Basketball: Schedule model set for Pac-12

The Pac-10 Conference has announced the schedule model for basketball beginning next season when the league expands to the Pac-12.

The regular-season conference schedule will continue to be 18 games, with teams guaranteed home-and-home games each season against their natural rival. Teams will play home-and-home against six other teams each season and single games against the other four. That portion of the schedule will rotate every two years.

California’s single-play opponents for 2011-12 and 2012-13 will be Washington, Washington State, Arizona and Arizona State. Next season, the
Golden Bears will play Washington and Washington State on the road, with Arizona and Arizona State visiting Haas Pavilion. The year, the sites of those matchups will flip-flop.

Cal and Stanford will continue to be travel partners.

Here’s the link to the Pac-10 website with next season’s schedule and the 10-year rotation model at the bottom.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Uh Oh

    Well, I suppose you can argue that the traditional round robin wasn’t pure b/c one team might get to play another team during a time that an important player was injured and so the matchups were not pure, according to schedule. A team could get lucky in that sense.

    But this really is a bastardization. I hate it.

  • GoldenBV

    No, it’s not as good as a true round-robin. It will create lots of what-if debates around the next Pac-10 champ who might only have played some of the other top teams in the conference one time, while the second place team had to play all the top teams in the conference.

    Also, will be interesting how it will impact recruiting and non-conference scheduling. If a recruit is considering leaving his hometown (near one of the Pac-12 teams) to attend school, they will at least want to know that once a year they will have the chance to play in front of friends and family. Now that is not guaranteed.

    Also, if a school isn’t making a trip to LA (or wherever) in a given year, they may be more inclined to play a non-conference road game there for recruiting purposes.

  • Rocko

    It doesn’t matter with a Pac10 tourney at the end of conference play. However they should move the Tournament to Vegas. Did you notice last year when CAL and W were playing for the title game the place was half full but if UCLA or USC are in contention they’re sold out. Not fair to the other team.