Football: MSG to start

Jeff Tedford said after practice today that Matt Summers-Gavin will  start at left guard Saturday at Washington State. Brian Schwenke will move to right guard.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • David


  • thisiscal

    Finally! What took so long?

  • MikeD

    thank the lord.

    > what took so long


  • juancho

    Fantastic news. I have a good feeling about saturday and brock mansion. The whole msg thing this year has just been weird. He must have mouthed off at some point.

  • David

    While I am relieved to here this, I think people are being overly harsh about Tedford’s decision making re: MSG though. The kid pretty much missed all of camp and was playing catch-up all year. Furthermore our tackle depth is atrocious, so MSG was forced to play out of position. I think this’ll help on the inside, but I’m worried what it does to us on the edge.

  • Calduke

    From the comments above I’m going to assume the OL will no longer be a weakness in the Bear’s offense.

  • Jim

    An OL in constant transition is a weakness.
    Hopefully, the new starting combination will jell quickly before the Ducks arrive.

  • heckyeah

    @Calduke: I don’t think so, but at least now there is reason for optimism. But I also can’t tell if you’re just being facetious or not..

  • rollonubears

    as i recall, he’s best at right guard. at least, the bears are best when he’s there. how about galas?

  • thisiscal

    Make no mistake about it, Tedford is under a great deal of pressure to win against WSU. The Cougars haven’t beaten a Pac-10 team in two seasons and to lose against them on Saturday would be devastating.
    I believe in Brock Mansion and I believe in the character of the Bears team. However, I know that we do not respond well to adversity and that is directly attributable to coaching. We have to come out fast and furious to get an early lead or we will be in serious trouble.
    That said, I believe the heart of this team will finally prevail on the road and we will win despite our coaching.

    Go BEARS!

  • Juancho

    You know – I’m going to be optimistic and think that the fresh new quarterback is going to rejuvenate Tedford. And the fact that we’re playing a team we routinely dominate is going to inspire Tedford to let it rip out there and we’re going to light it up.

    Not sure why, but I just think and also hope that the QB change is really going to rejuvenate Tedford and give himself a chance at a fresh start.

  • Frank

    Tedford refuses to start Galas as he will not bench Guarnero as he is a team captain,senior,and one of Tedfords boys.All this in spite of Guarnero getting abused on a weekly basis,and not being close to the player Galas is.Great work Tedford and Marshall,gotta love the way you’ve handled a much better ballplayer in Galas.

  • Eric

    We SHOULD win this week. I for one am optimistic about Mansion; I think the last drive last week helped (just as putting him into the U$C, UCLA, or Colorado games in real situations would have helped) and playing against the weakest Pac-10 team, with a particularly weak run defense, should be good. The Cougs will be motivated – they know Cal is on the verge of being shattered for the season, and a win would be a huge boost for a troubled program (which, by the way, has gone to the Rose Bowl twice in the last 12 years!). So they will not roll over. I was at the WSU/UCLA game earlier this year, and the one aspect of WSU is a decent pass rush.

    Get Vereen going early, which will take pressure off Mansion. Vereen could easily run for 150+ yards. He should carry the ball at least 20 times. if Mansion throws early and garners incompletions or sacks, we could be in for a long afternoon.

  • Bears07

    I don’t think we’re going to run over WSU a la Oregon but I’m hopeful about this game. If the players have had trouble getting motivated on the road, I think they can find plenty of motivation in wanting to not become “that team” that WSU snapped their losing streak on. They better come out wanting to make a statement early.


  • Bobby

    Other teams took WSU lightly. For obvious reasons, Cal will not.

  • Juancho

    I think you’re right Bobby. You know what I’m thinking though, hopefully Mansion has the ability to motivate the team.

    As much as I critique Tedford – I also critiqued Riley a lot, and one of the big shortcomings I saw was his inability to lead the team and inspire confidence / demand results from around him. There were a few games when the receivers and Vereen just looked like they were tired of Riley’s performances.

    Hopefully Mansion has that “it” factor that can fire someone up. There’s no quantifying that stuff, it’s what Rodgers had, hell even what Boller had to an extent.

    If I see Riley come out confident and even get in a guy’s ear when they need to step it up, this will be one happy alumni.

  • Calduke

    Heckyeah; just being facetious and snotty.

    If the Bears can keep the WSU hot-shot, soph QB off the field the win should be there and Mansion should get a lot of playing time.

    On one hand, running the ball makes it easier for Brock;
    on the other hand he needs the passing experience.

  • Big D