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Football: Riley’s status uncertain

By Jonathan Okanes
Saturday, October 30th, 2010 at 4:37 pm in Football, Gameday.

Cal coach Jeff Tedford said he won’t know how long quarterback Kevin Riley will be out until he gets an MRI, which likely will happen Monday. But Tedford acknowledged that it is a serious injury.

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  • Nor-Cal Scott

    If it is such a SERIOUS INJURY why isnt he getting a MRI on Sunday, after the swelling goes down? #justsayn

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Who cares, with JT in charge you could put Joe Montana out there and he’d fail on the road too. The wheels have fallen off train Tedford. Please resign Jeff. Please. :(

  • Larry

    Ludwig needs to go!

  • Bear IV

    How about, “I hope the kid is Okay?”

  • Bobbyg

    Ya that sucks. Unfortunate that the play went unpenalized. You should be penalized for ending a guy’s career like that. He was clearly going for the legs.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I hope the kid is Okay. But just like at the end of the Braun “era” losing is winning if it means a competent coach will be hired. Who can argue that this team is not competently coached?

  • Bear IV

    I am mad about Tedford’s coaching these days too. It is not the vintage Tedford that got all of us excited about Tedford Blake. But your last comment on the other post pissed me off.

  • Bear IV

    Rather excited about Cal Football again.

  • juancho

    Just saw the highlight of rileys injury. Poor kid.

    The team just looks mediocre in all facets. The defense is always slow to react. The offense is unpredictable. I don’t even like the uniforms. What’s with that dumb stripe. Rough season.