Basketball: Gutierrez likely to be Bears’ starting PG, at least for immediate future

I talked today with coach Mike Montgomery and several of the freshmen for a story I’m writing next week.

A couple things came out of the conversations:

1) Monty is not ready to reveal who will be in his starting lineup for next Wednesday’s exhibition game against Sonoma State, even if he actually knows.

2) Junior Jorge Gutierrez almost certainly will be running the point to start the season. Montgomery said that for now freshmen Gary Franklin Jr. and Emerson Murray are both concentrating solely on playing the wing, that he doesn’t want to put too much on their plates this early.  Franklin and Murray both confirmed that’s the case, although both said they envision playing PG at some point.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Alright alright – score one for my fellow Mexican Guti.

  • SteveNtexas

    I am a Cal Fan (alum) as well as one of Indiana University. IU has gone through some tough times but have gone nuts recruiting- they just received a top 10 recruit for 2012 and have two of the top 5 for the class of 2014.

    A few basketball posts ago I placed some names of Cal Targets with a few responses. Indiana has big “hysterias” and events for their targets perhaps as much to please the fans as the recruits. There are many websites with up to the minute chatter on each target and often 50 or so comments.

    Why doesn’t Cal have this?

  • rollonubears

    Indiana is the basketball capital of the world. You’d expect them to go crazy over hoops out there, moreso than over here.

  • CalHipHopHead

    I’m a little nervous about this move. Not putting too much pressure on the freshmen makes sense, but Jorge has never been real careful with the ball. I have a feeling this could get ugly. Then again, Monty has given me no reason to doubt him, so hopefully it will pan out.

  • Uh Oh

    Let the youngins get on the court, get comfortable playing, confident, see how they handle it. Ease them in slowly and make sure they don’t turn out the way Ubaka his freshman year. He wasn’t up to it. Maybe it was Braun, maybe it was him, maybe it was the pressure of running the team from the get go. But his development was slower than many anticipated. Maybe Monty understands such things.

  • Rocko

    How much coverage does the IU football team get?

    Do you think Bobby Knight would have lasted as long at CAL than he did at Indiana?

  • SteveNtexas

    The IU football team gets lots of coverage in the Big Ten Market. Each day peegs.com gives a compendium of articles – out of Chicago Iowa etc. If IU is playing that week there will be several articles in that area’s papers.

    My guess is its the same as Cal’s coverage when Cal isn’t ranked. Cal gets more TV it seems because there is more parity in the Pac 10 than the Big Ten. Cal and IU may both end up near the bottom of their conference but in football its expected IU will be there, so they probably don’t get much TV interest.

    I am afraid I can’t be objective as to Bobby Knight. When I was a 1st year law student there, and was running for office and challenging a state law as a very liberal Democrat, Bobby Knight, a conservative Republican was making very complimentary statements on my behalf and what I was fighting for. I don’t think he endorses candidates but word got back to me on several occasions.

    On the plus side he stressed academics and recruited good kids who almost never got in trouble. Of course he was also a winner until his last years when he was fighting with IU Admin on a constant basis.

    On the negative side he had a HUGE ego and was big on discipline with a bad temper. He also had a soft side and would do unexpectedly kind things for people.

    How would he have done/lasted at Cal? Funny there was a site Bearinsider and I got kicked off of there for saying Braun should go and Knight would be a good replacement. I was one of the first to sour on Braun and later I was part of the majority..

    INHO Knight would have thrived at Cal. One he loved Cal’s Academics. Two he was great friends with Pete Newell. He certainly could have adjusted to Cal’s somewhat different attitudes. The key to answering your question is whether there would have been good chemistry between Knight and the Admin? I don’t know. Would Cal have done better under Knight from 1972-2002. Most certainly but that might not be saying much.

  • Uh Oh

    Bobby Knight adjusts for no one. He is an arrogant ass who can’t leave the scene too soon.

  • jeh

    Why all the anguishing over Jorge at the point? He had a much better assist to turnover ratio in last year’s Pac 10 games than did Randle. He is a better natural passer than Randle, who looked to score and secondarily to distribute.

    Having watched the Bears since 1978 (am also a displaced Hoosier), I personally enjoy Jorge more than any Cal guard since Jason Kidd. His energy has always been second to none. He was all-Pac-10 on defense as a sub, no less, last year and I would guess took more charges than the rest of the team combined. His intensity and spirit are contagious.

    Admittedly he will have to have improved his shooting to live up to his potential, but his drives to the basket were no more out of control last year than were Randle’s when the latter was a sophomore.

    Montgomery is a brilliant coach and if Jorge is good enough to have merited Montgomery’s selecting him to run the point, then I look forward with great anticipation to seeing Jorge blossom in this role.