Basketball: The games are coming . . .

Cal opens its season a week from Wednesday night with a home exhibition against Sonoma State.

Kansas, which visits Berkeley on Dec. 22, got started Tuesday night with a 92-62 exhibition win over the Division II Washburn Ichabods — you gotta love that nickname! ┬áMarcus Morris scored 28 points for the Jayhawks.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. This is exciting. The first few games and glimpses of the freshmen really fire me up for some reason. Hopefully we have some youngsters that will contribute right away.

  2. If the youngsters don’t contribute, then we barely have enough players to get on the court. Eligible non-freshmen are:

    PG Smith: Weak freshman year under his belt. The only “point” I see is toward the bench.
    SG Gutierrez: Our best returner, more defense than “shooting”.
    SG: walk-on Nigel Carter looks good, but never plays.
    PF Kamp: Will battle Gut for “best returner”. Has the “power” but still little O. Pray for no injuries.
    PF Bak: no “power”, only 43 minutes experience.
    Center/PF Thurman: walk-on transfer from Norwich U.
    Center MSF: At only 6’7″, think “Center” as in “Belly”.

    Hey! That’s 7 players. What do you know?!?!? Much better than I thought.

    I would have thought, JF, that the Ichabods were scary looking pumpkin-heads. But instead they are studious tuxedo clad intellectuals named after their 1865 benefactor, Ichabod Washburn. Gee, you too can have your own University for $25,000! How times have changed.


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