic.After the first week, 7th place is just about right

  • covinared

    Steve: as I remember, we didn’t end up with much of a recruiting class after the year we beat Tennessee. Let’s just enjoy it one game at a time. Let your locals go to UTEP if they want. Just keep wearing your Cal stuff and get a license plate frame, and sooner or later it will make a difference, just like the North Carolina and Maryland Bears.

  • ET

    Note for those looking at CBS Sportsline rankings. Cal is always lower there than other polls. Usually about 10 places or so. Doesn’t matter if we’re 44 or 24 in their poll, we are higher elsewhere by about 10 places. Not sure why but it has been that way for years.

  • JD

    Our recruiting class has sucked big time ever since 07. Only this year did we start to have an decent recruiting class. I have skeptical expectations for Cal this year. I don’t have a good gauge on how good or how bad they can be. The next two games will be a good indicator of their potential this year.

  • TrumanHugh

    Steve, the bottom line is this:

    For the past few seasons, Cal has started out with great potential and lots of national media attention. However, as we are all well too aware, Cal manages to completely whiff and falls way too short of expectation.

    After two or three seasons of this happening, most sportswriters and talking heads have all but given up on promoting or talking about Cal in positive way. If we start out strong, all we’ll get from them is “Yes, well, Cal will find a way blow this soon enough…”

    It’s as if we’ve burned too many bridges with the national sportswriters–and why we are **nowhere** to be found in the AP poll: not even a single vote in the “Others receiving votes” list, a place we were almost always in if we weren’t in the top 25.

    All those media types were on the bandwagon for a very long time, but grew wary of having to explain their support every time Cal faltered. Unfortunately, the track record is clear and the skepticism is well-earned.

    We may not be getting primetime TV showcasing, but we will end up with most of our games on TV this season. Fortunately, we play lots of teams still very much in the media’s favor (Arizona, Oregon, USC, Stanfurd, Washington, Oregon State) and those games will get picked up by the networks (national and regional).

    The second bottom line is something I learned the hard way: While I enjoy having Cal included in all the relevant discussions, I enjoy more seeing them play well and win their games. If they’re doing that, then people will have no choice but to take notice.

    Until then, Cal has made it impossible for anyone to trust them after just one–or even three or four–games. They have to earn back all that goodwill one game at a time.

  • Tedford’sBMW750


  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #11 reply = best one in 2010

    I would add “You will collapse again this year and the media will sit back saying ‘We knew it all along.'”

  • Yoda

    And I would add that USC will not be in a bowl game, Reggie Bush will lose his Heisman, and Lane Kiffin will get caught cheating again.

  • rollonubears

    riley talked about the lack of respect in the press conference. it’s rather funny that this year on offense, we have everyone back, plus an emerging superstar. i don’t feel like we lost anything with vereen replacing best, and sofele adds even more excitement and potential. mix in a more experienced o-line, qb and receivers, and we should be doing some amazing things. the only question at all is whether our defense will stack up. syd q was kind of awful last year. he fell way short of expectations. we are probably stronger on the line and at DB than last year. the ONLY question is linebacker. we may have fallen off there, just a tad. i think it’s fantastic that we’re not getting recognition. i don’t care because if we take care of business. we will be fine. we’ll have chances to knock off at least 3 or 4 top 25 teams before the season is through. and we will get plenty of recognition from recruits if we do. i’m really excited about this week. we need AZ to keep winning. and we need to win 2 more games. the showdown begins in 3 weeks in AZ.

  • KO

    Take care of business, everything else will follow. Key this year is Riley. Great teams have great quarterbacks. Yes, all the other things are important too, defense, kickoff coverage, special team play, but how many times do Quarterbacks make plays when things break down during CRUCIAL parts of any games!!!!! Critical third down plays that keep drives going and keeping your defense off the field and fresh are KEY!!!! If Riley can become that kind of quarterback ( which I think he will ) then Cal will be a better team than any of the others in the last eight years! Bear fans, get ready, this team is different!!!!!!

  • SteveNtexas

    Ok where I differ from most of the posters is I don’t see the causal effect – the correlation if you will between high expectations and the failure to achieve them.
    After all many other schools have high expectations and they do achieve although I do see where being #1 makes you a tastier target.

    Is someone saying that perhaps Tedford’s style of coaching makes his higher rated teams complacent?

    To the poster who said only the FINAL rankings mean anything – I disagree. If some recruit sees us on his radar, he may start following us sooner and really feel a bond with our team as it progresses during the season. The TV exposure makes for fans and recruits, whether this is something Tedford is good at – who knows? For MOST schools the tv exposure helps with MONEY, FANS and RECRUITING.

    Finally to answer another poster. Of course I have Cal license plate holders. When I challenged the president of our school board in an election a few summers ago. I wore my “Cal” hat to each of the 2200+ doors I walked (summers are horrible here). I teased all of those with UT and A&M decals, banners, and insulted those who still had GWB Bush items.

    I still won!

  • CoBears


    It is not naive to think that rankings in WEEK 1, and really for the next few weeks, have little, if any, meaning. Until teams have a body of work under their belts, it really doesn’t matter what they are ranked. That was my point, and I stand by it.

    In my opinion, it would harm our program more to be overhyped this season (ala Washington and Stanfurd) than to be underappreciated and to exceed everyone’s expectations. It will not harm our program in the eyes of any recruit if we continue to hammer our oponents throughout the season, and doing so will also ensure that we will be ranked, that our highlights will appear on Sportscenter, and that we get national exposure that helps us with recruits. We have to win the games to get there, though. There is no free lunch (except for those at U$C, and, as we’ve seen, that eventually caught up to them).

    This isn’t about superstition. This is about performing and convincing people that we can beat many of the teams currently ranked among the top 25. I have faith that we can have a solid season, and that we will surprise people for how good we are. Given the fact that we did not meet expectations for a couple years prior, however, the media is in “show me” mode for our ranking. Time to show ’em.

  • Boaltblue

    To MoreNoBowlGamesAreComing:

    When you speak of collapse, do you mean USC’s collapse last year from a pre-season ranked Top 10 team to a non-ranked team?

    Or do you mean USC’s lost to Stanford — again? As for the earlier lost to Stanford at home, was not USC a 45-point favorite?

    Or do you mean USC’s inability to perform and win in the State of Oregon over how many years?

    When did USC win a National Championship? And do not count the one that was taken away due to cheating.

    You should be the last to talk about perpetual collapse!

  • discdude

    Don’t respond to the troll. This year, everyone should block her messages using GreaseMonkey, here’s the link that was posted a few years back:


    You can follow the directions and magically the troll’s posts will look like this:

    MoreNCS_are_ignored – troll post blocked

    Problem solved, who cares what she says?

  • SteveNtexas

    Well I think we see each other’s viewpoints..

    I just turned on ESPN and they were slamming USC and Bush (anyone named Bush has to be suspect).

    My question to all (especially those who disagreed with me on the polls) is

    If USC is ranked as the #1 sleaziest program in college football are they going to feel like they have to live up to expectations and cheat even more next year… or will they underachieve and only get caught on minor violations?

  • Calduke

    Odds for Sat game have changed.
    Cal favored by 9 pts with an over/under of 51
    That is a predicted score of 30-21 Bears

  • BlueNGold

    Well you cannot put much stock in the betting line, but the spread is now (Friday am) Cal by 10, with over/under of 50 1/2.