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Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at

  • Calduke

    Cal is favored by 3 points with an over/under of 53.
    That’s a 28-25 predicted score.

  • Jim

    From the Cal site:

    What is all the “even year” garbage. Are the PR people that desperate to paint a rosy picture.
    Give us a break. GARBAGE

    “The last time Cal lost a home game during an even year came during a 52-41 loss to Arizona at Memorial Stadium way back on Nov. 16, 2002. Since then, the Golden Bears have won 23 consecutive home games with the calendar on an even year – last game of 2002 vs. Stanford, 5-0 in 2004, 7-0 in 2006, 7-0 in 2008 and 3-0 so far this season.

    Cal has had big seasons overall each of the previous three even years, posting records of 10-2 (2004), 10-3 (2006) and 9-4 (2008). Including a 3-3 mark in its first six games of 2010, Cal is now a combined 32-12 (.727) over the last four campaigns taking place in even years.

  • Calduke

    What was the bright spot Tedford pointed out??

  • Calduke

    If cal goes down this weekend there is a ready-made excuse available –
    Arizona St had 2 weeks to prepare for the game

  • covinared

    I was at the game. The bright spot was Conte. It does not bode well when a safety is the leading tackler, like Decoud, but Conte was lights out.

  • mike13050

    Based upon JT’s comments it is clear he has either entered the bunker or is digging like crazy.
    “We won the second half.” You outscored, by 8 points, a team that was leading by 42 and was coached by a friend and a former pupil. At what point do you think Kiffin became embarrassed? Don’t think Harbaugh will take his foot off the throttle.
    “Riley gives us the best chance to win.” That is like saying the Titanic’s arrival is delayed. This situation passed Riley by long ago. (Pun intended.) Riley has become the sacrificial lamb. And if he gives you the best chance of winning, why is he out there in the fourth quarter? Nothing says great coaching than watching Shane Vereen hobble off the field with six minutes left down by 34 points.
    Further, what does it say about the great QB Guru that there isn’t a backup capable of relieving Riley?

  • Dan

    IMO, 3 guys played well- Conte was an absolute stud, Vereen was a warrior (as usual) and Allen played well- they NEED to get him at least 10-12 touches a game. But of course, he doesn’t. The rest- BAD!

    Mike13050 – I think you left the quotes off of guru, as in … the great QB “Guru”.

  • Calduke

    Covina – I guess Conte did make a lot of tackles, but, is that a bright spot for the Bears??

    I JO’s writeup, What is the ‘bright spot’ that Jeff Tedford stressed?