Football: Wednesday practice report

The Bears used Wednesday to get a jump start on UCLA, beginning to put the game plan in for the Bruins. Of course, topic No. 1 with UCLA is its pistol offense, and if Cal can have any better luck stopping it than it did against Nevada.

There are two major differences between UCLA’ pistol and Nevada’s: it’s new to the Bruins, and UCLA doesn’t have a 6-foot-6, strong-armed quarterback who runs like the wind.

“They’re just starting out with it so I don’t know that they do quite as many things as Reno does,” Tedford said. “But they’re still efficient with what they do.”

While UCLA quarterback is athletic, he isn’t the unique athlete that Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick is. Kaepernick also is in his fourth year running the offense while this is just the first for Prince.

“(Kaepernick) has been in it for a long time, so he really understands it,” Tedford said. “Secondly, he’s fast. Not that Prince isn’t — when Prince gets out on the edge, he can hurt you as well. But (Kaepernick) is just used to that offense. That’s his offense, and he runs it perfectly. UCLA does a nice job with it, but they’re not as in-depth as Nevada, as of yet.”

The Bears will hold a full pad practice tomorrow and continue preparing for UCLA. On Friday, Cal’s younger players will scrimmage while the veterans do conditioning. Then the team will break for the weekend and meet back up on Monday to continue game planning for UCLA.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • DurTBear

    The complacency begins already…Yes, UCLA may not be as proficient in the pistol offense as Nevada. But if UCLA is trying to mimic Nevada, practice as if you are going to defend against Nevada and Kaepernick. Don’t be satisfied in knowing Prince is not Kaepernick. If you are, it’ll be a recipe for disaster…

  • The Nevada loss will be a blessing in disguise when we pummel UCLA and Oregon at home.

  • abe

    lets not forget that whatever the Bruins lack in their proficiency of the pistol they more than make up for it with a much more superior defense that what Nevada has. their run defense is solid but i find their pass defense even more scary, especially because of dude named Akim Ayers. check out what happened to Texas. in fact i even watched the Stanford game and let me tell ya Luck looked about as average as you can make someone look. they got play makes every where on defense and i expect multiple turn overs by Riley or a very conservative offense game plan, again, and that should be enough to take away whatever advantage we might have in defending their supposed not so deep version of the pistol. should be fun.

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    Have you asked Teddy if he is still having fun after the last two losses? Remember how he reinvented himself as a fun loving, can’t always be sucking on lemons kind of coach. It that approach still working for him?

  • thisiscal

    MoreNC – Your anemic commentary is boring. You lack the creativity to be an effective trash-talker and I fear your low wattage brainpower is undermining success in your personal life.

    After we beat UCLA, your spoiled trojans are next.

    GO BEARS!!

  • BlueNGold

    Thisiscal- you can block moron the troll and you will not have to endure its boring, anemic commentary.

    Get Greasemonkey and the user script written to use with it.

    Try it, it is very liberating.

  • Sean


    JT says he wants to “loosen up” this year and have fun. He needs to figure how to do that in close games. I’ve asked the football stat geeks to run some numbers and here are the results.

    We all know Cal can blow out almost any team when they execute well, because they have top notch talent (ahd been so blessed most of JTs years). But when another team keeps pace, JT has a pedestrian W/L record. During his tenure, Cal has been in 37 games that were either tied or had less than a TD margin at the beginning of the 4th quarter. JT’s record in those games is 19/18, just barely over 50%. Interestingly, in 10 of the losses the game was either tied or Cal was winning heading into the 4th. We all know he’s a “play by the percentages guy”, but history shows his conservative late game decisions has made him a 50/50 coach at best.

    Let’s hope this UCLA game doesn’t come down to the 4th quarter where it will be a coin flip to see who wins. Keep the pedal to the metal JT against UCLA. Your odds are at least as good that Cal will get a W.

  • Alec Eggleston

    Cal has a good a shot to knock off UCLA as anybody. Nevermind that Nevada has that offense down against a D as an orchestra had at heeping up with beethoven composing it. And I`m thinking the Cal D has a little mean streak in it after shutting that high powered Arizona O down. Going down 10-9 on the road is by far not the end of the world and could be a jumping point if they can cut the mistakes down. Go Bears!!!

  • MikeD

    @Sean – JT2.0 is a wanna-be. Points to him for seeing the problem and addressing it, but epic fail on implementation.

    Would love to see a loose JT on the sidelines. It’s not like being wound up like a overspun top is getting him anywhere, how about try something different to get different results. Maybe the coaching staff can bring on a “relaxation and happyness (SIC)” student intern to help out.