Football: Allen expected to play

An MRI taken on wide receiver Keenan Allen’s right knee came back negative, and Jeff Tedford said today he expects Allen to play Saturday against No. 1 Oregon.

Allen tweaked his knee while running his first pregame route before Saturday’s game at Washington State. But the MRI showed no structural damage and Allen was able to run with his teammates during conditioning practice this morning.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • gomarinos

    Great news!!
    Get those Ducks, Keenan!
    Go Bears!

  • thisiscal

    Great news.

  • Juancho

    Good news. Hopefully he has a big game.

  • RandUmBear

    He seems to get injured frequently. Concerning. Hope he has a great game. JO, can you comment about the O-Line? I think Cal’s troubles are attributed to the O-LIne and not the QB. Looking at Stanford the past saturday, Andrew Luck has enough time to cook Peking Duck with that O-Line. I think anyone can be a good QB with an O-Line like that.

  • Calduke

    RandUmBear – you are correct.

    It’s the O-Line; not the coaching.

  • Frank

    IT is the o-line,and TEDFRAUD refuses to put the best five out there to control the line of scrimmage.He plays Guarnero over Galas because he is a captain,is a senior,and is a favorite of his and Marshall’s.Guarnero is no where near the player Galas is,but the kid falls victim to Tedfrauds favortism,nepotism,and senority policies.Nice work Tedfraud,as this has already bit you in the @$$ several times this year.

  • bigbear

    Frank- Guarnero was hon. mention All Pac 10 last year. You are poorly informed as to why he plays and what responsibilities the center has. And your psychoanalysis of Tedford is ridiculous.

  • Ho

    Frank – Those are some strong conclusions you’ve drawn. How do you know for sure who the best 5 OL men are? Do you have a lot of experience in coaching or playing football? Are you at the practices? Are you dissecting film? I just want to make sure before I decide to start calling tedford names as well.

  • rollonubears

    he knows because he sees the results when the best 5 are in. galas is a better center. msg is a phenomenal RIGHT guard. those two are standouts, and we dominate every time they are in those positions. when they are out of position, or on the bench, we have difficulty. this has been going on all season. it’s annoying. and it’s even more annoying when we have to lose 4 games for tedford to finally figure this stuff out. tepper was all-pac10, too, and was a pretty mediocre, at best, left tackle. the all-pac-10 stuff is wonderful, but if there’s someone better on the bench, he should be playing over you.

  • Frank

    @Bigbear,nope your wrong,compare the two players,no comparison.Anybody can make honors if they start and are pushed by the coaching staff,especially h.m. @Ho,I;ve been around o-line play for 30 plus years,and I know the difference between the above two kids.I also know Tedford favors Guarnero for other than his lack of playing abilities.Captain,Senior,vocal leader,and senority status over Galas.I also know Galas,politics aside,is flat out a much better player,and has been told that the center position would be manned by Guarnero only.meaning he would be the only starter.

  • Dan

    All you have to do is re-watch the games on TV, watch the plays back in slomo if your dvr has that feature, and you can see who screws up on the oline on every unsuccessful play- and there are MANY of those in our losses. I have done this for every game this season except WSU. Frank & Rollonubears are right. Several of the Oline guys have been brutal this year,and the line has played better when Galas are in there. It’s blatant.

    Bigbear, you should be the one who should be carful about drawing incorrect conclusions. Last season has no relevance, and really Honorable Mention Pac 10 last year? Who cares? Garnero, Schwenke, Cheadle and Edwards have just been horrible in our losses. You’d cringe like I did watching how badly they play and often they get beat. Again, if you re-watch these games and can replay plays over in slomo, you can see it clearly. It’s about what’s going on this season, not what’s happened in previous seasons.

    As far as psycho-analyzing Tedford, it’s not hard. It wouldn’t be the first time that Tedford plays lesser players due to loyalty, as opposed to performance on the field.