Football: Tuesday practice/press conference update

If there was any doubt how Cal’s players handled Friday’s disappointing loss at Nevada, Cal coach Jeff Tedford made it very clear at today’s weekly press conference.

“Anytime something like that happens to you, it stings,” he said. “It makes you sick to your stomach. A couple of the players, when I saw them on Monday, they still said they were sick to their stomach about it. They were anxious to get back on the field and get after it.”

“The bus ride, the plane ride was as quiet as you’ve ever heard it. It was disappointing.”

The good news for the Bears is they can use the beginning of Pac-10 play to wipe the slate clean and treat it as the beginning of a new season. The bad news is they have to play Arizona, the No. 14 team in the country which is riding high after its win over Iowa on Saturday.

“Obviously, your Pac-10 games are more important because they are conference  games,” Cal quarterback Kevin Riley said. “We start off with a pretty strong opponent. People are focused and ready. We put that Nevada game behind us. We have to come out and play our best game of the year to beat Arizona.”

Riley said today that he was not happy with the way he played against Nevada but that he still has confidence in himself and the rest  of the offense. When asked if it was reasonable to expect Riley to play better, Tedford said: “I don’t actually think Kevin played horribly by any means. He made a lot of good plays. A poor decision on the interception was costly, of course. But he completed a lot of balls. Can he be better? Obviously, yes. Everybody can.”

On other fronts:

  • Tedford said his defense is eager to atone for last week’s shortcomings. “If we weren’t, I’d be very disappointed,” he said. “We’re playing a great offense. Not many people just stop them or shut them completely down. But we have to contain them.”
  • Reflecting on the Nevada defensive effort, Tedford said: “Last week’s unconventional thing and a short week, we didn’t handle it very well. There was some indecision, and that’s one thing you can not have against that group.”
  • Tedford is taking a wait-and-see appraoch about the availability of linebacker Mike Mohamed (sprained big toe), who could be cleared to practice tomorrow.
  • Wide receiver Keenan Allen said his ankle felt tender during pregame warm-ups Friday and that’s why his playing time was limited. He said he feels ready to play this Saturday.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Juancho

    I just can’t drink the kool aid anymore.

  • Dan

    I’m with you Juancho. Blah blah blah. Always the same what is now rhetoric to me. I’m now from Missouri- Show Me! And keep showing me.

    Man up and show some pride, intensity, and toughness every week, every game, for an entire season.

  • Holmoephobic

    I realize Tedford defends Riley in public so that he may alleviate some of the pressure from Riley’s shoulders. However, I hope Tedford doesn’t honestly think Riley played well — he didn’t. Once again, Riley struggled mightily with short throws, often throwing too high on screen passes. Screen passes and WR hitches need to be thrown accurately as an extra second spent leaping to catch the ball could be the difference in a 1st down or a 2nd and long.
    Usually, Riley is adept at throwing the deep ball, but he repeatedly overthrew his receivers and did not allow them to make a play on several overthrown posts and go routes.
    Obviously, his main blunder came when he unsuccessful called for an audible during a mock-blitz in which Nevada pretended to send the house. His throw lacked zip and accuracy and was intercepted for a TD that changed the entire game — momentum and otherwise.
    This was the second time Riley appeared to throw without looking. The other time came on a 3rd down in which Riley threw about 8 yards past the intended wr in the 1st half. This forced me to ask a question I never thought I’d have to ask, “does he even look before he throws some of his passes?”

  • Bears

    Enough with the details.
    Bears need to win Saturday.
    Go out and do it California!

  • uh oh.

    Juancho and Dan:

    You guys are obviously too young to appreciate how much better our Cal Bears are.
    That, and you haven’t experienced enough losing seasons to appreciate how good our Bear are.

    Keep on truckin’, Tedford!

  • rollonubears

    tedford took tedford, pendergast, riley and the bears in general, to the wood shed with his writeup on the nevada game. i’ve got a new respect for him. it was pretty spot on.

  • rollonubears

    oops. ted miller. haha.

  • covinared

    uh oh: I agree. We may have been worse overall, but qb almost always was a strength. It has been a weakness for most of the last 6 years. We have 5 or 6 four star guys on the roster and it doesn’t speak well for the coaching and recruiting that Riley is the only one worth putting in the field. On the other hand, I am an optomist, and remember in 2002 usc fans making the same complaints about palmer. After three games he took off and ended up with the heisman. Let’s see how he does against AZ. Remember last year, their guy ended up throwing 2 forward passes on the biggest play of the game.

  • Ho

    I’m always amazed at the number experts that post on this message board. Football is relatively complex so it’s impressive that we’ve got it all figured out better than the coaches and players. Obviously we’re all entitled to our opinions, but just remember that it’s always easier to criticize others and think we have it all figured out from a spectator’s perspective. I’m pretty sure those guys want to win just as much as the rest of us and are working their tails off trying

  • ondal

    This board and others — with the Cal fans whining and moaning — reminds me of the townsfolk in Hoosiers who hated Gene Hackman’s unorthodox coaching.

    Let’s take a vote on it. The results are in:


    Screw you townspeople!

  • Bobby

    Amen, Ho.

    We’re not entitled to an 11-0 season or a Rose Bowl just because of our miserable past, much as some posters here and at BI might believe.

    I enjoy rooting for our kids whether they win or lose. Wonder how many posters who are so critical of Tedford, Riley, et al sat through games during the Holmopacalypse, and/or will stick around if the program sinks again. True fans will

  • Eric

    This poster is very critical of Tedford, and I’ve been around years before Holmoe. Can you match traveling to Lincoln in 1999 to watch a 49-3 blowout, with Husker fans congratulating the few Cal souls who showed up. I was there. And Michigan State. And Tennessee. And multiple bowl games. And Ohio State in a few years, regardless of who is coaching.

    The posts that try to play the card of excluding as “real” fans those who question whether Tedford is worth what he is paid are unfortunate. Rooting for team while being critical of the waste of money on the coaching staff is still rooting for the team. I am still waiting for any Tedford defender to explain at what point they will lose their religion – if there are 20 years of 6-6, 7-5, and 8-4 seasons, with no chance at a Rose Bowl – is that good enough for you? It isn’t for me, but if it is for you, would it bother you if Cal was no longer the best public university in the United States as long as it floated somewhere in the top 10?

  • robert lerma

    You heard it here first: Cal will be 4 – 0 or 3 – 1 after road victories @ U of A and / or USC. All is not lost guys. Aside from WSU, just about all of the teams in the PAC 10 have shown that they can move the ball and that the ball can be moved on them. Call me the eternal optimist but last week’s loss is behind us and we have to move on and take the lessons with us. Is Kevin Riley a candidate for player of the year? No he is not but neither is any member of our offensive or defensive lines or backs for that matter. Collectively, I like what I have seen in the first 3 games with the exception of the 52 given up to Nevada. Remember, when you put up 130+ points in 3 games, there is not only a conspiracy of hope but expectations. I can see if we were not scoring points or on the losing end of 2 of the first 3 but that has not happened and I think we will pull the upset of the week in Tucson on Saturday. GO BEARS! Beat U of A with extreme prejudice!

  • jake

    Most of you guys are too comfortable with where CAL is now because of where we’ve been in the past and you’re too afraid of going backwards. I agree with Juancho and Dan and I am pretty sure the only team we are assured of beating this year in the Pac-10 is WSU. Everybody else scares me because I KNOW Tedford is not a good coach.

    Someone said before he benefitted from a weak conference in past years (other than USC) and a plethora of talent and I completely agree. Look at how Aaron Rodgers, DeSean Jackson, and Jahvid Best performed last week. For an offensive guru that gets the second highest salary in the Pac-10 and has those weapons at his disposal, I am consistently disappointed with how many times JT has not been able to draw up a play to get us in from 1st and goal when it counted.

    I am pretty sure we will lose to Arizona this week and I am going to call a beat down by Stanford this year. Jim Harbaugh is a stud coach and I was scared when the Cardinal got him to come to the farm. He is definitely no Buddy Teevens or Walt Harris and he’s going to show JT what a real coach looks like.

    I bleed Blue and Gold and it is tough for me to watch the program degrade these last few years when we should be consistently a top 3 team with USC/Oregon. I can only hope I’m wrong, but from what I’ve seen, it’s going to be a long season.

  • BearIV

    Does anyone want a ride down to Tucson? I have a ticket and want to go meet some friends who are going, but flying was too expensive. Leaving Friday. All I ask is to split gas. Dad graduated in ’68, me in 2004. Bear fan for all my 30 years. Go BEARS!


  • calbear75

    @Jake: Spot on dude. I was ready to give Tedford a pass since his DC was responsible for not containing the pistol, but history says he’s accountable. With DJ, Jet, Hawkins, Follett, Mack, Rodgers, Mebane, etc. all who are super-NFL players now…how can Cal not capitalize on that talent to be on top of the country every year? Heck, Boise State and Oregon State do it with 3* talent, but it goes back to the superb coaching they have. Hmm, maybe there’s a correlation? I guess Cal is set up to beat on the sure-fire wins, but not get any better against the rising teams…see Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, AZ, Stanford. Stuck in a rut, with no where to go. Sure, he’ll make little changes every year to try out new ways of doing things, but too little, too late?

  • Kyle

    First off Jake you dont bleed blue and gold. If you bled blue and gold you wouldn’t be predicting a long season and even a loss this week. And no as fans we aren’t comfortable with being where Cal is at but hell coming from where they were 9-10 years ago its a damn better place. How do you KNOW that Tedford isnt a good coach? 2nd winningest record in the Pac over the last 8 years, bowl game in 7 consecutive years, 2004 if not for whinning ass Mack Brown they were in the Rose Bowl (BCS strikes again) won 4 out of last 5 bowl games, every season there he has had 7 or more wins, 1 play away from having the Bears ranked #1 in the country in 2007, were you even around during the Holmoe/Justin Vedder days? Or did you just come on board when they started winning again? And now you think your some fan who bleeds for this team yet has nothing possitive to say about the team or this program and can’t back anything up with any type of facts. I’m sick and tired of coming onto this message board and seeing these idiotic posts of people who apparently have the answers to everything. They are who they are a team that will have a game like Nevada but to say the season is over after 1 game is ridiculous. Let the season play out and see what happens. I would love to see them playing for the Roses but you know what if we are playing in the Alamo Bowl that’s fine too. Why don’t you go ask the over 50 D1 teams that don’t get to play in any bowl game how they feel year in year out.

    And to Juancho and Dan don’t drink the kool aid nobody is asking you to. Nobody needs to hear about it either.

  • robert lerma

    Amen to Kyle. Sport is a release for us all! If Cal’s athletic teams are getting us this down, pick up the remote and change the channel or give up your tickets to a friend who wants to watch one of the best conferences in the whole damn country. We are competitive under Tedford and will be this year again. We’ve beaten the boys in Palo Alto a lot more than they have beaten us and we have more wins than everyone else in our league other than USC. We can’t win them all and if we did we would not watch for that is what makes sport interesting. This is our team! Win or lose man, win or lose, we are going to support. Stay focused, have a good day at work and get ready to support our team in Tucson this week. It’s what we do.

  • MikeD

    Kyle – you don’t know Jake, nor do I, so neither of us can question his fan level nor his ability to bleed blue and gold. Contrary to your apparent belief it IS possible to be fan, live and die for a team on Saturdays – and have a different perspective that expects more from the program. Speaking for the others, if this was a Gilb-moe team we’d probably feel pretty good to put 31 up against Nevada and think that there was improvement in the direction of the team. But this isn’t an improvement, and this hasn’t been a Gilb-moe team for some time. There has been gobs of talent coming thru this program for some time now and we feel that a well coached and well prepared team would just play better – that’s all. We expect the team to play to its potential, and we are disappointed and confused when the team doesn’t.

    People, this is the now, lets live in the present. It’s been said before, but lets say it again. Just because a program stunk in the past doesn’t mean that once it becomes mediocre there is no chance for it to get even better.

    Mediocre –
    1. of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate.
    2. rather poor or inferior.

    Hiding in the corner, wringing your hands in fright, eyes frantically scanning the room and ablaze in terror at the idea that somehow any sort of change or desire to get better might take us back into Gilb-moe times is pretty fear based and irrational don’t you think? How does a program possibly get any better with that sort of outlook? How is this not a recipe for long term disaster? When has complacency resulted in progress and success in any endevour? I think that there is some sense in some of you that there is no need to get better since it will force a compromise of values and integrity — ergo bottom feeder is not acceptable, mid pack is safe, and a consistent winning program = cheaters. I find that interesting.

    So because Tedford expects better from the program, yet you don’t, does this mean that you are somehow not really a true Bears fan since you are not drinking all the kool-aid as prescribed by the head coach? Since we expect better – which is inline with the coaches expectations – are we criticizers somehow better Bear fans? Interesting to consider, but probably doesn’t hold water in the end. Let’s all agree that we are Bear fans since we feel enough to take the time to post on a fan board, ok?

    There is plenty of positive in the critical, and I feel on-target, messages posted here and on other Bear football fan sites. We expect the team to play to its potential, and we are disappointed and confused when the team doesn’t. We are frustrated by the repeated mistakes being made over and over.

    But Kyle, you just keep on pumping the sunshine and feeling cozy in your 7-8 win cocoon. It’ll be rainbows, unicorns, and puppy dogs forever! Just know that while other teams in the ever more competitive Pac12 continue to get better we will keep sliding – yes, that’s keep sliding, we’re worse now than before – because you don’t feel it is important to urge your team to compete. It must be nice to be happy while watching this team and the others over the past few years. I personally don’t understand how that works for you, but I will acknoledge that it must be very nice to be able to watch something like the Nevada game and turn the TV off at the end and feel ok and that the program is in good hands and in the right spot now and going forward. I’m sort of envious of that ability. But I associate that with mediocrity and “good enough” so I feel differently than I think you do when I leave the stadium after a game like Nevada.

    Breaking out the broad brush, I find it ironic that the R-U-PD fans are the ones who generally seem to hold the Rose Bowl the most esteem. But the fact is that 7-8 win seasons will not get you to the Rose Bowl. I’m of the opinion that if you strive for the best program via the best coaching and best recruiting that the Rose Bowl issue will taken care of along the way. As much as it pains me to say, see USC considering the Rose Bowl as a slight vs being included in a national championship game as an example.

    If you don’t like reading the critical messages here then you probably shouldn’t read message boards. Just be glad that you find the program as something enjoyable for you to watch and continue in your blissful ways.

  • Ho

    Very well put Kyle and Robert. In a way, the phrase bleeding blue and gold is a bit of an exagerration…as fans, we aren’t bleeding anything except allowing our bi-polar tendencies to get the best of us and prevent us from enjoying the game and supporting our student athletes. We’re not on the field sacrificing our bodies for the sport day in and day out. Our job as fans is easy…hang out with friends, drink beer and enjoy the game. I’m looking forward to this saturday…if you’re not then you need some help

  • Bears07

    I just think it’s worth reminding everyone that the players read these blogs despite their claims to the contrary. Though I agree that blind support is never a good idea, I think we should tone down the rhetoric a bit. The last thing we need is for FANS (who have much less knowledge about football and current team / coaching staff dynamics) to be instigating conflict or rifts among our team.

    As if these kids don’t have enough pressure every Saturday in front of a 50,000 person crowd (how many of you have performed in front of 50k before?), now they have to deal with hearing criticism throughout the week. If we want players to be able to put mistakes behind them, we need to stop constantly reminding them about their mistakes throughout the week leading up to the next game. That doesn’t help them prepare for the next opponent. Then there’s the whole separate issue of piling the mistakes of previous teams on the shoulders of the current players. It’s really not Riley’s / Vereen’s / Jones’ / MikeyMo’s fault that this team hasn’t been to the bowl in 50+ years. They don’t deserve the pressure to rectify that.

    One thing I can guarantee, though, is that I’m sure they want it just as badly as you do. Just consider how many times you’ll say “oh we WENT to the rose bowl in 2011!” as opposed to the players who’ll be able to say “hell yeah! we TOOK this team to the Rose Bowl and actually played in the grand daddy of them all!” Said another way, I’m a lot more proud of my participation in a champtionship track meet than my mom ever will be (even though she was at every race).

  • rollonubears

    without the fans, there wouldn’t be a football team. without the alumni, there wouldn’t be a university. we are all invested in the success of this football team. some of us more than others. these kids are getting a free education. some of them will go on to make millions in the nfl. some of them will go on to be successful somewhere else. they can roll with the punches when they play like crap, and they can revel in the praise whenever they find success. the same goes for our $2mm coach.

  • Dan

    Mike D, Jake & Eric- Solid, well put, classy posts by both of you – again.

    Ho, Kyle,etc.-

    You accuse those criticizing Tedford of being haters, whiners, cry babies, etc. Yet, you are the ones being just that. Most of those criticizing Tedford are NOT calling him names, aren’t calling him a bad person, etc. They are calling out his teams repeated under-achieving performances, FIVE of them last year. We are not talking losses here, we are talking they didn’t even show up, they were killed with all that talent. Most are doing so with class. You guys come on with no class and start name calling. You can disagree with people’s viewpoints, but when you name call, you are what you accuse. And have you noticed when those you criticize come back at you, they do it nicely- unlike you guys. If you happen the think that Tedford has not done his job too well the past few years, that he hasn’t done a good job of earning his $2.8M a year, that his teams are not playing up to their abilities, that he is being shown up by coaches making a LOT less and that have a LOT less talent… That doesn’t make you not a die-hard Cal fan! Please. How can you say that and actually believe it?

    Bears07- not only do some players read these posts, so do many parents. That’s why no matter what your opinion is, we should keep it classy. With that said, these players, at least the scholarship ones, are getting a paid education to one of the greatest universities on the planet. They are treated extremely well, they get the best of many things and advantages that their fellow non-Student-Athletes do not. Most have been pampered, catered to, treated as special for their FB skills- they signed up for all this. They chose to come play in a high profile, D1 Pac 10 program. Some of the criticism is part of the deal. If you don’t like it, then go play at at a small school.

  • House

    Im glad the more reasonable posters have come back to this blog, it was getting to be a bit much.

    I have no problems with posters that have issues with some of the schemes or players making errors. They should performe at a high level and on a consistaint basis, no argument there.

    But Dan, Eric, and Jauncho have proven over and over agian that they can’t like this team while Tedfords the head coach. No matter what they say to the contrary they believe they see the errors this coaching staff is too short sighted to see, and the current staff is not able to coach in todays game. They accually believe someone could just come in here and start pulling rose bowl births and 10-2 seasons out of a hat. They seem to forget that Tedford has only lost 6 games 2 times in his tenure, and every other season has had at least 8 wins.

    To me these guys say very little productive things, and love to attack those more positive posters. In short, they are no better than Moron, a common troll. I will no longer be acknowledging thier presense on the blog. Call me out and say this is a public blog all you want, but these guys bring nothing to the table.

  • rollonyoubears111

    Ah yes. The fan/relationship analogy.

    There are those who love everything about Cal’s football season, no matter how disheartening. It’s like an abusive relationship. Your friends tell you that she’s no good or that she’s all talk, but you tell your friends that they don’t know her like you do. She’s awesome, she bakes cupcakes…even though she may just throw them at you.

    Then there are those who want to control the relationship, but can’t. Your friends tell you that she’s no good or that she’s all talk, but you tell them that she’s a b- that can be controlled if you take charge. But you can’t take charge, because your girlfriend will never change and continue on with her bad habits of leaving her dirty stockings on your computer.

    Regardless, we are all Cal fans. We love our Alma Mater. We all want Cal to do well. We say things that may hurt, that may seem rational to some but irrational to others, but what we want is a FREAKIN ROSE BOWL! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? I MEAN CHIP JUST FREAKIN STARTED AND BROUGHT HIS THUGS TO THE PAGEANT LAST YEAR….

    ahem…I love you Cal.


  • rollonyoubears111

    Having said that, does the football team have a team psychiatrist/psychologist? Phil Jackson has been using them and I met one of them, George Mumford, in Lanai’ a few years ago at a medicine conference. Good stuff.

  • Kyle

    First of all basing a team’s ability based off of how much money the head coach makes, is absolutley ridiculous. Just because Tedford makes whatever he makes doesn’t mean he should held to a different standard. The State of CA offered to pay him what he gets. What is he supposed to do? “Oh I’m sorry my team might only win 7-8 games in a couple of seasons, I’m probably not worth that money” You make it seem like he isn’t putting in max effort to win as many Pac-10 titles as they can. At the end of the day it comes down to execution. I think we might all agree that we really havent had a guy since Rodgers (Longshore 1 season) who has really, consitently executed under center. And who would you bring in if Tedford isnt the guy? Everyone wants him gone and accuses him of not getting his teams to perform and he isn’t doing his job well. No big name coach is coming to Berkley. So who do you want?

    Please go through my original post and directly quote where I called people who criticize Tedford a hater, whiner, cry baby or etc. You can’t do it because I didn’t. I called Mac Brown a whiner. Or called anyone a name? Still can’t find it? That’s what I thought.

    ” But Kyle, you just keep on pumping the sunshine and feeling cozy in your 7-8 win cocoon. It’ll be rainbows, unicorns, and puppy dogs forever! Just know that while other teams in the ever more competitive Pac12 continue to get better we will keep sliding – yes, that’s keep sliding, we’re worse now than before – because you don’t feel it is important to urge your team to compete. It must be nice to be happy while watching this team and the others over the past few years. I personally don’t understand how that works for you, but I will acknoledge that it must be very nice to be able to watch something like the Nevada game and turn the TV off at the end and feel ok and that the program is in good hands and in the right spot now and going forward. I’m sort of envious of that ability. But I associate that with mediocrity and “good enough” so I feel differently than I think you do when I leave the stadium after a game like Nevada.”


    You don’t think I’m mad after a game like Nevada? Of course I’am but I don’t think it is a lack of effort on the teams part. With your post you make it seem like Cal has come from a consistent 10 win a year program. They are not. Do I as a fan want them to win 10, 11, 12 games a year? OF COURSE!! But at the end of the day this program isn’t there and you can’t keep holding it to a standard that it has never been. Everyone talks about ability and how they aren’t playing up to it. How do we as fans know that they aren’t playing to their ability? Because Todd McCshay gave these kids a 4 star ranking? Because scout.com said Cal has a top 25 class? Maybe these kids are what they are. The point is this program is competitive, does put talent on the field, and is a successful program. 7-8 wins will keep pumping sushine, and all the unicorns will be jumping because that is hell of a lot better than a dark, cold place this program once was.

    Roll on you bears!! Let’s bring our version of Desert Swarm to AZ saturday night.

  • Kyle

    Amen House!!

  • Scott

    If we didn’t love Cal football we wouldn’t be paying any attention to this site or starving for Cal football news. No doubt everyone visiting this site has a strong emotional investment in the product Tedford is putting out on the field and cares deeply about its success. I’m included at the top of this list of committed fans. Standing by and watching what is obviously a regression in our team’s swaggger and ability to compete is sickening and it’s not because we aren’t getting the high caliber recruits.

    Maybe Tedford is worn out or burnt out but he seems to have lost his innovation relative to the other Pac 10 coaches, or hell, the lesser conference coaches (PoinsettaUtah, last FRiday UNR). Watching Harbaugh, Pete Carroll, Sarkisian or even a ranting Mike Stoops shows a passionate leader licking his chops to win. Tedford looks robotic and almost disconected as if he is just hoping not to lose. Sorry, just the perception of his appearance.

    After we beat Stanford in 2004 to clinch what should have been the Rose Bowl (before So. Miss and Mack Brown)and watching all the players with roses clinched in their teeth on the field was the moment of a lifetime. My fan dream was to have Keith Jackson as the announcer while Cal played in the Rose Bowl, yelling “Whoa Nellie, how about them Bears” . Now we are lucky to get David Norrie or Bob Davie not insult Cal as we get waxed again on national TV.

  • thisiscal

    When it comes to nuts and bolts football, understanding X’s and O’s, Tedford is as solid as they come. However, I fear that he may have lost his edge in assessing and cultivating talent. Ron Gould and Tosh Lupoi are responsible for the star athletes on the team this year. While they recruit running backs and other position players, Tedford is the guy in charge of quarterbacks. That brings me to Kevin Riley.

    Riley has shown flashes of great ability during his Cal tenure, but his mechanics have been tweaked and tinkered with so much that it seems he is thinking more about his arm motion when he throws than about actually completing the pass. However, I still believe that there will be a couple games this year when Riley puts it all together and we’ll beat a couple teams that we are “supposed” to lose to. I foresee a 7 win season and, no, that is not good enough for me.

    We need a dedicated QB coach (Pawlawski???) We need a guy who can be a Ron Gould for our quarterbacks. Tedford should pass the QB reins and free himself to re-focus on being the innovative coach that got him the Cal job in the first place.

  • Larry

    Please save your thesis sized comments for your friends.

    Go BEARS!

  • Rocko

    you want Tedford gone? All of you 5 & 6 figure donars Tell UC that you have donated your last dime! How many are you? That’s what I thought!

  • a Perko

    Riley did not play poorly against Nevada. He threw three interceptions. 1 in garbage time, 1 off the fingers of Allen, that would have been a TD, and one truly awful mistake. The bears scored 31 points, and if the defense played any better, would have scored more. He’s not perfect, but he’s not awful either. And Tedford is the greatest thing to happen to Cal since Pappy Waldorf. I went to games with my Dad in the ’80s, the Joe Kapp years(our QB, was Gale Gilbert, father of Texas QB Gilbert). Anyway, truly, truly horrible; as bad as Holmoe years. To have consistently winning seasons is amazing! And also having a coach that doesn’t leave the program as soon as he has success!