Basketball: 20 Questions with Gary Franklin Jr.

Once again this season, we will visit periodically with a Cal player, quizzing him with 20 Questions. Today we chat with  . . .

Position: Guard
Height: 6-2
Hometown: Santa Ana

If you could play 1-on-1 with any player in basketball history, who would you choose? Probably Kobe.

Hypothetically, I have $10 to bet on who wins. Why should I should consider you?   You should consider me to win because I may cheat. Obviously, it’s Kobe Bryant, probably the best player walking this earth. I’d probably do whatever it takes.

What’s your basketball career highlight so far? Winning the (2010) state championship with Mater Dei High. Even though I only scored about 10 points, we ended up winning, which was fun.

Who’s the best dunker on the Cal team?  Richard Solomon. He’s long and he’s athletic, so he can do pretty much any dunk.

What’s the most consecutive free throws you’ve ever made? I made like 58 free throws in a row during games one season.

Give me one word that describes coach Mike Montgomery: Easy-going.

When you’re not playing, do you prefer to watch college basketball or the NBA:  College.

When you were younger, other than basketball, what was your favorite sport to play? Football.

In one word, describe how good you were at that sport: I’d say great.

Aside from you, who is the best athlete in your family? Probably my dad. He played football and basketball. The fact that I was born, he turned down a scholarship to Idaho.

Before basketball, what did you first want to be when you grew up? Honestly, I’ve played basketball since I was six years old. That was all there was.

Tell me something cool about your hometown that only a local would know: Probably the coolest thing about living in L.A. is you might see a celebrity. I’ve seen a lot driving and then they’ll try and act all stiff so know one will stop and say hi.

Greatest vacation you’ve ever taken?  Where did you go?  Who was along?  I went to Cancun (last summer) with Tyler Lamb, who’s at UCLA, and Keala King, who’s at Arizona State. A senior trip. It was a lot of fun.

What’s your favorite place to eat on or near campus? Chipotle.

Favorite Cal class? African American studies.

What Cal athlete you’ve met who is not on the men’s basketball team has impressed you?  Gabe King. He plays football (a defensive lineman from Burlington, N.C.). He’s been injured and hasn’t been able to play. He’s a freshman and he’s supposed to be really good. I’m impressed by the kind of guy he is. He’s a great human being and very musically talented.

The most bizarre thing you’ve seen in Berkeley?  Two people debating at lunch. It was like a full-out debate. It seemed like an argument, then they just shook hands and walked away.

The best movie you’ve ever seen? Avatar. Just how they were able to animate certain things. It was pretty crazy.

The worst?  The Last Exorcism. I thought it was going to be scary, but it was just horrible and fake.

What was the last book you read that wasn’t assigned? “Play Their Hearts Out: A Coach, His Star Recruit, and the Youth Basketball Machine.”  I’m in the book. It’s a book about (former child hoops prodigy) Demetrius Walker. It talks a lot about my dad. He coaches the California Supreme.

Jeff Faraudo

  • gobears91

    Sounds like a smart, talented kid with a strong head on his shoulders. Good luck and play well, Gary!

  • CalJeff

    Clearly a Freshman if that is the weirdest thing he’s seen in Berkeley to this point. =)

  • Dan

    Another smart, classy, interesting Cal athlete who will be a winner at Cal under a great coach.