Football: Monday practice report

Mondays typically are a short conditioning practice that is more about putting the previous week’s game to rest than preparing for the upcoming game. But with this week’s game taking place on a Friday, the Bears were in full game planning mode for Nevada today.

The players usually have Sundays off, but with one less day of weekly routine, that wasn’t possible this week. Players were at the football offices Sunday going over the tape of the win over Colorado game. Usually, coaches go over the tape on Sundays while the players are off, but coaches watched tape after the game Saturday night in preparation for meeting with players on Monday.

Besides having one less day to condense the weekly routine, the other thing a short week does is force the team to be a little extra cautious with injuries. Linebacker Mike Mohamed was in a boot today and didn’t practice. Coach Jeff Tedford said Mohamed tweaked his ankle and is simply resting, and should be back at practice tomorrow. The Bears also limited the workload of starting tailback Shane Vereen today.

Since players have one less day this week to recover from the previous game, they generally have to be extra careful taking care of their bodies.

“The demand it puts on your body,” linebakcer Jarred Price said when asked about the challenges of the short week. “We’re stressting getting treatment whenever you can, hop in the ice tub whenever you can because it rejuvenates the body. You have to get your body prepared for it.”

Other notes:

  • Backup cornerback Steve Williams suffered ligament damage to his thumb Saturday and will undergo surgery tomorrow to repair it. He still may be available for Friday’s game, but will have some kind of wrap around it.
  • No. 3 quarterback Brock Mansion is serving as the scout team quarterback this week because he resembles Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick more than Beau Sweeney. Mansion is tall, has a strong arm and runs well for his size, all traits similar to Kaepernick. With the Bears’ new practice routine this year calling for the second team to also serve as the scout team, Beau Sweeney will get some No. 1 reps to make sure he’s prepared for the game.
  • Tedford compared Nevada running back Vai Taua to Vereen. Taua rushed for 1,345 yards last season, one of three Nevada players to rush for at least 1,000 yards. That’s the first time that’s ever happened in college football. “He looks just like Shane,” Tedford said. “He’s very fast and powerful up the middle. He breaks arm tackles. They’re a tough, tough offense to deal with.”

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • charlie

    Didn’t Marc Anthony get hurt too? If so, what’s his status?

  • Johnny

    Anthony came back in the game, so I’m not too worried about it.

  • Bears

    JO, how is Jacob Wark and Sparks? Will the two TE’s play vs NV?

  • SteveNtexas

    Nevada beat Colorado State by a somewhat larger margin than Colorado beat CSU. Nevada also beat Eastern Washington pretty handily.

    They have a few votes in each of the major polls and are #34 in CBS.

    This will be the first real test for either team.

  • BadBill

    When will the Bears head up to Reno? I’m a bit concerned about the altitude…Hopefully, they go up on Wednesday or Thursday AM and give their bodies a chance to adjust. Also, do they bus or fly up there?

  • Gerald W Stewart

    Jonathan, keep your fabulous in depth reports coming.No other paper in the Bay Area can come close to your coverage.By the way, my son was a starting OL tackle for Cal in the mid 90’s so its important that I continue to follow Cal. I am also a Cal fan since the great Randy Gold was the qb for Cal. Can you name the year?

  • uh oh.

    Excellent questions, BadBill.
    The altitude could be that subtle difference.

  • Bears07

    Tedford said in his post-game press conference that Thursday is travel day. Not sure if that means before or after students’ classes.

  • thisiscal

    UNR’s Defensive Coordinator was an assistant coach at Stanford the three years prior to this one. He’s seen our offense, but sure hasn’t seen our D.


  • I like Pendergrast in this one, but I’m hoping that arriving the night before will help the players acclimate somewhat to their field level.

  • ondal

    altitude shmaltitude.

    reno is only 4500 feet vs colorado’s 6600 and wyoming’s 7200.

  • milo

    Adjusting to 4,000 feet isn’t so bad. Over 6-7k and you feel the thinness of the air right away. Also they’ll have more then 24 hours to do so, so no excuses.

  • TaBear

    Altitude had no evident effect on the 2004 Bears when they throttled Air Force in Colorado Springs.

  • BlueNGold

    Skiing at Lake Tahoe is physical activity at a higher altitude than Reno’s. Its not like its Denver or anything like that.

  • TrumanHugh

    Milo–They will have just 24 hours to acclimate: they travel Thursday evening and play Friday night. The altitude in Reno isn’t a big deal, anyway. Besides, Cal has played at Colorado State and Air Force in recent seasons and has done just fine.

    Some are calling this a trap game for the Bears. I just don’t see it happening.

    Tedford and his coaching staff will have the team ready to go for this game. No looking ahead to Arizona and no underestimating Nevada. There have been too many unexpected downturns for Cal in recent years–games that we lose control of early on–for them not to be ready for this one.

    If defense wins championships, Cal’s can surely take care this one game.

  • calboy3

    Wark has a fracture in his foot which occurred last week during practice. He said he heard a pop in his foot and is likely out for the season. Sparks injured his ankle during the game re-aggravating a previous injury that was thought to be getting better.

    and team is traveling thursday during the day- the kids are missing classes…so it will have more than enough time (24+ hours) to acclimate.

  • rollonubears

    i don’t think it’ll be a trap game, either. i think we’ll be well prepared. the only question is whether nevada is actually good. if they beat us, and it could happen, they will probably end up taking down boise state. i still think we win by 10 though. but if they want the spread at 3, that’s just fine with me.

  • CalBear91

    This is one of those games that really could go either way, even though I agree Cal should win. If Cal is really going to be good this year, Cal wins by 14. If Cal is going to be mediocre this year, Cal loses by 7. For my money, I say Cal wins by 14 due to an effective defense and a ball control offense. They seem hungry, and not cocky.

    I think the Pendergast and Genyk cultural difference on the team cannot be overestimated. It spills over to the offense, as we heard after Colorado. Leadership matters, as we know from Holmoe. New leadership is sometimes very effective, just because it is new. That may be our case with our two new coaches. Funny how that great new leadership effect can turn stale, and even great coaches get fired years later because the bloom is off the rose.

  • 66Bear

    Dear Mr. Stewart:

    The answer to your trivia question regard Randy Gold is that his last year at QB was 1961, the year that Craig Morton arrived and played on the freshman team. I saw every home game and the Stanford game that year and don’t recall Gold as being great, but I suppose that it could have been the O-line, which wasn’t so hot. Another interesting bit of trivia is that Craig Morton gained more yards on the ground in high school that he did passing, and he had his first (of many) knee injuries as a freshman in 1961, which permanently put the hiatus on his rushing.

  • CalBear

    Hey CalBear91:
    Not exactly sure bout cultural differences within Cal’s staff, but the difference between Pendergast and Gregory couldn’t be more apparent. ( read Monte Poole, 9/12/10, BayAreaNewsGroup). How, or why, Boise St. hired him is beyond me. I will never, ever forget sitting with my son, nephew, and a neighbor at half-time last year in Autzen (sp?) Stadium, and telling him not to despair, Gregory is a smart DC, he will adjust. Good thing my son loves me…
    The “Walk of Shame” from the game to the bus at the beginning of the 4th quarter in Oregon hurt worse than watching USC play against the same inept defensive scheme from section U a week later. If Tedford is not a godsend, how did he get a 13-yr NFL Defensive Coach, while Boise picked up Gregory? What exactly does Gregory do there, anyway? Sorry, answered my own question: Who Cares?

  • Calduke

    Dear Mr stewart,
    Regarding the Randy Gold trivia;

    I shared an apartment with Randy Gold, Alan Nelson and Steve Brandt from Jan/64 to Jun/64. Randy was working in SF during that period and I assume he didn’t play the previous season(1963) My guess is the era of the great Randy Gold ended with the 1962 season.
    Randy was great on the field and as a roommate.