Football: Mansion now the man

Brock Mansion has never had this many reporters  asking him questions. He’ll have to get used to it now.

A group of media members peppered Mansion with questions after practice today. Mansion will make his first career start Saturday at Washington State after the season-ending injury to Kevin Riley.

Mansion seems comfortable talking to the press. He got some experience after Saturday’s game, and handled himself well today. Mansion seems confident he can handle the job.

Here’s a sampling of what he said today:

  • On what it’s like taking starters reps at practice: “I have to get into a little better shape, I’ll tell you that. There are a lot more reps, a lot more throws. Practice goes by so much faster. I was in practice previously, but now before you know it, practice is over.”
  • On how long he’s been thinking about making his first career start: “Since my redshirt year. When I first went to Colorado State, it was just to get to the experience. I was like, what happens if three guys go down? I’m up.”
  • On his development since he’s been at Cal: “It’s been a long journey and there’s definitely been some huge growth made.”
  • On how long he thought it would take for him to get this chance: “I didn’t think about the time it would take. I just wanted to be a sponge and soak up as much as possible, do whatever I could at that point to help the team. People who go to the (NFL) come back and say our offense is one of the most complicated ones in America. There are a few NFL t eams that don’t even have the complexity that we have.It’s tested my patience, but you just have to keep grinding and grinding and grinding. The harder you work, the better it’s going to pay off for you at the end.”
  • On what he’s learned  from Kevin Riley: I continue to learn from Kevin every day. Since he’s been down, I’ve been trying to be a sponge and absorb everything I can from him. Experience kills.”
  • On whether he thinks he’ll be tentative Saturday: “I want to cut it loose and play football. I want to put some points on the board. I want to be consistent on every single series. I don’t want to have any three-and-outs. I want to move the ball down the field. I want a lot of first downs.”
  • On whether he thinks he’ll be anxious Friday night: “I don’t want to be too anxious or too excited. I don’t want anything to change. I want the team to feel just as confident with me as they did with Kev. I’m going to be as level-headed as Kev was throughout the process.”

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Juancho

    I really like the second to last bullet. Good attitude to want to cut it loose and score points.

    I wish Tedford would go back to calling plays. We were better when he was doing it. The OC calling plays, except when Tedford wants to call a few just can’t be feasible to run a consistent offense.

    I want to see that complex offense turn into meaningful creativity a la Oregon. I can’t handle another saturday where 75% of running plays are hb counters up the middle.

  • Johnny

    Please, whatever you do, don’t be jealous of frikkin Oregon

  • Will

    Oregon’s offense is simple but complex, varied, creative and hard to stop in its execution. Our offense is complex, involved, multifaceted, has over 150 plays — and is very simple, boring and predictable in its execution. I hope JT shaves this all down. Law of diminishing returns. Keep it simple and let players make plays.

  • Minotstatebeav

    Of all the things Oregon is…their offense is NOT complex. Seriously…its an option offense with midline, zone read, inside zone, outside zone, bubble screens (off playaction), a few other playaction passes. Its really a simple option offense that they just run very well and at a quick pace as to not let defenses adjust personnel.

  • jabes

    If our offense is so complex, and thinking is bad for QBs, are we doing something wrong? QB injuries are a fact of life, let’s have an offense the 3rd string QB can run.

  • House

    I agree juancho, the offense seemed to run 10x smoother when Tedford was calling the plays.

  • Robert

    “One of the most complicated ones in America.”

    Nice job Tedford!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How many offensive coordinators has Tedford fired?

    Noone works with Tedford’s offense. Why is he blind to this?

  • Calduke

    If the offense is so complex, why do defenses claim they can predict/read what Cal is going to do?

  • Kent Wilson

    Is anyone else a bit nervous that Brock is trying to model Kevin Riley?

  • Marinbear

    Cal lines up in a new formation on every down.
    3 receivers, 4 receivers. Two tight ends, 3 tight ends, I formation, No running backs, one back, two backs, shot gun, direct snap, wildcat, trips right. Fullback, no fullback.
    Simplify this freaking offense now and stop paralyzing your quarterbacks, Tedford!

  • Dan

    The poor play calling is on Tedford. It’s not on the OC. Tedford calling plays improves nothing. He’s the play not to lose, no balls coach. Dont blane to OCs. Stop living in the past and revising history. It’s more than play calling.