Football: Monday report

There may be more news later today on Kevin Riley, but for now here’s an update from Monday’s practice.

  • Jeff Tedford said he got a little  emotional when Riley came off the field Saturday. “I know the competitor that Kevin is,” he said. “To see how he was coming off the field, I had a pretty good idea that it was pretty serious because I know how tough he is. You could see tears in his eyes. He’s someone that’s competed so hard. You just hate to see it. I felt for him that he was hurting so bad.”

  • I asked Tedford if Riley’s injury meant a little more to him since Riley has had so many ups and downs during his career and has been the target of a lot of criticism. “I’ve seen him grow so much,” Tedford said. “Him and I have probably shouldered the most criticism. For him, I’m just so proud of the way he’s responded and grown up as a person. No matter what anybody thinks of him as a player, he’s always given everything he has here. His heart and soul are in it. It’s just so unfortunate to see something that looked so devastating. It was a pretty nasty looking deal.”
  • Tedford said the hit by Oregon St. defensive tackle Brennan Olander that injured Riley was perfectly clean. “The guy was trying to fight through getting blocked,” he said. “He was coming low and he dove at him. I don’t think it was intentional. It wasn’t like he had a free run and then went low. It’s just an unfortunate part of the game.”
  • Tedford said the playbook should return to normal this week with Brock Mansion in his first career start at quarterback. Tedford said after Saturday’s game that they shrunk the playbook when Mansion came in. But now that Mansion will be able to take starter’s reps all week, the playbook should be back open. “It’s just a matter of comprehending the game plan, which he always does,” Tedford said. “But now he’ll have more reps at it.”
  • Tedford said he’s been happy with Mansion’s development since he’s been at Cal. “He’s worked hard on fundamentals and mechanics. He’s a really hard-working guy who’s dedicated to what he’s doing. I’m sure he’ll have a great week of preparation, both mentally and physically.”
  • Tedford said Ryan Wertenberger is now the No. 3 quarterback. He said it was Wertenberger because “nobody else really had camp reps.” The Bears took it easy with redshirt freshman Allan Bridgford during training camp because he was recovering from shoulder surgery.
  • Tedford said it was “staggering” how many long-yardage situations the Bears had against Oregon State, especially on third down.
  • Tefdord said the false start penalties were partly due to a change in the cadence with the quarterback switch and partly because of a lack of composure.
  • The Bears held an extra  meeting this morning. Tedford said it was to make sure his players understood they need to practice with a purpose, to make sure it carries over into games. “Make sure everybody understood the week of practice and the week of preparation that we need  to have. We have to practice with a purpose so it carries over into games. You don’t just practice  to practice. When we do certain things in all phases of the game, they’re for a reason.”

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.


  1. What happened to Sweeney? Did I miss something? Why is he not backing up Mansion?

  2. BLah BLah BLah. Sorry, but nothing seems to have changed. “He’s a really hard-working guy who’s dedicated to what he’s doing. I’m sure he’ll have a great week of preparation, both mentally and physically.” Nothing here from Tedford shows any confidence or support for Mansion. “Make sure everybody understood the week of practice and the week of preparation that we need to have. We have to practice with a purpose so it carries over into games. You don’t just practice to practice. When we do certain things in all phases of the game, they’re for a reason.” What the heck does this mean? Tedford just now realizing this? Practice isn’t the problem obviously. It’s our opponents outcoaching, out preparing and outplaying us. Sure, practice means something, but is meaningless when you lose yardage and face a “staggering” number of 3rd down and long. Staggering usually describes a boxer on the ropes about to go down, which is appropriate coming from Tedford.

    Sorry to whine on here, but it is so frustrating to get humiliated by teams with arguably less talent but much better coaching. We definitely are not getting our money’s worth at head coach. To listen to Tedford’s quotes only confirms he is clueless. I would love to wear my “Tedford is God” shirt again. Time for a new coach. Remember George Cortez? He was offensive coordinator in the beginning of Tedford’s tenure. What’s he doing these days?

    So who can we get? Justin Wilcox? Chris Peterson if Boise State get screwed out of the NC? Gruden? The TCU coach for the same reason?

  3. Regarding Brennan Olander’s play on Riley:

    I thought it was fine when Olander first slid forward and hit Riley and wrapped arms around his target. If Riley’s injury occurred right then, immediately, then too bad.

    But I didn’t like the way Olander pulled his arms in tight and rolled forward with his shoulders to tighten his grip and seemingly bend Riley backwards. It only accentuated the stress on Riley’s knee. Thus, nice going Olander!

    But, that’s what you get for playing football. It’s an injurious activity.

  4. Yes, where the hell is Sweeney in all this? Mental reps my a@#, get them both in there competing for the start. I read a comment from Mansion where he had said that mental reps are just as good as physical reps – WRONG. I support his drive but the game is a bit different when you’re out there behind a line that has played mediocre at best, and you have a 300lb man-beast barreling towards you. He has a trial by fire coming up but if JT is the QB guru everyone says he is then he should be fine, I hope. It’s the crap ass predictable plays and o-line play that needs to go bye bye real quick.

  5. Again, Tedford’s offense is so complex that playbooks are shrunk when a fourth year player enters the game at quarterback.

    The norm under tedford now is poor quarterback play.

    It’s only above average if you get a once in a lifetime talent like Aaron Rodgers.

    Don’t worry tedford will fire the offensive coordinator again. That will solve everything. Always a fall guy for him around.

  6. it is Tedfords fault. He has never given Sweeney or Mansion a chance to play with the number one’s and he has given Riley a hundred chances. He has destroyed both of their confidence just like he did to a number of QB’s. What good is it to be the number 2 quarterback, have your team ahead or behind by 30 some points and still never see the field…you might as well be the 4th of 5th string guy. It is all just a bunch of BS and I feel bad for all three of the QB’s at Cal.

  7. A few points.
    1- Tedford is a good coach. To deny him that is just plain dumb. I no longer think he is a *great* coach, but he may become one again if. . .
    2- Offense needs to be fixed in every facet of the game. From the OL play (which seems to have dropped off DRAMATICALLY since Jim M. left the fold) to QB-WR “groove” to predictable play calling. This is a game and it needs to be fun again. Which leads me to. . .
    3- After some ups and downs, and too many dashed hopes to care anymore about things like NC’s and Rose Bowls, I’d settle for no more blowout losses. Those aren’t fun. In fact, they make me not care about the game as a defense mechanism. Let ’em loose, let ’em have fun, and let ’em play to make it a game–and just maybe they’ll surprise! At the very least, it will be a joy to watch.

    Go Bears!

  8. Also, regarding Tedford’s status as a “QB Guru”:

    Who first deemed him that? Not that I disagree, but I just don’t know when that came about.

    At Cal, he’s coached:
    Kyle Boller (1st Rd.)
    Reggie Robertson
    Aaron Rodgers (All Pro)
    Nate Longshore
    Joe Ayoob
    Steve Levy
    Kevin Riley
    and now Brock Mansion (Time will tell)

    2/7 is .285, with a solid “could have been” asterisk on Nate’s career had he not gotten horribly injured (twice)–if you recall he was #2 or 3 on Kiper’s top 5 Junior QB’s prior to his second injury. While that isn’t HOF worthy (yet) he’s got two more seasons before he would even qualify, and so he could get there. Bottom line, not everyone is Aaron Rodgers, but just having one of him puts you on the short list for “guru.”

    Go Bears!

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