Football: Postgame quotables

A sampling of what was said after Saturday’s game:



On the emotion of the fourth quarter:

“Every time the fourth quarter comes, people put up their four fingers. I felt like it was really important to pull them all together and look each other in the eyes and make sure what we did what it took to win the football game. That was the bottom line. People stepped up and made some plays.”


On Jeremy Ross’ crucial fourth-quarter reception:

“I called Jeremy up there to lead it (in the locker room). It was Jeremy and everybody else not giving up on the play, continuing to fight and scratch. They must have pushed that pile 8, 10 yards to make that first down. That was a huge play. That was one of the plays of the game.”


On dropped passes early on:

“The first long ball (Brock Mansion) threw should have been a touchdown. The next ball he threw right on the money to Anthony Miller. That should have been a touchdown. He came into this game with a clear conscience and a lot of confidence.”


On Brock Mansion’s first career start:

“I thought he handled himself very well for the first time. I thought he did a nice job running the huddle and with the play calls. For his first start, I thought he did a nice job.”


On the pressure by the defensive front:

“We put a lot of pressure on the passer at times. Unfortunately, he got out of it a lot of times. That guy is a very good player. .He’s a great competitor. He showed that a lot of times where I thought we had him sacked and he stepped out of it and made some great plays. The guys up front kept bringing it and kept coming, especially in the fourth quarter when we really needed to have some stops.”


On why Cal went with three defensive ends up front:

“A little bit more pas rush off the outside. They’re a big pass team. For the most part, I thought we put some pressure on them.”


On finally winning a road game:

“I just told the guys it’s going to be a nice plane ride home. It’s obvously something a lot of people have been talking about. This was our last road game so it was nice to get a victory today. All wins are great wins. We have to get a lot better in certain situations. There were a lot of mistakes today and we didn’t make plays at certain times, so we’ll have to improve on that. But a win is a win. It goes in the W column. We’ll learn from this game and go on to the next game.”


On what he said to the team at halftime:

“We’re in a dogfight. We’re in a tough football game. It’s a gut check. Let’s go out there and play together. In the first half, there were plays to be made there. We just didn’t make them.”





On his key reception on 3rd-and-20 in the fourth quarter:

“I caught the ball. I saw the defenders closing in. I just lowered my shoulder and just kept driving my legs and also got the help of my teammates. “


On what it felt like when the pile was moving forward:

“I didn’t’ know where it was coming from. There was a lot of pushing in a lot of different directions. I was just trying to drive my legs.”


On the advantage of being a stronger receiver:

“Strength is essential to make plays like that. I think that definitely helped me out a lot on that play as well as other plays.”


On the prospect of losing to Washington State:

“We didn’t want to lose, period. We knew all we had was each other We just kept leaning on each other to make it happen.”


On not wanting to be the team that allowed WSU to break its Pac-10 losing streak:

“That’s not really what we talked about. The Pac-10 as a whole, you can’t sleep on anybody. Despite their record, they’ve challenged a lot of great teams. We weren’t going in there with the mindset that we didn’t want to lose to Washington State. We didn’t want to lose, period. They were another team. In the Pac-10, whoever brings their ‘A’ game is probably going to come out with a victory.”





On the emotions of the fourth quarter:

“In the fourth quarter, we knew we were in a real fight. Washington State really came out there fighting. You could just feel it. They were fighting with everything they had. You just had to have the same mentality. In the fourth quarter, it was a new mentality. We were giving it our all, but come fourth quarter we had to look each other in the eye and say, ‘I’m there for you, you’re there for me. Let’s get this thing done.’”


On playing three defensive ends up front:

“It means everybody has a little quicker step. You can get a little more pressure on them.”


On Washington State quarterback Jeff Tuel:

“He was pretty nice. He had some little cuts. I was impressed. I knew he was a good runner, but I didn’t’ expect him to do it that much.”


On if he expected it to be such a close game:

“No offense to Washington State, but they haven’t been too good the last couple years. For them to play te way they did was outstanding on their part.”





On making an impact:

“They gave me the opportunity to play a lot more. I’ve been coming off an ankle thing. I’ve been getting limited reps. But Oregon State and this game, I’ve been doing a lot more. It’s more opportunity. You have to capitalize on it.”


On playing the middle of the defensive line:

“It’s not that much different. It’s the same technique. You just have to react differently. There are more possibilities and bigger guys.”


On not winning a starting job out of training camp but now making a big contribution:

“Our D-line, we’re brothers. We’re a family. At the same time, you want to compete and you want to start and all that, but at the end of the day the best guy is going to get the job. All you have to do is keep working and one of those days you’ll get your opporutnity. It’s frustrating because you want to play. At the same time, you’ll get the chance if you keep playing the way you should be.”


On Washington State quarterback Jeff Tuel:

“We knew he had a little bit of wheels. I actually didn’t anticipate getting in there that often. He can move.”





On missing a couple throws high:

“Sometimes you don’t realize how excited you get when you know a play is going to be wide open. One kind of got away from me, the flag to Mike (Calvin). He almost climbed the ladder.”


On Jeremy Ross’ key reception in the fourth quarter:

“I probably looked at the sidelines three or four times to see what we were doing. I was looking for the next signal. I kept looking back and the pile just kept going and going and going. Probably on the fourth or fifth one, I tried to push. I got there about two or three seconds before the whistle.”


On the significance of Ross’ play:

“It was huge. We needed that. That was a huge play.”






On helping to move the pile on Jeremy Ross’ key reception:

“I saw him get hit but he was still moving his feet. We had about 10 yards to go, so I figured I’d help him out. I tried to move the pile. Luckily, more guys came and we were able to get the first down.”


On what he did on Ross’ play:

“I found the closest Washington State guy and hit him and tried to drive the pile toward the first down. It was huge. It was a great play by J-Ross. I don’t’ think at the time we realized what a big play it was”.


On the emotion of the fourth quarter:

“We just wanted it so bad. Not really desperate, but we got very emotional.”





On assuming a leadership role after the scuffle on the kick return:

“It was our last chance to win on the road. It was the fourth quarter, big moment, high intensity. Emotions were very high between both teams. There was a lot of tension between both teams. It’s great to talk a lot of stuff, but I was pushing the group back. You have to be smart. That’s all I was doing.”


On what he said to the team before the fourth quarter started:

”I just said, ‘Time to crank it up, turn it up a notch.’ The fourth quarter is what we practice for. This is where you make your money.”


On team leadership surfacing down the stretch:

“We had a meeting this week and it was about the team and what we want to do. As a team, we found a couple vocal leaders today. We talked about it as a team. Everything we did today was as a team.”

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    After Oregon and Stanford pound you guys you will be right back again to emotionless football. Quitters always find an excuse to quit.

  • 66Bear

    Hey, J.O., the troll is sliming your blog again. Nobody wants give this nasty little child attention by reading or responding to his prattle. Is there any way that you can put him on your spam list so that he can try to find a life elsewhere?

    In any event, any win in the PAC-10 is a good win. Congrats to the team and coaches.

    Go Bears! Beat the Ducks!

  • Jim

    I guess I’ve passed the point of tolerance for the inane comments of Tedford.

    “I thought he (Mansion) handled himself very well for the first time. I thought he did a nice job running the huddle and with the play calls. For his first start, I thought he did a nice job.”
    Wow, what an enthusiastic expression of confidence for a guy who didn’t even get much garbage time.

    “We put a lot of pressure on the passer at times. Unfortunately, he got out of it a lot of times. That guy is a very good player.”
    Wait until they meet Mr. Lucky who is a bit more than ‘a very good player’.

    ” But a win is a win. It goes in the W column.”
    No, some wins occur only because the opponent is a beaten-down, beaten-up shell. When Tedford can win a game again against a strong opponent, not get blown out, then he can start talking. It was an embarrassing, depressing game and ‘winning’ it wasn’t a joy.

  • Juancho

    Jim, agree with you amigo. Tedford just seems like he’s getting out of touch.

    I like the guy and respect him for bringing us back to relevance. But he’s got to wake up and either decide to go all in and deal with the stress, or step aside.

    $14 million in guaranteed money through 2015. 6 quarterbacks on scholarship next year. A shaky O line, WR coach and O coordinator. We’re not paying for mediocrity. We’re paying national relevance money. So let’s demand it. No more of this “but we’re Cal and we had so many bad decades” attitude. We’re not paying those bad decade salaries anymore.

  • Juancho


  • CoBears

    @ Jim

    1. Mansion did handle himself very well for his first game, period. He made some really nice throws, and only a couple that were plain misses (one of which he clearly owned up to on that flag to Calvin). He has real potential for the rest of this season and next.

    2. We have met Mr. Luck, and lest you forget, we BEAT him in HIS OWN HOUSE last year. Do we need to bring our A game to beat the ‘furd? Yes. Do we nonetheless have a shot? Yes.

    3. This win was not solely the result of Wazzu being a “beaten-down, beaten-up shell.” This win was a result of gutty, emotional play by our team on offense and defense. CAL is a beaten-up team right now, as much as any other in the Pac-10. We were starting our backup QB in his first game, with one of the top receivers with whom he practiced all week OUT at the last moment. We won, in their house, and it can’t be ignored that they put up a fight against Arizona, Stanford, and even Oregon. Lay off. We won by a TD. Period.

    Go Bears! Looking forward to a fight against the Ducks next week! And screw any of you who would root otherwise!

  • Juancho

    Haha CoBears my friend, I don’t think anyone is rooting for Cal to lose. Let’s not lose the perspective that we’re all alumni / Cal family. We want what’s best for the program short and long term even if we disagree on what that is.

    No need to say “screw you” in my opinion. I wouldn’t wish you anything but the best. And I do. I hope you have a majestic and glamorous week.

  • Easy Ed

    Tedford has not suddenly lost touch with his players or has become an idiot. He’s working with the QBs he has on the roster (albeit he should be blamed for the crop we actually do have on hand). The playbook has been modified to give the team its best chance for victory.

    Football fans are amazing, I went to the USC/ASU game last night and the comments from the stands about Matt Barkley reminded me of some of the things we said about Longshore and Riley. Look, I’m not saying that Tedford should not be criticized but OMG! Let’s keep a little perspective. #UCK the Ducks and GO BEARS!

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    Would you interview some of the former players in the NFL and ask them why they don’t mention their college by name. Butte College? CCSF? Long Beach Poly?

  • 707 Bear

    Questions for those Bear fans who study the game film:

    1. What is your estimate of our average yard per carry with the wildcat formation?

    2. How many times have we run the QB bootleg right with the pass to the fullback or tight end? I know Rodgers to Manderino worked at the Insight Bowl, but perhaps teams have figured this play out.

    3. Is it just me or has Joe Kapp’s shortside sweep made a reappearance?

  • nickle

    I’m gonna continue calling out JO until he steps up and answers this question, but why is morons still allowed to post comments like this and able to stay on the board? It’s been YEARS now.

    “# MoreNCsarecoming Says:
    November 7th, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    After Oregon and Stanford pound you guys you will be right back again to emotionless football. Quitters always find an excuse to quit.

    I got what I thought was a harmless comment censored from this board in a matter of minutes, yet JO continuously allows morons to post (anyone else get their comments removed?). Seems fishy. If you’re going to censor you should at least set rules and be fair about it. Just saying.

  • Old Bear

    Well, 5-4 isn’t great, but it’s better than 4-5 Texas.

    From the Austin American Statesman comments:

    “With the big bucks being paid to the Texas coaches they better wake up and come up with a real game plan . Gilbert should have been benched and a freshman QB put in the game.”

    Substitute Tedford and Riley and sounds like our boards.

  • Uh Oh

    Isn’t there something illegal about “moving the pile” in the big Ross play?
    Like the Reggie Bush Push (by Leinart), you can’t do that, right?

    Explain where it’s okay, will ya?

  • David

    Verran didnt directly push the ball carrier, as bush did on that USC play.

  • David

    Vereen didnt directly push the ball carrier, as bush did on that USC play.

  • Taiwanbear

    Vereen wasn’t being paid to play, as bush was on that U$C play. . .