Football: From the press box

  • Jeff Tedford said “He gives us the best chance to win,” when asked why he left QB Kevin Riley in for the entire game. He also said he wanted Riley and the first team offense to have some positive results to build on in the second half.
  • For the record, I thought Tedford probably should have played Beau Sweeney in the second half. Not necessarily all because of Riley’s performance — the dropped passes hurt but he still had the two picks– but because the game was clearly out of reach so it’s a perfect time to take a look at other people.
  • Tedford said the Trojans did a few things on defense they weren’t expecting, things that allowed them to get consistent pass pressure on Riley.
  • Riley said he never expected to come out and was “throwing the ball pretty well besides  those two interceptions.”
  • A clarification: The 42-0 deficit actually tied  the worst halftime deficit in school history.
  • Tedford said linebacker Keith Browner was fine after the game. He said Browner just had his leg landed on.
  • He also said running back Shane Vereen was fine after “getting his bell rung.”
  • Cal had a season-low 245 yards of offense.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Juancho

    Good points brother Eric. You know what’s always weird to me. If you look at Oregon on tv and our team, their team just looks bigger. It seems like all their players are ripped, and our guys are always skinny or pudgy. That’s one area I’m optimistic about because I think the new facilities will help with that.

    But even our top guys like Marvin Jones are slim build guys instead of the monsters Oregon has, or USC with Robert Woods.

  • Jim

    So, Boaltblue, still smoking the unbranded cigarettes, huh.
    “I watched the SC game to the middle of the fourth quarter. Except for Riley’s two interceptions, which were accomplished by very good defensive plays by SC defenders with exceptional reach, ”

    Riley badly underthrew the first interception and the second interception went right into the hands of a DEFENSIVE TACKLE. “exception reach”, riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    Have another toke.

  • Bill

    It will be interesting how long the University puts up with a non-emotional, non-“QB guru” .500 coach and an AD who puts up with this crap paying Tedford over $4M a year!!! Tedford is WAY OVERATED, the players show no emotion and Riley should have been benched some 2 1/2 years ago….Cal Football is pathetic to watch!!! Good luck selling those $250K PSL’s Ms. Barbour!!!!

  • Easy Ed

    Ok all you Golden Bear “fans”, looks like Sugar Daddy Phil Knight has finally succeeded in fielding the best team money can buy! Go Ducks, #1 in the country! Just think, you did so with only about a half dozen felons on the team! I’m sure U$C is green with envy. Next time you buy a pair of his ill fitting ugly piece of crap tennis shoes just think Quack Attack. I still say that they can keep it. We came close once doing it clean and we will again, patience grasshopper!

  • Dan

    Easy Ed- Awfully bitter, which sounds as bad as you are making the Ducks out to be. If Phil Knight was throwing all that $$$ at Cal, you wouldn’t be hatin’, would you? Cal has had its own Sugar Daddies, named Haas, Fischer, etc- right? Really unattractive, stooping low and making excuses. Cal should aspire to show class, even when times seem bleak. You sound greener with envy than the brightest green Duck uni.

  • Easy ED

    You’re darn right I’m bitter. We have had our own Sugar Daddys like the Haas family, the Hearst family and Zellerbachs. But at least they have donated to create nice buildings and extensions to our school in general rather than to our sports programs in particular. I guess I just hate Nike and what they’ve done to sports from Michael Jordan to Tiger Woods they have created a corporate mentality that has made sports a little less enjoyable. Having said that, you are right, it was classless and I stand corrected.

  • Dan

    Easy Ed, you’re alright buddy. That’s the class we like in the Cal nation.

    But with that said, I’m bitter too, but I hope I have some perspective and I point my criticism at the $2.8 million dollar (per year)man, the CEO of the Cal football program.

    If Cal had gone to a couple of Rose Bowls in the past 9 seasons and was making us proud out there on the field, plenty of money would be coming into the program from all directions- increased ticket and concession revenues, increased TV revenues (our game with OSU is not being televised- it’s like we are now WSU), increased donations, etc. We would have plenty of sugar daddy money.

    Take care Ed.