Basketball: How new Pac-12 impacts hoops

The plans unveiled today for the new Pac-12 Conference obviously impact football more than other sports, but here’s what we know about changes coming to basketball:

   — The Pac-12 schedule will continue to be 18 games, as it’s been since the conference expanded from the Pac-8 to the Pac-10 in 1979.

   — There will be no divisions in basketball — that’s strictly a format for football because of its championship game.

   — Cal and Stanford will continue to play a home-and-home with each other every season, as will all of the traditional rivals. Newcomers Colorado and Utah will be paired as rivals and travel partners.

   — The remainder of the conference schedule will involve six rotating home-and-homes plus four rotating single games. Update: The plan involves a 10-year calendar where teams would play opponents on a home-and-home basis in six years and on a single-game basis the other four years. In other words, in four of 10 seasons, Cal would play just once each year against UCLA and USC. In those seasons, the games against the L.A. schools would be held on the same weekend, either on the road or at home, but not split. 

   — Fox holds the TV rights to the Pac-10 basketball tournament for the next two seasons and the conference is committed to keeping the event in Los Angeles through 2012. That figures to be at the Staples Center. When the conference negotiates its media rights deal, which would go into effect for the 2012-13 school year,  the site and format of the conference tournament could be altered.

   — In any case, commissioner Larry Scott said the conference wants to involve all 12 teams in the tournament. The format for a 12-team tournament is still be discussed.

   — Cal coach Mike Montgomery said through a spokesman that he has no reaction to the changes.

Jeff Faraudo