Basketball: The games are coming . . .

Cal opens its season a week from Wednesday night with a home exhibition against Sonoma State.

Kansas, which visits Berkeley on Dec. 22, got started Tuesday night with a 92-62 exhibition win over the Division II Washburn Ichabods — you gotta love that nickname! ┬áMarcus Morris scored 28 points for the Jayhawks.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    This is exciting. The first few games and glimpses of the freshmen really fire me up for some reason. Hopefully we have some youngsters that will contribute right away.

  • Uh Oh

    If the youngsters don’t contribute, then we barely have enough players to get on the court. Eligible non-freshmen are:

    PG Smith: Weak freshman year under his belt. The only “point” I see is toward the bench.
    SG Gutierrez: Our best returner, more defense than “shooting”.
    SG: walk-on Nigel Carter looks good, but never plays.
    PF Kamp: Will battle Gut for “best returner”. Has the “power” but still little O. Pray for no injuries.
    PF Bak: no “power”, only 43 minutes experience.
    Center/PF Thurman: walk-on transfer from Norwich U.
    Center MSF: At only 6’7″, think “Center” as in “Belly”.

    Hey! That’s 7 players. What do you know?!?!? Much better than I thought.

    I would have thought, JF, that the Ichabods were scary looking pumpkin-heads. But instead they are studious tuxedo clad intellectuals named after their 1865 benefactor, Ichabod Washburn. Gee, you too can have your own University for $25,000! How times have changed.