Football: Wednesday quick hitters

A couple notes:

  • LB Mike Mohamed still did not practice. Mohamed was scheduled to see a doctor Tuesday and hopefully be cleared today. Linebackers coach Kenwick Thompson said Mohamed did some things off to the side, but he wasn’t suited up at all. Thompson said he’s encouraged by Mohamed’s progress but the team “is going to take it slow with him.”
  • Coach Jeff Tedford didn’t have much reaction to the news that Colorado will join the Pac-12 next season. The biggest implication for Cal is whether Colorado will be one of its conference opponents next season. As of now, Colorado is the only nonconference game on Cal’s schedule for 2011. If next season’s schedule has Colorado as one of Cal’s conference games, the Bears will be looking for another nonconference foe. As it is, they still haven’t filled their other two slots, although a game with Fresno State is believed to be close to being finalized.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Juancho

    I’m rooting for the conference design that splits the natural rivals. I’d love to see us play Fresno State. Should be a fun game to attend.

  • Raf

    Fresno St. is another no-win scenario… a good team in non-AQ conference that gets amped for games against the likes of Cal. Win and no one gives a crap… lose and you’re a sorry a** team, it’s not vied as a “quality loss.”

  • NorCalScott

    Raf, it depends on what type of season both Cal & Fresno have THIS season and who returns in 2011.

    One other positive of playing a Fresno, or San Diego St or San Jose St, is keeping that payout money in the CSU or PUBLIC system.

    Ideally you need one cupcake, one mid-level team from a avg conference (ACC, BigEast, ConfUSA, MtnWest, etc), and one mid level team from a top conference (Big 10, SEC, Big 12) for your 3 non-conference games.

  • Grrrrrah

    Fresno State!?! Didn’t we learn our lesson about playing tough teams from the WAC?

  • rollonubears

    i think if we play them on the road, there could be a problem. for some reason, we seem to do just fine at home. it’s supposed to be a neutral site, but i’m not sure what that means. next year, we’re at at&t, so the only other option would be the stick or oakland. maybe at sac state? they only seat 30k though.

  • DaBears

    Maybe Cal just needs to get better so they can beat the “monsters” of the WAC.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Cal state has no experienced QB coming back in 2011. There is no way they want a game with Fresno. If the fans are sick and tired of Riley when they see next year’s crop they will anoint Riley as the greatest ever.

    2011 – Cal state picked for 9th

  • Tdogg

    2010 – U$C no bowl game
    2011 – U$C no bowl game

    That’s the reality, Mr. MoreLossesAreComing.

  • abe

    sweet, another no-win, all loss scenario. why dont we learn from our mistakes???? either schedule a patsy fcs opponent and look good for the computers or a good, possibly top 15 BCS foe and AGAIN look good for the computers, win or lose.

  • Dan

    JO’s cohort, Jon Wilner has done his weekly Pac 10 power ranking. He has Cal at #9. I guess he is a hater too??

    9. Cal (2-1)
    Last week: 6
    Result: Lost at Nevada 52-31
    Next up: at Arizona
    Comment: Bears were outcoached and outplayed by a team with less talent at 21 of the 22 positions, although Nevada’s edge at the 22nd was considerable.

  • uh oh.

    It just donned on me…..

    this talk of MikeMo taking it slow reminds me of the way Jahvid was coming back slowly (and then not at all). Reason being, he was an NFL prospect and they didn’t want to do anything to mess that up. While Jahvid’s clock ran out on the season and it didn’t seem to hurt his draft stock, MikeMo probably still has work to do to impress scouts, and so when he comes back, they want to allow him to look his best.

    Let’s face it – that’s a SERIOUS consideration for the coach, more important than any one loss is being able to set a kid up in a lucrative career.

    So, take your time on MikeMo.

  • rollonubears

    how come we’re the only team that can’t keep out top talent healthy? every year, same story. i still think it’s that crappy “royal blue” turf. nobody else has it, and nobody else keeps losing their best players every year.

  • House

    Arizona’s top WR Criner is questionable for Saturdays game, and last year or the year before they lost Grigsby for the majority of the year. It happens to others, we just don’t hear about it as much.

  • Larry

    Criner will play on Saturday. If Mo doesn’t practice today he will be out on Saturday.

  • Larry

    We need to knock Foles out of this game.

  • House

    I’m excited to see Cam Jordan this week. He’s been very good but against two weak teams and a Nevada offense that doesn’t really allow DE’s to make a huge impact pass rush wise(and he still forced a fumble!).

  • Michael

    What makes you so sure Criner will play? He has the exact same injury as Mike and his happened this past weekend.

  • Meep.

    It’s because other teams have better depth than we do. When we lose stars to injuries, there tends to be no one behind them.

  • Bear.in.PA

    MoreNCS_are_ignored – troll post blocked… LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! I love seeing that. You’re such a loser, Amy!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    A closer beatdown against Arizona this Saturday but still a beatdown.

    1. Riley will be consistently inconsistent. He will throw a couple of picks but what’s worse is he won’t make the clutch throws when needed;

    2. #26 will get torched for at least 2 TDs

    3. #17 will get torched and miss open field tackles leading to big games

    4. Vereen will be held to under 100 yards

    5. The game will be close for the 1st half but just as I predicted in the Nevada game Arizona will pull away in the 4th Q

  • jpf

    In deed Bear. For those who have not yet upgraded your Cal football experience:

    Block AMY

    It makes life so much better.

  • Bear.in.PA

    “MoreNCS_are_ignored – troll post blocked”

    hahahhhhaha blocked again. Doorknob, are you not understanding the concept?

  • Calduke

    Uh Oh

    Something donned on you? Be sure to clean it off.

  • Kent Wilson

    If Cal still trying to strive for National Championships and Pac=10 Titles, then they need to start playing “historically strong football programs”. The home and home with Tennessee was a perfect example. While Tennesse was not any good…they come from the “vaunted” SEC conference and a win garners respect for the team. Matchups with teams like Tennessee put the Cal program in the national spotlight for a week which is great for recruiting. I think Georgia, Tennessee, Miami, Florida St., Michigan, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, West Virginia, Pitt, Penn St., Virginia Tech are great examples of team Cal should play next year. Each of these opponents have national recognition (OK Pitt is questionable) and are teams that Cal has a decent shot a winning at least 1 game in a home and home series, and will likely garner early season national TV coverage. Having a game like this every season, will help Cal recruit top players.

  • Kent Wilson

    I should also add, I don’t really believe that Cal is actually striving to win the Pac-10/12 or National Championships anymore. Chancellor Tien challenged the status quo for Cal Athletics and asked a question, why can’t Cal compete for National Championships and still have a strong academic reputation. Duke does it in basketball, Michigan does it in Football. But that “Stive for Excellence” culture for the Athletic program has slowly dissapated since the departure of Tien. Cal is not back to it historical status quo of just striving to be “competitive”.

  • Kent Wilson

    My last sentence should have stated that “Cal is NOW back to its historical status quo of just striving to be “competitive”.

  • Kyle

    Kent- They do have a home and home starting with Ohio St. either next year or the year after. And it really isnt that easy just to schedule home and home’s with teams outside your conference in other BCS Confrences.

  • Kyle

    Schedules are made 2-3 years in advance as well. You just don’t call up Michigan and say hey you want to play next year. It isn’t that easy. You can see future schedules on Cal’s website.

  • Kent

    Hey Kyle,
    You must not have seen the note that since Colorado will formally join the Pac-12 next year, Cal needs to replace Colorado on their schedule for next year.

    I am aware that most non-conference scheduling are 3 years out…my point is that Cal should look to face at least one strong non-conf. opponent each year.