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Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at

  • Frank

    Great,we get 52 yards on the ground against SC,are completely dominated at the line of scrimmage,have Galas and MSG sitting until the fourth qtr,and Tedford makes no personnel changes on the o-line.Of course Guarnero is a senior,captain,and a candidate for pac x honors despite getting bullied around for the last two years.Better players on the bench because of senoritry,favortism,nepotism,and good old fashioned politics.Thanks coach Tedfraud,you really do deserve 2.8 million per year.

  • noduck

    Can you do a follow up story on Darian Hagan? I thought he was supposed to be performing better now that his kid is healthy?

  • rollonubears

    nice writeup from wilner, but kind of a synopsis of the fan comments here, with no speculation as to WHY something’s wrong.

  • Dan

    Wilner was spot on, and had a strong viewpoint, but a segment of this readership has been all over this for quite awhile now- several years. I guess sometimes the lunatic fringe aren’t really lunatics, sometimes they’re smart and they know football.

  • Eric

    Yeah, Wilner’s article is a case of hopping on the bandwagon.

    The better article would be to interview and report on the AD’s reactions (if any), whether deep-pocketed boosters are making noise, how Tedford’s contract gets paid and whether there is any effort to restructure it, and whether the school has been able to sell PSls (including the rate of sales).

  • Dan


    Wilner doesn’t know what’s wrong. We know more and better than he does, because we follow it more closely, care more, have more interest in it- it’s our passion, his job- combined with the fact that some of us get it.

    Besides, there is so many things wrong, it makes your head spin. To keep it simple, look to the man at the top.

  • bigdruid


    Are you really complaining about Hagan’s performance? Hagan was named player of the week two weeks ago, and Tedford reports he was getting an IV in the locker room in the first half vs USC, so clearly wasn’t at 100%.

    Way to stay classy, Cal fans.

  • Juancho

    My brothers Dan and Eric and I have finally been vindicated for our sharp criticisms on the program. And suddenly all the ones who used to attack our fandom are gone from the blog.

  • Dan

    Juancho- so true.

    You know it’s interesting. You can come on here for several years, as I have, and criticize Tedford when I thought it was deserved or even just raise questions, and even do so in a fact based way, and just get unbelievably attacked and called names.

    I have been called an idiot several times, been told I know nothing about Football (how would they know what I know?)- though I played at a very high level, playing for many well known coaches, including Brian Billick, Bill Walsh, George Siefert, (There’s 6 Super Bowl wins so far), Denny Green, Rod Dowhower, and many other great coaches. I also have many friends and former teammates that have played at a high level in college and the NFL and many who have now gone into coaching at many levels- none of them question my grasp of football. Yet all the Tedford apolgists and “evolved”, “enlightened” Cal fans/alums think they know better.

    Yet many here have attacked and called me, along with others, names- because we have dared to criticize the great QB guru, the great offensive mind, the great head coach- it’s been downright nasty with the vitriol and name calling. I can’t even begin to recount all the things they said about being a true cal fan, being a bandwagon jumper, how Tedford was the best thing that ever happened to Cal.. and on and on and on …

    With that said, I never resorted or sunk to name calling. I NEVER call anyone names.

    My question now is …So where are all those people now? What do they think now? Did they slink off somewhere. Or are they now here slamming Tedford along with everybody else. Did they now jump on that bandwagon??????

    The only guy who has actually had the class to admit he was wrong and actually offer an apology was House- and he has been a HUGE Tedford supporter. All the rest of the those so called Cal “fans” and Tedford apologists that group up and attack like a mob are in my opinion worse than MoreNCS… He is not a member of the Cal nation. She/He’s a SC bandwagon- typical. You can understand him/her and actually kind of pity a person like that. They are harmless if you just laugh, condiser the source, or just ignore. But for so-called Cal/Tedford fans to treat other Cal fans in such an aggressive and hateful way (I love how they love to call others “haters”), they should just go become SC fans. It better fits them.

  • Larry

    Dan? Dan Marino!