Football: Back to work

The Bears were back on the Memorial Stadium field this morning, going with an abbreviated practice in shells after returning fro the weekend off. No big news to report. Coach Jeff Tedford said the time off has definitely helped some of his banged-up players, most notably linebacker Mike Mohamed and wide receiver Keenan Allen. Of Allen, Tedford said “It’s nice to see him not limping anymore.”

Some quick notes from Tedford’s meeting with reporters after practice:

  • He said watching the UCLA-Washington State game “just verified how physical their backs are.” Johnathan Franklin rushed for 216 yards and Derrick Coleman added 185 during the Bruins 42-28 win.
  • He said he wasn’t surprise Washington St. was able  to pile up some yards and points against UCLA’s supposed stingy defense. “Washington State is a good team,” he said, with a straight face. “Washington State did some good things. They have a very competitive quarterback (Jeff Tuel). They spread you out and do soe pretty good things.”
  • Of UCLA linebacker Akeem Ayers, considered by some an All-American candidate, Tedford said:  “He’s a very good player. They put him in a lot of different positions. He’s very fast off the edge.”
  • Tedford hinted that offensive lineman Matt Summers-Gavin may be in store for more playing time, at either guard or tackle. “I would expect Matt plays. I don’t know how many snaps he plays.’

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • rollonubears

    solid. 4 games in, and JTs figured out MSG should get some playing time.

    “Washington State is a good team,” he said, with a straight face.

    LOL. I think he’s just posturing for the inevitable close game. “See, I told you they were a good team.”

  • Bobby

    Or he just has some class and doesn’t think calling an opposing team awful is appropriate

  • rollonubears

    yeah, that too.

  • Rocko

    Who are we playing WSU or UCLA?

  • House


  • thisiscal

    Interesting article…but, won’t be the same outcome.

  • Steve W

    I have watched UCLA absolutely roll over Texas and WSU in the running game over the past two weeks. They look a lot like Nevada now and seem to be growing in confidence with the Pistol offense. Hopefully, the two weeks of preparation will give Cal’s defense the proper contain scheme on the running game. If Cal can force a couple of three and outs and take an early lead, it should be a W. I don’t think the Bruins can go up and down the field in the passing game.

    Does anyone know if Prince is healed up and will start the game? That could make a huge difference.

  • David

    It isn’t exactly two weeks of preparation… The first week of the bye is rather light as they only had a couple of practices, and they had the weekend off. The only thing the extra time can do is provide more time for game planning.

    I wish more of the time could have been used towards actual practice, as we know they players need it. Hope what they’ve have done by this Saturday deems to be enough.


  • Johnny

    I have watched UCLA absolutely roll over Texas and WSU and can tell you that they DON’T look a lot like Nevada, despite the schemes having the same name.

  • charlie

    I’m not sold on the Bruins.

    UCLA’s win over Texas was a surprise, but Texas isn’t the same team it has been in the past. Texas turned the ball over 5 times to the Bruins. Few teams win wen turning the ball over that many times.

    Wazzu’s lone win is against a D1-AA team (Montana St). Therefore, “rolling over” Wazzu is not surprising at all.

    UCLA was shut out by Stanford.

  • covinared

    Ucla runs the ball up the gut 80% of the time. The qb, whomever it may be, does not run anything like Kaperneck. Their #1 back is a fumbler. Cal is strong up front and in the middle. Lowly Wassu had momentum until the 4th qtr, and rang up 28 points. Mike Mo is back. We win.

  • Calduke

    Cal is now favored by 8 with an over/under of 48 pts.

    Translation: predicted score 28-20, Cal

  • Calduke

    Cal got a 2011 commit from a Defensive End out of Texas.

  • CalBear91

    Yes, the Bears beat the baby Bruins in this one. I think the Bears are mighty pissed and ready to take it out on the next team they face, which fortunately, is a very beatable UCLA team.

  • GldnBear71

    I am skeptical we can score with consistency against the Bruins (or any team for that matter). We lose a close game because Riley has another inconsistent game.

  • rollonubears

    angry bears are great for the running game, the o and d lines, and linebackers, but for the qb, receivers and db’s, it’s still a finesse game. add their suspect abilities even when they’re not angry and this weekend just looks like a giant question mark.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    After this weekend you guys go to the bottom of the Pac 10 tied with WSU for last place. Tedford is setting up the fans with his comments about WSU. He knows it is coming too.

  • covinared

    How about that Jake Locker?

  • CoBears

    This will be the weekend that Cal begins to separate itself from the lower echelon of the conference, including U$C, Arizona State and Wazzu. U$C’s win against the mighty Cougars will be the only thing keeping it out of the bottom of the cellar. Must hurt, since the sanctions were not supposed to be felt there this year.

  • CoBears

    A must read for those following the Pac-10 and the fall of Troy:


  • MoreNCsarecoming

    How about Jake Locker?

    How about him? He had a career game against you guys last year.

  • MSG is a must.Without him the O does not move.JT keeps dogging Riley and it has hurt the team for 3 years.Let him throw and let the team run for 1 yard.That would make us 3 and 1.We need a miracle to get 6 wins.