Basketball: Kravish visits in two weeks

Power forward prospect David Kravish told me tonight he enjoyed his visit last weekend to Iowa, but is looking forward to coming to Berkeley on Sept. 24.

Kravish, who lists his size as 6-10, 200 pounds, said he wants to gauge the environment of each campus he visits, the people in the community, academics and team chemistry. A senior at North HS in Lee’s Summit, Mo., Kravish plans a pre-med major in college.

Kravish has visited California once, but it was a trip to L.A., so it hardly counts, right?

I asked Kravish his impressions of Mike Montgomery, and he said: “I’ve heard very good things about how good of a coach he is. He brings the best out of his players and he’s a great post-man coach. I’ve talked to him a couple times.   He seems to really get straight to the point. He’s not going to beat around the bush.”

Yeah, that’s the guy we know.

Kravish said he’s looking forward to meeting his potential teammates.

“I want to just to get a feel for how the players get along,” Kravish said “Then I’ll know if he’s going to recruit a bunch of knuckleheads. Knowing coach Montgomery, I don’t think that’s the case.”

 Asked to describe his game, Kravish said: “Every coach I’ve talked to has told me what they like about my game is how I  get up and down the court. They tell me they like my motor and they say I’ve got some good spring. I can shoot, so I  don’t have to be pinned under the basket. I can face up, handle the ball and I’m a good passer.”

Kravish knows he must add strength and some weight, but thinks he’s probably done growing vertically.

He’s planned a visit to Colorado on Oct. 2, expects to make an unofficial trip to Wichita State, and hopes to settle on a school shortly thereafter.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Rollonubears

    He sounds like a great kid. I hope he decides to be be a Bear. Anybody who says “knuckleheads” it’s okie dokie with me.

  • K1W

    I think the lone “knucklehead” Bear got himself suspended and dismissed. David Kravish sounds like a smart guy who would enjoy being at Cal, and not just as a b-ball player.

  • Robert

    The “knucklehead” comment makes me like him already!!! Sounds like a Monty player.

  • uh oh.

    See. Marketing works.
    He’s no Larry Legend, but the pre-med anti-knuckleheader.
    People are lapping it up.
    We are an academic university first, athletic second.
    It’s what Monty did best at Furd for years.