Football: Halftime stats

First downs: Cal 6, Arizona 9

Total yards: Cal 88, Arizona 160

Rushing: Vereen 10-32, Grigsby 6-21.

Passing: Riley 7-14-0 54 yards, Foles 14-19-1 123 yards.

Receiving: Calvin 2-20, Douglas 4-52.

Tackles: Holt 6, Golden, Vassallo, Washington 3 each.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • eric

    Given that Nevada beat up on BYU at BYU, I’m guessing maybe our defense did deserve somewhat of pass – very stout!

    Still think more Vereen out of the I and veer sets. Still not sure why Calvin is playing over Allen and Lagemann.

  • covinared

    campbell in at ilb. i like the move. Nbfufe and Anthony are missing key tackles at the corners but overall the D looks good. Riley is not improvising. AZ is undisciplined. I have a good feeling.

  • abe

    is it possible for this game to be officiated any worse??? how about that PI call on Hagan who had as much right to the ball as the receiver? Pac10 officials, whew…

  • Eric

    I wrote earlier in the week for the need for Riley to tuck and run if he saw 5-7 yards of open space. 3 and 3 and 11, and he can easily run for a first down, but doesn’t. If AZ scores now, this could be the turning point.

  • abe

    Yep, Riley just donated 3 points. i don’t where his brain is but it sure as hell is not anywhere in the helmet of his.

  • eric

    Why oh why do we not run on first and second down?

  • covinared

    in pasadena we get the az feed on tv. their announcers are idiots.

  • Kevin

    Our offense has had no rhythm and really hasn’t all season. So frustrating to watch. We simply don’t move the chains. Riley’s decision making is obviously questionable and the play calling is as well. We need out defense to score for us tonight.

  • rollonubears

    we should be 8-8 on 3rd down. dropped passes, bad calls, and riley are just barely keeping us from converting on all of these. totally agree, the az announcers are a complete joke.

  • rollonubears

    did they just say this is the last time cal will play AZ in the pac10? when was that decided?

  • DaBaers

    Get off Riley! Just catch the ball!

  • abe

    is it me or does Ross looks confused out there in punt return? i mean i dont see any football instinct from him. being strong and having great straight line speed clearly is not enough. how about that defense though, ya?

  • abe

    oh, how about that Oline on pass protection? Oline is redeeming itself tonight. Riley continues to run out excuses.

  • Tdogg

    The Cal D is making a statement tonight! Keep it up for another 6 minutes guys!

  • Erik Farrell

    We need Allen on PR!!

  • DJ Garrett

    If you go back and watch the Nevada game you could clearly see CAL was using M. Calvin to put up big-time blocks to help S. Vereen score on 2 or 3 scoring plays. Besides the 1 drop in the endzone, Calvin had a decent game. But talking about the Arizona game, Calvin made 3 tough catches for 31 yards behind M. Jones 4 cathes for 41 yards in this game. It looked like Allen had 1 catch for 10+ yards and Lagermann almost made that great T.D. scoring play in the endzone. Just let Calvin play his game people!

  • DJ Garrett

    J. Ross made only 1 mistake during that game and now people want to replace him as PR! WOW…