Basketball: Texas big man picks Wake over Cal

Daniel Green, a 6-9 forward from Grapevine HS in Texas, has given a verbal commitment to Wake Forest, according to both scout.com and rivals.com.

Green visited Cal late last week, then took a weekend trip to Wake. His parents both attended school in North Carolina and his dad confirmed to scout.com that Green’s top choices always were ACC schools. He also considered Virginia.

Jeff Faraudo

  • SteveNtexas

    Brandon Ashley a forward from Oakland and ranked #6 in Rivals for 2012 has to be a top target for Cal

    Grant Jarret another California High School Forward is ranked #12 but doesn’t have Cal on his list -Fresno and a bunch of other Pac 10 schools are though.

    The best catch might be Shabazz Muhammad from Las Vegas. He has a long list which does include Cal. He’s a guard ranked #3 all around.

    Any insights into these guys?

  • rollonubears

    They’re not knuckleheads, are they?

  • Juancho

    Las Vegas makes me think “bad grades”.

  • uh oh.

    Hey, another highly insightful comment there.
    Serious studies have shown that if you are raised within 30 miles of a casino, you are doomed to low intelligence!

    Steve: I had never heard about Jarret or Muhammad, but see they are all for 2012. Ashley would surely be fantastic for Cal, but we agreeably still need to think about adding another interior player for 2011, no? Seriously, the 2011 class is looking to be a flop if we can’t fill the need. Next year we will have only 6’8″ Kamp (senior), 6’10” Solomon (soph), and 6’9″ Bak (jr) as experienced players. 6’9″ David Kravish is coming in, but he and 6’10” walk-on Thurman don’t project to be ready for prime time next year.

    How about 6’9″ Norvel Pelle? He’s 4 stars from LA, but I guess we wouldn’t have gone after 2 stars Daniel Green from TX if Monty thought he had a chance at Pelle.

    Without Max, we look to get beat up on the inside THIS year. And next year, we’ll only replace MSF with a thin, young Kravish? I think Monty’s simply gotta find some more size.

  • Crawford

    Wouldnt be suprised if Monty goes the JC route again to find some size like he did with MSF

  • Uh Oh

    That’s a good point, Crawford.

    Some JC basketball talents are simply late bloomers. But many are Prop 48 kids who failed to meet minimum high school academic standards to enroll in D-1, per the NCAA’s (prop 48) rule.

    That’s really not what Cal is looking for and simply represents recruiting failure, in my opinion. It gives the appearance of “desperation time” when you have to go there.

    You know, Harper Kamp is the last Ben Braun recruit on this team? Everyone else belongs to Mike. Yes, he won the Pac10, but now let’s see him do it with his own players. He’s gonna need some inside guys.