Football: Cal receives votes

After Saturday’s 50-17 win moved Cal to 4-3 overall, the Bears received  three votes in today’s USA Today Coaches’ Poll. Cal didn’t receive any votes in the Associated Press top 25, which has Oregon No. 1, Stanford No. 13, Arizona No. 15 and USC No. 24. Two of Cal’s three  losses this season are on the road to teams currently ranked (Arizona and  USC). The other loss is on the road at Nevada, which is the first team listed as others receiving votes this week, putting it at No. 26.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.


  1. JO

    Are you sure that isn’t 3 votes for the Bottom 10. You know Cal state was a permanent fixture in the 60’s, early 80’s and then under Holmoe and Gilby.

  2. Does anyone know how Cal fans can watch the Cal v. OSU game on television next weekend in northern California?

  3. Tedford’s record against Oregon State is 2-6. ‘Bout time to beat the Beavers, huh Jeff?

  4. Who cares about these ranking votes. Focus on OSU. Focus on keeping the team fired up like they were this past Saturday. Keep that passion around. Even if we lose but we lose lookin’ fired up and being aggressive, so be it.

  5. Boaltblue, Comcast has FCS as part of their sports package. It costs $7 a month and if you call them they will activate it immediately. You can cancel it on Sunday morning if you don’t want to keep paying for it

  6. David:

    Thanks for the information. I was worried that the game would not be televised in northern California based on an earlier article last week on BearTalk that said the game would be televised locally.

  7. I read this on another board, but the decline of Cal football started after an October night game at memorial 3 years ago. Cal has not beaten this team since, and they play them this weekend on the road. This is a HUGE game for the Bears, Tedford, and Riley. If they can win on the road this weekend it would clear several mental hurdles for the program.

    Go Bears!!

  8. Hey JO – it looks like Fox College Sports grabbed the Bears v. Beavers so it should be on TV in the Bay Area, yes?

  9. Unfortunatley fox college sports (fcs) is a package that you have to purchase. If you have Directv sports pack then its channel 617 even then there is no guarantee it will air. It sucks I don’t understand why it wouldnt be on.

  10. Game plan…run run…then bomb it to either Jones or Allen (repeat).

  11. gad, no votes, please.

    @CalBearEnthu, I hope you are being sarcastic – not a very balanced attack.

  12. I don’t get why the betting line matters to anyone who is not going to place a bet on the game, but being a 3 point favorite does not give OSU much more than home field advantage, if that. Cal will have to play a good game, better than they played against Arizona, but I think it is definitely a good chance.

  13. @CalBearEnthu- Spot On!! That’s the JT M.O. No creativity whatsoever and no coaching to create mismatches against your opponent. Rely on the other guys making mistakes (a la ASU) and hope your team “executes.”

    All I can say is…hope it works!! Because at this point Mike Riley has owned Tedfraud!!

  14. Hey Enthu, Don’t you think your breakdown of the gameplan is a bit limited.

    You forgot: the sweep or option to the short side of the field (a Cal staple for decades). The long, high risk, crossfield sideline pass for a potential 3 yards (if caught in bounds) and the red zone favorite, fade pattern jump ball at the back of the end zone.

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