Football: From the press room

  • Cal coach Jeff Tedford was hopeful an MRI on Kevin Riley’s left knee could be performed Sunday, but oftentimes players aren’t able to get one until Monday after injuries suffered¬† on a game day.
  • This one looks like a season-ender. Tedford said the injury is worse than just a sprained knee. Even a sprained knee takes a couple weeks to return from. If it’s worse, do the math. It looks very likely Riley’s season and career are over.
  • Tedford said Riley was in tears as he came off the field. He said that was a sign that even Riley knew how serious an injury it was.
  • Tedford said the team shrunk the playbook for Mansion, but that was just one of many problems. He was very dissatisfied with the play of the offensive line and said changes could be coming next week.
  • Tedford said Mansion will go into the week as the starting quarterback, rather than have him compete with Beau Sweeney.
  • Tedford obviously lamented all the penalties, especially the false starts. He was disappointed that the Bears looked like they were affected by the noise because they pipe in crowd noise every day at practice.
  • To clarify, when Tedford was flagged for the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, it wasn’t because Keenan Allen’s helmet came off. It was because he felt a late hit should have been called on a block out of bounds against Shane Vereen, especially after Chris Conte was called for one earlier.
  • Tedford said while he understands the questions about Cal’s difference in home and away results, he still maintains the team was focused and fired-up before the game.

Football: Brock Mansion

One thing to keep in mind when evaluating Brock Mansion: He’s only been the backup quarterback for two weeks, meaning he’s only been getting legitimate reps for two weeks. It’s a tough enough assignment playing your first significant snaps in a game, but tougher when you haven’t really been part of the offense during practice very long.