Football: From the press room

  • Cal coach Jeff Tedford was hopeful an MRI on Kevin Riley’s left knee could be performed Sunday, but oftentimes players aren’t able to get one until Monday after injuries suffered  on a game day.
  • This one looks like a season-ender. Tedford said the injury is worse than just a sprained knee. Even a sprained knee takes a couple weeks to return from. If it’s worse, do the math. It looks very likely Riley’s season and career are over.
  • Tedford said Riley was in tears as he came off the field. He said that was a sign that even Riley knew how serious an injury it was.
  • Tedford said the team shrunk the playbook for Mansion, but that was just one of many problems. He was very dissatisfied with the play of the offensive line and said changes could be coming next week.
  • Tedford said Mansion will go into the week as the starting quarterback, rather than have him compete with Beau Sweeney.
  • Tedford obviously lamented all the penalties, especially the false starts. He was disappointed that the Bears looked like they were affected by the noise because they pipe in crowd noise every day at practice.
  • To clarify, when Tedford was flagged for the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, it wasn’t because Keenan Allen’s helmet came off. It was because he felt a late hit should have been called on a block out of bounds against Shane Vereen, especially after Chris Conte was called for one earlier.
  • Tedford said while he understands the questions about Cal’s difference in home and away results, he still maintains the team was focused and fired-up before the game.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • manus

    Riley will live. Injuries are part of the game. Mansion has an opportunity. Will he grab it? We all might be surprised.

  • TrumanHugh

    “Changes coming next week” for the offensive line…as in firing Marshall? Or just a revamping the lineup?

    I think Tedford could make a pretty strong statement by getting rid of Marshall midseason. It would certainly be unlike anything Tedford’s ever done before.

    I wish Kevin Riley luck. I still have faith in my Golden Bears and hope they can find a way to make the best of this terrible situation.

    (That, and I hope they can try to pull together their first road win next week!)

    Go Bears!!

  • konamike

    Once again, we came out flat as a tortilla. Could see it after the 1st series. Just like the SC game: blown off the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Riley’s injury wouldn’t have made a difference, other than maybe to keep the losing score closer. This Jeckel/Hyde personality can only be tied to coaching. Not playing back-up QB’s in previous blowouts comes back to haunt you. The MRI will just confirm that Riley’s gone for the yr.. Hopefully, Brock will be more comfortable after a week of being # 1. He looked very mechanical throwing the ball.

  • RandUmBear

    Dear Kevin Riley, get well soon! Thanking you for giving it your all at every game. I know that you played your heart out at every game. Thank you for coming to Cal. I wish your career here could have ended with roses. You played with a lot of heart and courage, and I really do want to thank you.

  • Old Bear

    Watch the top offenses in the Pac 10—dominant line play.

    How good would Luck be behind our line?

    How amazing would Shane V. be behind Stanford’s?

    Another complete system failure on offense. Ouch!

    What now?

    Go Bears!

  • southseasbear

    Does Tedford now understand why many of us felt he missed an opportunity by not playing Mansion late in the 3rd quarter at SC, when the game was already out of reach?

  • Tedford is a Joke

    What a clueless man. I’m glad I’m not one of the donors who got snookered by Tedford and his agent.

  • Jake

    Why does JT have to shrink the playbook for Mansion? Can’t he coach more than one player at a time? For his salary, I would think Mr. QB guru would have a suitable backup QB whenever one got hurt. Riley actually did a good job in that Oregon State game when he started his career. But Tedford mismanaged the end of that game and has been doing poor job with all facets of the team since.

    How’s it feel to have Mike Riley whoop you again? What does he get paid?

    Thanks for all you’ve done JT, but I think it’s time we let things go and see you ride off into the sunset.

  • Juancho

    Tough way for Riley’s career to end. I’m one of the folks who felt he was mediocre at best. But he’s a human being and it’s never good to see someone’s career ended that way. I wish him the best and hope he makes a good career in whatever he’s studying. Hang in there. We all go through challenges in life.

    Now it looks like Mansion will get the experience this year to help for next year. That is the positive for me.

    Jake I agree with your comment. It always bugs me when a reserve plays and suddenly they have to change everything to accomodate him. That’s a sign that Tedford hasn’t properly prepared Mansion to play. That’s coaching.

  • Robert

    Mansion has been in the program for 4 years and yet it’s like he just showed up yesterday. Do you think that Tedford’s offense is not player friendly?

    What is the count now? Seven absolute blowout games in the last 20?

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Tedford needs to step down, but he will not, just like Braun. I would like to know if ever, ever in the history of college football a team was so different at home vs away. Although I fear that those road blowouts are about to make their way to Strawberry Canyon in a couple of weeks. This season could get really, really ugly. Oh wait, it already is. 4-8, here we come. crap.

  • CoBears

    Blake (Amy)- you’re clearly not a Cal fan. This team is not WSU, is not ASU, is not UCLA, is not Colorado . . . we are a good team, but not a great team, and we just lost our best quarterback for the year. Did you expect roses this year, with a reconstructed defense and several fresh faces on offense? Did you just ignore the press picking us to finish 7th in the Pac this year? It looks like we will finish 6th or so this year, better than expected, especially given the UW demolition at the hands of the ‘furd this afternoon. Would you advocate firing Mack Brown at Texas this year? Do you think every coach of every team with even an average season should be fired? Should Kiffin be fired since $C is now 4-3 with two HOME losses, one to woeful 3-5 UW and a blowout this evening to Oregon? Who the hell do you think would do better with this team?

    Get over yourself, and realize that this team of college kids is out there busting their asses trying to win, and they’ve done unbelievably well in their home games this year, and put up a pretty good fight at Arizona, too, a game we unquestionably should have won but for a couple missed field goals. We very well could win another 2 against the Washington schools, and will have the chance to surprise for another for the Axe (guessing we’re not going to stop the Duck train). I, for one, will continue to cheer on the Bears, and will look forward to another winning season (and I’d note that Tedford hasn’t had a losing season at Cal EVER). Go Bears! Beat the Cougars!

  • Eric

    CoBears – maybe you’ll answer the question. If any Pac-10 school could hire Tedford at $2.8 million a year, would it? If not, how about at $1.4 million? Does 6-6 (that’s your likely best case scenario) sound tasty?

    I sat in the stands in 1993, when we were down 28-0 to Oregon, and yet you believed in that team, and we came back to win. I have absolutely no faith whatsoever in this team – not because of the players, who I do think play their hearts out – but because of a coaching staff that has absolutely no desire to win.

    This season was sent spiraling when Tedford elected to kick a FG instead of go for 4 and inches at Arizona, and it was over when he elected to punt down 21-0 when it was 4th and 1 inch at our 41. We are now paying for it, both in terms of a grossly overpriced coach that finally the vast majority of college football fans realize, and in terms of a stadium that will be half empty.

    Go ahead and call names. Notice how Moron always wants Tedford to stick around?

  • Scott

    “a coaching staff that has absolutely no desire to win”? Yeah, right. Yes, I definitely suspect some coaches are doing a poor job (e.g., OL and special teams). But insulting all Cal coaches, even poor performers, as losers is uncalled for. You know, I love our passion as Cal fans, but let’s try to be classy, even when we’re all as angry and depressed as we are. Time to man up!

  • I join others in lamenting how the missed oppotunities to give the backups experience during the many blowout quarters this year passed with Tedford just standing on the sideline chewing his gum and waiting for a miracle. Riley was a senior; did he really need 75-80% of the practice reps?

    At this point, with the hop scotch by BM over Sweeney only a week or so old, I think JT should have some on-the-field competition. Give each QB an alternating quarter and see who steps up and performs best under game conditions. If neither separates himself then keep it up for another game or so. We are not going to win Oregon so if the QB is a toss-up there just continue to rotate. Target the Stanford game as your bowl game; pick a QB for that game and prepare and focus on that game.

    Hard to see how we can possibly attract a decent incoming QB with the inept QB/OC “coaching” that has been demonstrated over the last 2 years.

  • Boaltblue

    First, best wishes and many thanks to Kevin Riley, who was our warrior QB for the past four seasons. This season, Riley was a 60% passer, with about twice as many TDs as INTs. The attacks against Riley for his overexaggerated inconsistency should have been directed against his receivers and offensive line. Had the receivers and OL performed better, our team would have had greater success. When those players perform, our team is very good.

    As a Cal Bear, who has had Blue Blood in his veins for 36 years, I will gladly and proudly keep Jeff Tedford as our football coach. As in life, football will have its ups and downs. It is best to keep a longer view of a person’s body of work before condemning what you have. Mack Brown of Texas, Urban Meyers of Florida, Brian Kelly of Notre Dame, Rich Rodriguez of Michigan, Steve Sarkisian of Washington have all sufferred setbacks this year. Yet, they are all good coaches.

    As for the remainder of the season, we play WSU on the road, which is a winnable game. We still have three games at home where we have beaten Oregon, Stanford, and Washington on a consistent basis over the past years. Our defense can shut down these teams, if they play to their potential. We still have Shane Vereen, Isi Sofele, Marvin Jones, Keenan Allen, Jermey Ross, Brian Anger, Anthony Miller, and the list goes on. This team can still win, if they play their hearts out for their fans and themselves.

    I will continue to root for my Bears rather than raise a cloud of negativity large enough to drown a team.

  • DJ Garrett

    What a huge catch by Michael Calvin from Brock Mansion for that 42 yard passing gain to the 12 yard line. I would love to know who caused the holding flag on that play to have it called back? Brock Mansion did get better as he got more relaxed in the pocket, which is a huge upside to loosing Kevin Riley, maybe for the rest of the season. They should make more attempts to try ang get the ball to other WR’s than just Keenan Allen all the time. I’ve seen them force to many balls to a covered K. allen when M. jones and M. Calvin have been open down field on many occasions.

  • BK

    Why would you need to shrink the playbook for a 4 year player? The answer…..it’s just another excuse by Tedford since we were getting blown out on the road. He can’t take the heat from the press and the alumni.

    Let’s play all the QBs on the roster and figure out if somebody can step up and lead this team heading into next year. Just playing Mansion is wrong, especially if he struggles.

  • Bear+4 Fans

    CoBears, and Boaltblue My friends, and I agree with you 100%.My one thought in all of this is that all the negativity i see on these forums, is not going to help CAL at all.

  • Eric

    Boalt – you and I have obviously disagreed as to whether tedford is a good or mediocre coach, but your argument as to observing the body of work requires comment:

    You write: “It is best to keep a longer view of a person’s body of work before condemning what you have. Mack Brown of Texas, Urban Meyers of Florida, Brian Kelly of Notre Dame, Rich Rodriguez of Michigan, Steve Sarkisian of Washington have all sufferred setbacks this year. Yet, they are all good coaches.”

    Poor analysis. Meyer and Brown are strawmen as each has one a NC and multiple BCS appearances, each this year are starting new QBs after 4-year starter (McCoy) and 3-year starter (Tebow) left for the NFL. Brown’s team clearly was overrated, and has lost head-scratchers to UCLA, Iowa State, and Baylor (which is a good team). But they also beat Nebraska at Nebraska. Has Cal done anything like that? Florida lost to Alabama and LSU (and LSU took a crazy fake FG). Only 1 bad loss to Mississippi State (which is ranked). But if Florida beats Vandy and S. Carolina (at home), it wins the SEC east. Cal have anything like?

    Rich.Rod has been a huge disappointment at Michigan, and is on the hot seat. He found a true talent in Denard Robinson, but there is a great chance he gets fired this year.

    Brian Kelly – uh, this is first year at ND. Trust me, if he goes 5 years like Tedford has gone the last 5 years, he’ll be fired.

    Sarkisian – he inherited Locker, and has shown promise, but there is definite grumbling in Seattle. But it helps to beat U$C two years in a row. Have we done that?

  • Bears

    Mansion looked like a first time QB yesterday but he also did some good things. I see potential there, but question with him will be can the light be turned on? Can he play fast, smart and instinctive and lead this team? He clearly has the size and arm, hope he seizes this opportunity and runs with it.
    If he can’t do that Sweeney and Bridgeford both have to be ready. This is a position someone has to step up and grab forcefully for our Bears to make a bowl. They need to excited about the chance to play and go out have fun execute and lead.
    OL and defense were awful again on the road, what’s up with that?
    If these units don’t show up again this coming weekend vs WSU we will lose. OL and defense NEED to step up!
    Go Bears

  • Bobbyg

    DJ Garrett – there was a hold on that Calvin reception. However, OSU was getting away with similar holds all game long (and obviously not getting called).

    Again — worst reffed game I’ve seen in years. Ever??

  • rollonyoubears111

    I really feel bad for Kevin Riley. He’s a good kid and, although inconsistent, really plays his heart out. I am so sorry that he hurt his knee- yes, it’s a part of football, but you hate to see a kid go through so much. I hope he recovers quickly. Thanks for helping us get the Axe in 2008 and retaining it last year. Best wishes to him and his family- my wife and I are cheering you on! GO BEARS!!!

  • Dan

    Tedford has to shrink the playbook for Mansion, a 4th year jumior…what the … are you friggin kidding me? Once again, these type of staements, even if true, speak so loudly about how jacked up Tedford’s system and how jacked up Tedford is.

    MEanwhile you have a second year qb in total command of the Oregon offense, just showing off how good he and that offense are. Luck is his 3rd year. Ryam Katz is coming along nicely in his 2nd year at OSU and his first as a starter. It’s just gotten beyond ridiculous contrasted to Tedford.

    Also, once again, watched the entire game, saw every play at least twice, including once in slomo- you can just see all the screw ups so clearly watching this way. Our OLine is SO BAD. Again, not much Galas or MSG. Marshall is a joke, our OLine is a joke. In addition to getting manhandled by a smallish OSU defense, they could never properly react to any stunts & blitzes. Just pathetic- ther is no valid excuse for this.

  • Jim

    Mansion is now the guy but one can only wish that other qbs will get any playing time.

    Maybe a win against the Cougs, then a huge loss to the Ducks.
    Can Cal rally around the Axe? It will take a monumental effort but Hairball and the furdies have shown the fire that Cal lacks.
    The fuskies are the last hope for avoiding a losing season if the Cougs are overcome.
    A bowl game??
    OL line recruits who are worth a damn??
    Got one but his older brother isn’t showing a thing.

  • Eric

    Boalt – as a follow-up. From the espn.com Big-10 blogger. read below, and then compare to tedford. This ain’t 2004 (pre major screw-up in the Holiday Bowl) anymore.

    3. Rich Rodriguez is in major trouble: Coaches are evaluated on wins and losses, but they’re also evaluated on progress. And Michigan didn’t make any progress on defense or special teams in its open week. The Wolverines let Penn State quarterback Matt McGloin go wild in his first career start and couldn’t stop Evan Royster on the ground. And they continued to make errors in the kicking game. Denard Robinson continues to do brilliant things, and his success is tied to Rodriguez, but this definitely looks like déjà vu for the Maize and Blue. Rodriguez can’t afford another slide and it doesn’t get any easier this week against red-hot Illinois.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    For those still defending Tedford, will that still be the case when we end the season on a 5 game losing streak, which I hate to say, looks like it will be the case? Or is it that you haven’t watched the road games? Or is it that mediocrity is ok with you because it is better than Holmoe? Why would anyone compare anyone to Holmoe, he was the worst ever? That is like saying a mouthful of dirt tastes good compared to a mouthful of poop.

  • Juancho

    Boalt your comment on how you will root on the team and not add to the negativity irked me for some reason. One can critique the program and still root for them.

    In my case I have nothing against Tedford. Hell I’d like them to name the new facilities after him, or build a little statue of him. But he’s got to fix this mess. And it starts with him asking himself the tough question – ” do I still want to do this ? ”

    At the start of every year since the Oregon State debacle there are articles on the “new Tedford” and how he’s going to do more to better handle the stress and pressure of his job. I sense he isn’t fully into it anymore and he’d rather have a less stressful job and spend more time with his family. If that’s the case, step down Coach, or better yet, Sandy step down and Tedford move into the AD spot. He knows what it takes to build a program b/c he did it with Football. Maybe his skill in that area can help us do more with other programs to prevent cutting them.

  • Juancho

    I forgot to mention that even the fact that practices are closed tells me that Tedford doesn’t want the stress of his job. He doesn’t want eyeballs that can potentially be critical. That’s also why he always hires friends. I think unfortunately he’s surrounded himself with yes men who want a paycheck.

    That Gregory departure and arrival for Pendergrast doesn’t look as great as it did last year. Things need to be fixed at the top. Otherwise we could bring in Rex Ryan to run the defense and it’d be the same.

    I’d really like to see an article that details all the coaching changes for the program since Tedford has arrived. Oline coaches, receivers coaches, D coordinators, QB coaches, O Coordinators, etc., etc.

    JO please can you get something like that going? It’d be interesting.

  • Bear+4 Fans

    Somebody please tell me where you are going to get mr wonderfull coach, to come in here and put up with the negative garbage you folks are putting out week after week. Just because they are a good coach at one school, does’t mean they can do the same thing at the next school. The grass is not always greener on the other side oof the fence.

  • Rocko

    When you take a dump in a public restroom don’t you shut the door? It’s the same reason why JT closes his practices. Bringing in Rex Ryan is like saying we could bring in Joe Montana to coach our QB’s. Maybe we can get John Gruden to be our head coach? What in the world are you smoking?
    Our players looked like they had an anchor behind them on sweeps compaired to OSU. We were a step slow everywhere, not something you can coach.

  • Dan

    Rocko- Speed may not be something you can coach, but it is something you recruit. So Tedford has what? Recruited slow players, or the players are out of position and appear slow?

    Bear+4 Fans – Stanford brought in Harbaugh, Oregon brought in Kelly, OSU has Mike Riley. Why do you assume there is no one better than Tedford out there? There are sure plenty of coaches all over the place that are beeter than him, so it goes to figure there are others out there that are available. But the argument is moot- Cal can’t afford to get rid of Tedford for financial reasons.

  • CoBears

    @ Eric–

    No one is likely to shell out $2.8M to take Tedford from us right now; that I will agree with. I don’t think Tedford is at the top of his game right now either. And I’m NOT satisfied with consistent 6-6 seasons. But Tedford has been successful at Cal, and he’s not going anywhere because of his buyout. My point, and it is unquestionable, is that Tedford is no Holmoe, no Erickson, no Wulff, no Willingham, etc. There are plenty of coaches that he is better than, and we tend to blow out those teams. We just haven’t yet been able to take the next step to greatness, and the past few years have been tough. Let’s not act like the personnel we have this year were a half step from the Pac-10 championship at the start of the season, though, because they weren’t.

  • Eric

    @ CoBears. Ok, how about $1.4MM? Same answer?

    Yes, Tedford isn’t going anywhere because (a) he will never leave voluntarily, even if it is for the good of the team; and (b) Barbour will never fire him, as long as the team hits at .500 or one game above, because she won’t admit her error in giving him a huge contract when he was already sliding. Yes, he isn’t Holmoe. Wulff, of course, doesn’t have remotely close to his talent. Willingham was grossly overrated – which ND and UW learned – but also got a Rose Bowl. If Tedford were to get us a Pac-10 championship, I would give him a pass for the next 10 years, first in line defending him. But that will not happen. His talent level, measured by NFL appearances/success, is bene substantially better than in 2004, but the team has undeniably regressed.

    So why do I care? Because I am tired of mediocrity while paying for luxury. I am tired of those stuck in history saying Tedford is god’s gift to Cal simply because he isn’t Holmoe. Sorry, that argument is weak, boring, overused, and now simply wrong. Holmoe may have been the worst coach in the last 50 years. Faint praise indeed.

    Scott – while you are correct that individual coaches on the team probably do have a desire to win, the staff as a whole does not. Put aside the failure to go for it on 4th and short twice in critical junctions, which as the esteemed Gregg Easterbrook would write, is “fraidy cat” decisions that show a coach is more concerned with not losing badly than actually trying to win. Put aside the idiotic comments of saying Tedford has to play Riley because the backups are not remotely close to being ready – isn’t your job to make ready because, god forbid, Riley might get injured? Oh, right, that did happen. Was Mansion any worse once he got past the first series? Put aside the constant comings and goings of o-coordinators, which is beginning to scream volumes about Tedford’s inability to connect. Put aside the success of Boise State’s defense (guess who the d-coordinator there is). Focus on the fact that Cal has been repeatedly blown in statement games. Where is the coach who take the team by the throat and force it gives its heart and soul every play? Chip Kelly, in two years, has taken Oregon to the Rose Bowl and either the Rose Bowl or the NC this year. In yesterday’s game against U$C, did anyone actually believe Oregon would fold when U$C scored the two TDs to start the second half? Absolutely not. Moron has nothing to say, because Oregon, with less talented players, was unstoppable and showed that even Barkeley is not a savior.

    Now take OSU. Without its second best player, who is the brother to its best player, does Oregon State fold? No, it plays fantastic football. We lose our starting QB. We fold. Just like last year, when Best got hurt. We did nothing.

    This coaching staff – repeat, staff – has no desire to win.

  • Dan

    Eric- As always, I agree wholeheartedly.

    One clarification – we didn’t fold when Riley got hurt. We were already in the process of folding when that happened. At that point, we had done nothing right, thanks to mistakes & incompetence. When he went down, we were backed up in our own end zone.

    This game was a blowout with or without Riley. It doesn’t matter, because we CAN NOT beat good teams, home or away.

    This is complex problem, but a simple cause- Tedford. He got ALL the credit and glory for his first several years, he now deserves ALL the blame. The game has passsed his stubborn, soft and clueless self by.

  • Steve W

    Tedford ain’t going anywhere until ticket sales take a nosedive and the revenue dries up. I suspect that will start happening next year, but it could be a long process. There have already been echoes on this blog among boosters who say they are done contributing money to the program.

    I think some of the old Blues who are defending Tedford miss the point that there is no turning back to the good old days of $18 reserved ticket prices. Tedford isn’t going to take a salary cut, and the administration isn’t going to reduce ticket prices because the product on the field is flawed. Cal football is now big business. With that comes the expectation that the CEO of the company – Tedford – is going to deliver the goods with that CEO-like $2.8 million salary. He clearly is not delivering, and the downslide has been happening for the past three years.

    If the AD isn’t going to make a move, then the key boosters need to force her hand. Failure to act harkens back to 1991 when AD Bob Bockrath failed to renew Bruce Snyder’s contract before he jumped to Arizona State. It took 10 years to recover from that disaster. Here’s hoping that history doesn’t repeat itself.

  • Calduke

    I checked the box score. Cal won the 4th quarter.

  • Calduke

    The Bears were focused and fired-up for the Oregon St game.

    Mr Tedford – is this the best a focused and fired-up Cal team can play??

  • Calduke

    This team is not very good. We knew this and the
    pre-season pundits knew this. They picked Cal to finish
    7th in the PAC-10 and that looks like what will happen.
    That translated into a 6-6 season(Nevada-win,Wash-loss)
    If Washington is down, having to play away during the Thanksgiving weekend, perhaps the Bears can take that home game; along with the Wash St game. That would be a 6-6 season; which is what was predicted.
    We are all fustrated and angry because we suffer from the ‘myopic-virus’. We only looked at our team and couldn’t/wouldn’t see that there are other very good teams around and that we didn’t have a competitive team.

  • MikeD

    Calduke – I think that this team can be competitive and could play with anybody in the conference – see the UofA, Asu, UCLA, and (not as much given their play) Colorado games. The madness is in the schizophrenic nature of their play. The question becomes – which team will show up on a given Saturday? The frustration is rooted in the question of – who is this team, why has this schizophrenic tendency become the norm, and why can’t the coaching staff identify and resolve the lack of consistency.

    It is interesting that there seems to be divide in the coaching staff becoming visible, we saw Marshall and Tedford on the sidelines during the game on Saturday where Tedford was looking to Marshall for answers yet all Marshall could do was shrug. It would have been interesting to hear the conversation that went with the video. Now Tedford, as shown in his post game comments, seems to have Marshall’s o-line in his sights and appears to be taking more of a hands on approach. If true, then my question to Tedford would be – wtf took you so long to address something we’ve all see as a chronic, blatant problem?

  • Rocko

    It’s obvious the Bears were looking ahead to the WSU game and that’s the reason we lost!

  • BlueNGold

    I see the coaching issue being resolved by financial pressures and realities. Tedford’s contract is guaranteed until 2015. At the same time, the athletic dept. is at a critical financial juncture by virtue of the mandate to become self supporting and being about to enter into the construction phase of the retrofitting/ remodel of Memorial Stadium. I would expect that if the football program continues at its current level for the rest of the season, a significant number of donors and season ticket holders are going to either withdraw completely, or significantly scale back, their financial support. The impact of that will be felt immediately in the football program as well as the athletic program as a whole. It will also translate into a significant shortfall in the revenues needed to make the new stadium and training center investments sustainable. I expect that this is the reality that will force a change in the coaching situation that could result in a forced buyout of Tedford’s contract, at a substantial discount below its present value, well before 2015.

  • Eric

    BlueNGold – thanks; that is a very astute observation. I would be curious whether there is any public disclosure of sales of luxury boxes, PSLs, and the like.

  • Juancho

    The debacles couldn’t come at a worse time with the games being at AT&T park next year.

    A lot of old blues already weren’t planning on getting tickets for next year because of the increased hassle of getting into / parking / and getting out of San Francisco on a Saturday.

    Berkeley isn’t a walk in the park to deal with either, but when you went to school there it’s always a pleasure to drive in. But SF doesn’t offer that for alumni up north and down south.

    I hope Tedford figures something out. If he can figure out how to solve this spiraling mess he’ll be a hero. If he can’t figure it out it looks like everything is pointing towards next year will be make or break. Then he might start thinking he should have played more of the younger guys earlier.

  • BlueNGold

    Juancho- I see having the games at AT&T as a mixture of positives and negatives. The negatives are those you mentioned, plus the significantly reduced seating capacity. The positives are the access to public transit to get to and from games, the fact that alcohol can be sold in the stadium and the attraction of SF’s other amenities being available before and after the games. However, all that being said, none of it is going to erase the negative impact of continuing to field a team that lacks the ability to successfully compete in the Pac 10.

  • Juancho

    Agree with you BlueNGold. I think it’s convenient for plenty folks who will Caltrain, and BART isn’t that bad (although it surely isn’t great for AT&T).

    I life in SF so for me it won’t be bad. But to be honest as an alumni I always feel special emotions when I go to Memorial b/c of all the memories I have at our school. The people I knew, the classes I took, the drinks I drank – just special moments that are hard to replicate once you become a worker bee.

    And AT&T won’t give me any of that. It will feel like the Emerald bowl did a few years back. Fun no doubt. But not special. There’s nothing like walking up those Berkeley hills to feel alive.

    Many more amenities, but it’ll be interesting to see what it’s like for the students. No frat parties outside – and the ridiculous priciness of the amenities of SF.

    Although – if they’re selling alcohol that will more than make up for it. Hell if they’re buying alcohol I offer to buy any fellow bloggers a beer.