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Football: Big Game Luncheon

By Jonathan Okanes
Monday, November 15th, 2010 at 4:38 pm in Football, Mid-week, upcoming game.

I will have an in-depth report from the luncheon later tonight. No real news today, although Jeff Tedford said cornerbacks Marc Anthony and Darian Hagan, who were dinged up against Oregon, will play Saturday.

Much of the discussion today focused on how Cal will get past such a devastating loss. The consensus is having the Big Game next is a good thing, because the players would be up for this game no matter what, even if it wasn’t coming off such a tough loss.

More later…

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  • PeteBear

    if the same defensive intensity is there we will be fine

    Furd being #6 shouldn’t mean much now after the Oregon effort

    I’ll take the same effort by the defense and a shot at redemption for kicker/offense and go with that over the odds

  • Bears

    If Luck has time he tears you apart. If we put heat on him all game long and not let him get loose with his legs he’s like any other QB, not able to do much. We need to get to him like no other team has been able to do this year. The Defense has a tough task ahead of itself this week. Can they answer the bell?