Football: Thursday practice report

The Bears continued their bye week practices Thursday, going in full pads and doing some more game planning for UCLA.

For the veterans, this was really the last practice until next Monday. Friday, as is tradition during the bye week, Cal’s younger players will scrimmage while the veterans will simply do conditioning. Then players and coaches will part ways for the weekend.

A couple of notes:

–Cal coach Jeff Tedford said it’s still too early to determine if some freshmen will redshirt. He said he still hasn’t made a decision with receivers Kaelin Clay and Tevin Carter because injuries can change the plans quickly. He said it’s when there are three or four games left in the season that he starts getting concerned about burning a player’s year of eligibility.

–Speaking of receivers, Tedford said he is hopeful that JC transfer Coleman Edmond will make an impact at some point this season. He compared his development to former receiver Verran Tucker, another JC transfer who took about a half a year to get comfortable in the offense and then became a major factor in the offense.

“Coleman is coming along,” Tedford said. “He just has to be patient. Every week is a new week.”

–Tedford said he has been happy with the development of Clay and Carter in practice, although Carter has been hampered by a hamstring injury recently.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • uh oh.

    If Coleman doesn’t play, can he also simply redshirt this season?

  • Scott

    This weekend is Stanford-Oregon, USC-Washington, I miss the days when Cal got a lot of attention in the press. Lee Corso loved us and there was quite a buzz in the air for Cal football. We have arguably better talent now across the board but now we are inflicted with the worst thing the media can bestow upon us: the silent treatment. Let’s make some noise JT! Show some passion and energy on the sidelines! Let’s bring out some new life and blood against UCLA! Let’s run some trick plays and fake punts and go for two points on PAT and onside kicks and reverses and halfback passes. At least be entertaining so we get some attention on TV. It would be great to hear Herbie say “There is still some life left in that bag of tricks of that old Jeff Tedford”. Anything to get that buzz back!

  • Calduke

    What was UCLA’s reaction to dropping baseball and gymnastics at that campus??

  • Scott

    Wasn’t it only at Cal?

  • Dan

    Cal is isn’t even coming close optimizing its current receivers that are playing, and Tedford wants to burn other receiver’s redshirt years? Classic.

    Uh oh- Yes. If he doesn’t play, it can be considered a redshirt year.

    Scott- Agreed. But that is so not Tedford- he’s seems pretty oblivious (clueless?) to all that. Nick Saban gets that, Chip Kelly gets that, Jim Harbaugh, gets that- Tedford … not so much.

    Last night, I caught up watching the past 3 episodes of ESPN’s daily CFB show- College Football Live – I was traveling, my dvr records it every day- and there was so much talk, buzz, excitement about all the top teams, playing in these big these games, particularly Stanford-Oregon.

    After watching that 90 minutes, it really highlighted how irrelevant Cal is nationally the past few years, at least once that first disappointing loss or two happens. Once you are not a top 25 program, or more ideally, a top 15 program, you are basically invisible nationally. It hurts your revenue, your attendance, you are also less appealing to recruits. We have had a taste of being one of the elite, have been teased by that, only to have it disappear, as Cal does off that national scene. No one cares about lower tier teams, even in the BCS conferences.

  • Rocko

    Dan can I take it that you don’t like JT?

    ESPN likes front runners and CAL isn’t one of them! Where is the love to USC that they have shown in the past? If CAL was to turn their fortunes around and start winning they would be back on ESPN’s bandwagon.

    Are you new to CAL football? This is the way it’s been for the last fifty years, and I have lived through all of them.

  • Dan

    Rocko – Yeah, I’m new Cal fan for the past 40w or so years. So I’m a rookie compared to you. Also, I guess you can take whether I like Tedford or not way any you like it.

  • Calduke

    Scott – why would it only be a Cal-Berkeley.
    The object is to reduce costs University-wide
    is it just Berkeley that has budget problems
    Sounds like this might be the payoff for JT’s sports complex.

  • Scott


    It is just Cal that cut baseball. All the UC’s have budget issues but they all have different numbers of varsity sports, and men’s baseball just happened to be a victim specific to Cal.

  • Meep.

    @Dan – I’d prefer we redshirt these two receivers and save them for later. There’s no guarantee we’ll recruit well in the near future and I’d rather have a group of receivers that can grow with our new quarterback after Riley graduates. He’ll still have experienced receivers in Jones, Calvin, and Allen, but Jones/Calvin won’t be around for much longer and every year of eligibility counts. Even without those two, we have a sturdy receivin corp, the problem’s actually the QB that’s getting the ball to them… or trying to at least.

  • Calduke

    I think the NFL has eyes on Jones. This could be his last year.

    People have been throwing around this pistol thing.
    Kyle Boehm, 2011 recruit is ideal for this. His
    passing/rushing stats are about equal. Playing in the current offensive scheme he might be another Ayoob.

  • Bears07

    I don’t think Tedford will switch to a pistol offense. If you’re so concerned with appealing to (QB) recruits, keep in mind that they want to play somewhere that will prepare them for the next level. That’s usually a place that runs a pro-style offense and if you need an example, look up Tebow, Tim.

  • Nor-Cal Scott

    @Calduke- I’m a big Marvin Jones fan too, but he is not ready to skip next season, his SR year, for the NFL. While he has shown great improvement he would be a low round draft pick and a stretch to make an NFL roster in 2011. He must stay for his Sr year & have a breakout season to be considered an NFL ready receiver.

    Budget Cuts: if anyone did not see Rugby Coach Jack Clark on Comcast LIVE go to that site and listen to Clark talk about how the Rugbyy team got the shaft from the administration. They are support themselves AND contribute $300K to the general Athletic Dept revenue stream. It is a boys vs girls numbers game.

  • KTC

    Cal HAS been in the national spotlight just not this year. We’ve had our opportunities. Cal will have its time in the sun.

    I’ve been through those up and down years as well. I remember vividly hitting the Citrus bowl after a long dry spell with White, Pawlaski (sp?), etc. Be patient, support your team, the Bears will rise again!

    JT is the best thing to ever happen to Cal football. If the current coaching team doesn’t work he’ll bring in new guys. I’m looking forward to the UCLA game as I think any defensive coordinator who has had three weeks to study an offense will do something pretty good. Nevada and U of A were good teams. The season is not over yet.

    GET A BACKBONE WILL YA! Support your team and…
    …GO BEARS!

  • KTC

    Also, Rugby is not gone yet. They’re going to “varsity club” status which will allow them to do a few things:

    Use their endowment strictly on rugby. They may not have 63 scholarships any more but they can still use the $300k they gave back each year to help players.

    Continue to use their freshly refurbished facilities

    Retain Jack Clark!

    No longer be counted in the ‘boys vs. girls’ numbers game.

    Baseball was not something that was heavily used by Cal fans. THAT is why it is extinct. It was not self funding. Tedford’s arrival has not only rejuvinated football, but Cal Sports funding at large. Stadium or not a lot more sports would be on the verge of getting cut without Cal football.

  • rollonubears

    anybody know our record coming off of bye weeks in the Tedford era?

    2002 beat arizona state
    2003 lost to UCLA
    2004 beat oregon state, beat southern miss
    2005 lost to oregon
    2006 beat UCLA, beat stanfurd
    2007 lost to oregon state, lost to stanfurd
    2008 lost to arizona, beat washington
    2009 beat UCLA, lost to washington

    it’s 6 and 6

  • BlueNGold

    Rollon- I think what your bye week stats show is that having a bye week is really not a factor in the outcome of the next game.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    MDNM = Media Darlings No More

    No major analyst will drink your Kool Aid after having been burnt so many times in recent years. Herbie got torched the worst. Now he never even mentions you guys.

  • BlueNGold

    My take on the rugby situation is that the downgrade to club team status had a lot to do with Title IX and little to do with money, since as pointed out, rugby does have a lot of alumni support. It also has the ability to sell tickets to its matches, which a lot of sports do not. But Cal did have a women’s team a couple of years ago. Is that now defunct?

    One thing not mentioned about the rugby program is the number of scholar athletes on its teams each year. I believe it has one of the best records on campus in that regard.

    If the program is able to continue to operate at or near the same level on donor support and its own revenues, one positive will be the ability to deflect the frequent criticism that its status as a varsity sport gives it an unfair advantage over other schools where rugby has been a club sport all along.

  • Scott

    The issue with Rugby would be if they are a club sport then they can’t use the new athletic dfacility weight room or get rehab and therapy done there. What a brutal irony for the most successful team in college sports!

  • Ho

    My understanding is that they can use those facilities but have to pay for it i think

  • Calduke


    I don’t think Tedford will go pistol and I’m not suggesting he should, but, simply noting that Boehm is that kind of QB.

    I looked up Tebow, Tim : he plays professional football for the Denver Broncos.

  • Calduke

    Nor-Cal Scott

    Re Jones; all it takes is one agent to whisper in Jones’ ear ‘that teams have shown interest’ and he is gone. Agent adds-‘if you stay, injury can destroy the whole plan’.
    I hope Jones stays, also. I like good players on my favorite team – Cal Bears

  • Easy Ed

    Hi Moron,

    How ’bout them Toejams! Have you made any reservation for a Bowl Game yet?

  • Larry

    Knowing the football Gods and their love of irony, I’ll bet CAL will play Nevada in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl this season.

  • Quit wetting your pants over baseball.Rugby has been club before and still been national champions,gone to Europe and New Zeland.They will be fine.

  • Steve W


    I don’t know where you are getting the notion that Jones is good enough to leave after his junior year and jump to the NFL. There is no one on the offensive side of the ball at Cal who is good enough to jump early to the NFL with the possible exception of Shane Vereen. The receivers at Cal have been a disappointment since DeSean Jackson’s junior year in 2006. Some of that has to do with the guy throwing the football, in fact a lot of it. But the fact remains that Cal’s receivers have had trouble 1) creating separation, and 2) consistently hanging on to the football over the past four seasons.

    Jones is by far the best of the lot, but he most certainly needs a senior year to improve his draft status.

  • Juancho

    I think Jones is the best WR since DeSean, but if he left for the draft this year it’d be the same situation as Cameron Morrah. Too early, late round pick.

    He’ll be drafted in the first 3 rounds next year if Sweeney turns out to be pretty good. Jones just seems like he’ll impress people at the combine with his hands and intelligence.

  • covinared

    moren: sc just lost.

  • Larry

    Lame Kiffin and his boys just got beat down at home. CHEAT ON!

  • Bears

    The tree and Andrew Luck are going to pound sc Saturday.
    sc will fold and sc qb #7 will have no eyes on him.
    They all will be on Luck.

  • BlueNGold

    Early during the Oregon-Stanford game telecast yesterday I heard Brent Mushburger say that A. Luck was the best college QB he had seen since P. Manning. I wonder if he still felt that way at the end of the game?

  • rollonubears

    our two losses are now to the #9 and #21 teams in the nation, on the road. and really, we should have won against the #9. of course, then they wouldn’t be ranked at all, but whatever. it’s a nice consolation that so far this season, we haven’t flopped to a bad team.

  • Calduke


    I’m not saying Jones is NFL ready.
    I’m saying if an agent puts the bug in his ear he just might jump. Which QB next year is going to fine tune his skills?

  • House

    Rollon you don’t know what your talking about, Tedford has no business losing to ranked teams on the road 😉

  • Calduke

    Early betting odds have Cal by 7

  • Jay

    Redshirt those receivers since they don’t have a potential NFL QB to get them the ball. Part of being a great coach is decision making. Once I saw that Tedford didn’t have the balls to sit Kevin Riley for 2010, (should’ve sat him in 09) I knew that the Bears would get some little Gift Bowl (.99 Store Bowl) at the end of the season. Here is something most of you don’t know. Cameron Moorah left his Junior year because he knew that Riley would be the QB his senior season. He ended up being taken by the Seahawks in the 6th rd. He knew his stock would only go lower with Riley at QB. Look at the situation now. The Bears have the best Freshman WR in the nation in Keenan Allen, but with Riley at QB you, me, and the Nation would never know it. I hope Sweeney, Maynard, or whoever is starting next year can play, cause Tedford will play whoever it is regardless, good or bad. Tedford is not a great coach, just better than the Bears have had.

  • jabes

    I don’t care if SC loses to San Jose by 20 pts. This is a Cal sports forum. It’s dumb to respond to moren, it’s classless to meet moren by posting negative news about SC unless you plan to point out SC victories or any other positive news from that program.

    Back to Cal — the one thing I took away from the Oregon/Furd game was that both offenses looked much more creative and more difficult to defend than Cal since 2004. What exactly about Cal offensive schemes keeps defensive coordinators up late in preparation? The Oregon onsides kick was brilliant, a perfect example of taking advantage of positive momentum that is lacking in the Tedford era. The Furd pass on 3rd and 1 was the same. That’s how you play to win.

  • SteveNtexas

    Wow Thursday’s practice must have been big news as there are now 38 comments lol

    We want more news!

  • rollonubears

    i’d argue that onside call was reckless, especially as they were still trailing at the time. it worked out, but it shouldn’t have. you gotta be ready for that. that’s the point of having guys stand 10 yards away from the kick. kind of pathetic that they were able to convert, in my opinion, and a huge gamble by kelly, who is becoming quite an ass. oregon also plays to injure, and kelly seems to encourage that. oregon is a dirty, disgusting program.

  • Scott

    The irony of all this for us Cal fans is that since Tedford closed practices to the public his play calling hasn’t changed on bit. No new innovative offensive schemes rolled out that were secretly installed in closed practice. New day, same old stuff.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Pistol whipped by Rickey.

    Saturday’s headlines!

  • CalBear91

    Go Bears! We are going to pound UCLA this weekend and send our baby bruin brothers pouting back to LA, where they can resign themselves to being the best university in the southern half of the great state.

  • CalBear91

    Other than Cal Tech

  • rollonubears

    i think the offensive playcalling is way better than it used to be. i’d like to see a more aggressive approach, more short passes instead of bombs, and more running if the running game is on fire (a la nevada), but in general, i can’t complain. i do think it’s different than years past. maybe the same plays, but less predictable than cignetti’s run, run pass on every possession, which he continues to run at pitt. the problem with the bears is that either riley isn’t executing, or our receivers are dropping balls. if riley executes and/or we stick to the run, we get a W at nevada. and of course, if we could kick, or would have the crazy gall to go for it on 4th and 1 from the 8 yard line, we might have a W at Arizona, too.

  • Juancho

    JO, you folks should add an ongoing message board down the side to the site. That way it helps you guys keep site traffic high even when there isn’t a new exciting post for a few days. I’ve mentioned before that I work in marketing, it’s a good trick to keep site traffic consistently strong. That way you encourage people to keep visiting the site and sharing ideas when folks are watching the Oregon / Stanford game for instance. Which in turn should make your bosses happy and make your site even more enticing to advertising prospects.