Basketball: Thursday morning links

With Cal’s regular-season opener against Cal State Northridge looming next Tuesday, here’s some hoops reading:

Jorge Gutierrez provides early evidence in Cal’s exhibition that he can handle the point.

— My season preview story on how Cal (and Stanford) will refuel with freshmen. Here are coach Mike Montgomery’s remarks on the five Cal freshman:

    On Allen Crabbe: “Very smooth. Doesn’t make mistakes. Talented. Just needs to be more aggressive.”
    On Gary Franklin: “Can really shoot the ball. Has no conscience. Has great range and knows how to get himself freed up to get a shot.”
    On Alex Rossi: “Great shooter. Knows how to set up, knows how to get shots, knows how to use screens. Can really shoot the ball.”
    On Richard Solomon: “He’s like a colt. He just runs and jumps. He’s long, explosive, sometimes gets a little down on himself. He just needs to stay positive. He’s got a really good upside.”
    On Emerson Murray: “Emerson’s really athletic. He’s a tremendous competitor. He’s shot the ball better than we imagined. He’s bouncy. He just needs some experience to kind of put those things into play.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • SteveNTexas

    Not a bad group of younger players but having just watched the live broadcast of Cody Zeller picking Indiana over North Carolina and Butler its easy to see how far behind Cal is.

    Indiana capitalizes on its strong academics ( Zeller interviewed and visited each business school) and that they recruit thugs.

    Cal has the potential to do the same and our fans could post on national sites and get us some positive attention.

    Cal fans settle for us being in the top half of the Pac 10 when our school has so much potential- academics – coach -campus. Living in Texas and having lived all around the country its obvious our program is a secret.

  • Juancho

    SteveNTexas, you make good points. I wonder what else could be done to change things though.

    We have a great facility. A good coach. A highly paid coach. A decent Bball tradition. And a great academic school.

    It’d be curious to see an analysis of what the correlation is between average income of alumni and “passion” or sports programs. I’m an avid listener of 680 KNBR, and Radnich always harps on the “there’s too many other things to do in the bay area” theory as to why people don’t get too into the sports teams.

    That being said – as a Raiders fan, I think that group of fans has a more consistent output of emotion (when it comes to pro sports in the bay area).

    I am pretty enthused about this young group of players. What I like is that there are a lot of guards. I’d rather see us take a shot on guards than on “slightly built” big men.

    I know I get criticized, for critizing Barbour. And I respect the opinion of those who criticize me, but dissatisfaction with regards to our programs not being marketed and built better ultimately falls on the shoulders of the CEO of athletics – which is Sandy. Obviously she’s only been here a handful of years and doesn’t deserve all the blame. But as fans / alumni that’s who some of the pressure should be driven towards.

    Again she did a good job of getting Montgomery though, I mean he did win the pac – 10 last year – even though it feels perverse since he is Mr. Stanford.

    Hey SteveN, is Indiana’s business program impacted like Cal’s is? When I came to Cal my Stanford recruiter kept trying to sell me on the fact that Stanford didn’t have an impacted business program, so I wouldn’t have to apply and I could just study business if I wanted. Is this the case with Indiana? Haas is pretty impossible to get accepted into for undergrad.

  • SteveNTexas

    Juancho – funny you ask about Business Schools. I just saw Business Week’s TOP25 and they show a photo of a friend of mine teaching at the University Texas– and she’s quite preggers in the pic.

    Also yesterday Indiana got a letter of intent From Zeller. Unfortunately I am quite removed from Cal and Indiana as I live on the South Texas Coast, so am not qualified to answer you beyond knowing all three schools are in the TOP 25.

    I just wish I would see some Cal fans posting on ESPN etc because recruits, from what I’ve seen, are college basketball news jumkies.

  • RSMBears

    Haven’t heard anything about Sanders-Frison’s play in the exhibition. Did he sit out with an injury?

  • Jeff Faraudo

    Markhuri Sanders-Frison did play, and I believe we mentioned his contributions: six points, nine rebounds, three assists, a block and a steal. He is in much better shape, able to move better and jump a bit. He’s only 6-7, but knows how to play, is a good teammate and will pair nicely with Harper Kamp. The key for MSF is to stay out of foul trouble. The Bears need him on the floor.