Football: OSU not set yet

Typically, television info and kickoff times that aren’t set yet are announced 12 days before the game. That’s when the TV networks select the games for their slots.

Today came and went and Cal’s game at Oregon State on Oct 30 was not picked up by the networks. That leaves OSU the discretion to set the time. OSU can also work on getting the game televised locally, as can Cal once the time is set.

We likely will find out tomorrow when this game will start. But it’s looking like a strong possibility that it won’t be televised in the Bay Area.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Dan

    That’s great, the networks now consider Cal about as desirable as the WSU Cougs. Remember this as another step down in the decline of the Tedford Era. No visibility to recruits and fans, no tv revenue, one more brick on the wall of irrelevance. Ben Braun lives!

  • SteveNtexas

    Well I was in the minority on here when I claimed I liked being ranked and thought being on national tv was great both for exposure and money.

    The majority of posters said we were “jinxed’ and its better to be under the national radar.

    We won’t need this debate again this season, we are as under the radar, as a stealth bomber without any bombs, or engines or crew for that matter.

  • Scott

    Well again, hey, we won the 2nd half against USC!

    Chris Peterson is probably locked in at Boise. Justin Wilcox is the DC at Tennessee, so let’s talk about him. Gruden?

    Hate to be petty, but a previous post mentioned Tedford’s obvious and new gut that now prominently sticks out. Appropriate that his coaching has gotten fat and happy. We need a new lean and mean coach in both senses of the words. Sorry, but this last game was the lowest of the lows we have subjected to in the past 13 months.

  • rollonyoubears111

    I dont’ think that Cal fans in general don’t want to be nationally recognized. People, generally speaking ofcourse, post things when extreme things happen. Any fan would expect their team to continue to succeed when touted as a contender, but when each success is met with a total blowout, it makes people extremely disappointed. I’m not just talking about “Cal” fans.

    We all have waited for a Rose Bowl in our lifetimes. There were 10 teams who all had shots to get there over the years. 1 in 10! at 1 point 1 in 8, and now it’s going to be 1 in 12! It’s been decades! One of my relatives had died, never to see that day. I don’t want to reiterate that cliche’.

    UC may not like to see this sort of success in sports due to the bottom line. If Tedford leaves, hiring a “better” coach will get really expensive. They may see it as a high risk investment, thinking that we could lose money if we have losing seasons.

    I say, wtf! Just do it! It’ll boost the morale of our alumni. It’ll make me want to “invest” on an ESP seat! We need to keep improving, whether in sports, academics, in life… GO BEARS!

  • noduck

    I wonder if that moron drunkoski over at bearinsider still thinks the fans are a major part of the reason cal is going downhill. I wonder if he has considered the people actually on the field (especially the sidelines) are the reason the team is going downhill, losing without style and being swept out of relevance.

    Remember when gregory was the problem? (or was he? cal has run a lot of nonaggressive defensive plays in the past few games.)

    Remember when alamar was the problem? (well, the kicks got better…sometimes. anything else?)

    Know now that marshall is the problem?

    i wonder how much creativity assistant coaches can have with jeff tedford’s color by numbers game plans. the assistant coach may have the title and the players for practice, but tedford obviously says when to jump during the games, so let’s put the blame where it belongs. and it’s belonged there for at least 5 years. despite what w-l may show, the team has been rolling downhill for years.

  • rollonubears

    we don’t necessarily need to get another 2.8mm coach to have success. i’d rather see someone who’s young and hungry and fired up, and eager to prove himself. that’s what a lot of the successful coaches have been across the country. if we get a stud OC or DC and make him a head coach, or find a D2 guy who’s had success, we can probably get him for less than 1mm a year, for a 3-5 year deal. Then, like Tedford, we can decide to keep him long term for a lot more. Tedford may turn things around in the years to come. We’ve got him until 2015, or probably at least 2014, unless he decides to retire on his own.

    One thing that might be worth discussing is the fact that all the stress of pushing for the stadium renovation is now gone. It’s a done deal, and underway. So, more time to focus on football, and recruiting and scheming, and coaching. But that’s not what’s happening.

  • Jim

    Coaches who are leading successful teams are coaches who are will to invest themselves into the teams.
    The most emotion Tedford has ever shown has been negative:
    _throwing his headphones to the ground after Riley’s OSU mistake and where were the coaches counseling Riley, a freshman, before that play.
    _yanking on Levy’s facemask because he had the audacity to rally the team to get a TD for a hard-working walkon RB.

    Tedford has all the emotion of a person who has been replicated by a pod. His body has been snatched.

  • rollonubears

    Levy had some serious stones. I miss that guy.

  • Scott

    Does anyone know the facts about Tedford’s contract to the point it can be cancelled and at what cost? The booster discretionary fund is picking up, what, $2 million of Tedford’s annual $2.8 million salary? Despite the extension a few years ago, does it have a buyout clause at a fixed price? Tedford lives in Blackhawk, says his wife won’t leave the Bay Area and has obviously been set up financially for life. Either he has gotten too comfortable or lost his drive but either way he has this program’s game plan on auto pilot. Meanwhile, the other coaches are flying by and waving as they go. I’ve got my Tedford bobblehead here at work down on the ground over in the corner facing the wall. I hope Sandy Barbour reads these comments.

  • BetterDeadThanRed

    Tedford actually makes $2.3 million per year. His contract was extended until 2015, and every dollar is guaranteed. The $2.8m reported by USA Today was a one time occurrence that happened to fall in the year they did the study.

    JT’s previous contract called for a $2.5 million dollar bonus if he completed the 5 year duration, but when it was extended in 2008, the contract was rewritten so the bonus was changed to $500k more per year per year. Since he had already worked one year towards the five year bonus, he was given the $500k for the previous year as a lump sum in the year of the USA Today study.


  • noduck

    i wish cal games ceased to be televised anywhere.

  • Dan

    Great posts all. The Golden Bear nation is certainly bonding together, even if in disappointment at varying levels of intensity toward what no one can deny any longer.

    This team reached it’s peak under Tedford 5 years ago, and it leveled off and started sliding, gradually at first- you really had to be paying attention and perhaps really know the game to notice at first- to now, where we now have these mind boggling, embarassing, humiliating, infuriating blowout losses over the past 2 seasons. I know we will see many more of these, as this guy doesn’t have the slightest clue has how to enact the huge changes that are needed.

    I’ll tell you what- no more blaming the players, the assistant coaches, the fans. All are doomed with tedford at the helm. Tedford’s teams have not inspired in years.

    You know what we have seen with our eyes over the past 5 years- under-achieving. Cal is the worst thing you can be- an under-achiever. The sports world loves the Boise States, the Utahs, the TCU’s because they inspire. They are over-achivers.

    Over-achievers, or always trying to be the absolute best you can be, is who I want to be associated with. It’s why I have always been so drawn to De La Salle football, despite no direct connection to that school. It’s not about the winning- the winning is the by product of working the hardest, wanting it the most, and daring to be great, playing to win, being a family in all you do, playing with no fear.

    This description sounds NOTHING like Cal football. Wins and losses aside, that is the biggest disappointment watching Cal. They fold, they play not to lose, they under-achieve. They do not inspire. I want to be inspired.

    These types of losses are who the Bears used to be when the administration at Cal barely tolerated sports and the alumni bought into or accepted that mediocrity. Most even accepted the ridiculous excuse that sports at Cal were less important and it was OK or even oddly satisfying to have “perspective” that lack of real success at Cal in it’s major sports programs was some sort of badge of honor. You still read about that attitude on this blog all the time, usually in defense of Tedford.

    Well I hope no more. Cal can accomplish whatever it wants, but it needs leadership that is smarter than Tedford is. Most of the critical observations just on the comment string here make such a compelling case that Tedford IS NOT the guy. Is that even a question anymore? Not to me.