Football: Bad stat

The 602 yards of offense Cal yielded to USC last week was the most the Bears have allowed in a game since giving up 605 to Washington St. during the dismal 2001 season. The Bears had allowed  600 yards one other time since — 600 on the nose in 2005, again against Wazzou.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • rollonubears

    Let’s hope Wassou doesn’t put 600 on us this year. I wouldn’t be shocked.

  • daniloni

    We won that (Wazzu 2005) game though. Joe Ayoob led comeback!

  • Juancho

    I’ll be at the game this Saturday. I anticipate there will be healthy boos for Riley if he doesn’t start well. I feel bad for the kid as a human being.

    But as a sports fan who wants us to win next year I wish he’d play less. I predict ” we want Beau ” chants out of the desperate alumni like myself this Saturday, unfortunately.

  • Bears

    Our defensive players begged for the change in style and got it with a new coach. They have stuck out their chests about how excited they are to play in the new system and how good they are going to be.
    Good D’s do not give up 600 yards to anyone, good D’s do not give up 50 points to Nevada.
    These guys need to step up and put their production where their mouth is.

  • Dan

    Can’t boo Riley. Riley’s not a kid, he’s a young man, but he’s an amateur that has worked very hard, has done all the right things, is so strongly dependant on many things that are out of his control. Yeah, I get frustrated at all the game changing, back breaking mistakes he makes, but yelling for Beau Sweeney or any other QB is not nice toward an innocent unpaid player. So think about that.

    Boo Tedford when he deserves it when it is clear that the booing is directed at Tedford . Keep in mind it’s hard to do that at a college game without it coming across that the booing is directed at the team.

    I wish the Golden Bear nation could have booed Tedford so loudly he couldn’t ignore it for his decision to punt last week on the 4th and 1 down 21-0. There have been many of those type of gutless moments. How defeatist and uninspiring as a fan and how much confidence do you suck out of a team that is already on it’s heels at that point. What do you think Nick Saban, Les Miles, Urban Meyer, Chris Peterson, Kyle Whittingham, etc. would have done there? But then, they7 are GREAT, PROVEN coaches. Yet Tedford has wimped out in those types of moments so often the past several years. Just sad and weak.

    But that was the moment that PERFECTLY told you everything you would ever want to know about our illustrious coach. That “decision” could launch a thousand insights/comments/criticisms.

    When I read Tedford’s surly attitude and sarcastic responses at his weekly Tuesday Press Conference toward a member of the media , who asked two fair and obvious questions, well I am now starting to go beyond being disappointed in the guy- he’s starting to piss me off.

    So many of us Cal fans & alums have defended him for his class, dignity and what he has done for the program on and off the the field. Well all that is starting to go away. When I thought of what him not playing backups at SC says to those players, including ones that have been playing well in limited opportunities (i.e., Dominic Galas), it just another brick on the wall of how maybe this guy is not the class we all give him credit for. Think about how much evidence we have seen to the contrary.

    Ultimately, we may really see how much class this guy has- if this program continues in the downward direction it seems to be headed, we’ll see if he steps down – or if he doesn’t and takes all that money for years while he destroys a program.

  • rollonubears

    I think the league has figured JT’s game prep strategy out. He spends all week prepping for everything he’s seen on film, and he gets the team prepared that way, too, to the last excruciating detail, and much more so than other teams prepare.

    If the opponent ends up running that exact same defense or offense, we’re wildly successful (see UCLA). But the younger PAC10 coaches realize this now, so they spend the whole week leading up to our game, devising a new offense and defense, just for Cal. And when they do that, we are totally screwed.

  • Juancho

    Well you have to time the boo after a play. It can’t just be nonstop booing. I don’t see a more appropriate time to boo than after an awfully thrown ball. That’s in my mind the # 1 easy to spot dissapointment I have in Tedford. His management of the qb situation this year and past.

  • Larry

    Don’t boo. Riley wasn’t developed properly by the coaching staff and now it is clear that Longshore wasn’t either. I was hard on Longshore on this blog, although I didn’t boo him at the stadium.

    I’ll beat you that the stadium will be half empty though. Between the rain, Giants game, and fleeing bandwagon fans who won’t come out.

    I’ll be there though, as usual, to take my punishment as a CAL fan.